10 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Work To CENTER Your Mind And Body

10 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Work To CENTER Your Mind And Body

Workplace environments can be particularly stressful. The sitting for long periods and bosses breathing down your neck eventually take a toll on your mental and physical health. Unlike when you are at home, however, you can’t take a peaceful nap on the sofa or receive a soothing massage, and there’s practically no way to ease the stress – or so you thought! While workplace settings are usually configured ‘for-work’ and less ‘for relaxation,’ yoga is a great way to ease off the stress and tension. Here are some ways you can do that from the comfort of your office desk. Ready to get started? Perform the following ten workplace yoga poses to better center your mind and body.

1. The Cat-Cow Stretch

With your arm on your knee while sitting, breathe in, curve your back outward and look straight up. From this position, relax, exhale and then bend your back inwards so as to take the position of a sleeping baby. Remain in this position face down for a second or two. Feeling relieved? That’s the magic of yoga.

2. Neck Rolling

Neck rolls are an excellent way to refocus your mind and body. First off, free up your shoulders by gently shrugging them, then bend your head to the side towards your shoulder, roll your neck inwards so your chin touches your shoulder blade before rotating your head all the way back.

3. Shoulder Rolls

Lift one shoulder to the level of your ear then bring it down slowly and steady in a circle. Do this for as long as it feels good then switch to the next side. Another great way to de-clog your mind and body.

4. The Seated Pirouette

Sit up, twist your torso to one side and grab the lumbar support of your chair. Breath in, breath out and return to back to your upright sitting position. Repeat for the other side of your body. If you’ve got an achy back from sitting too much, this is a great way to gain relief.

5. The Chest Push Up

Sit in an upright position at the edge of your seat, bring your arms behind you and interlock your fingers, and then push your chest forward. Take a deep breath, making sure to stretch your chest as you do, hold that pose for a second or two before exhaling.

6. The Pigeon Pose

If you love sitting cross-legged, this should be easy for you. Simply lift your foot, rest it on the opposite knee, and take a few breathers. For added effect, lean in towards the raised foot before switching legs.

7. The Body Stretch

From a sitting position, raise your hands above your head with your fingers locked and palms facing upwards. Take a few deep breaths and lean to the left. Recentre your position and then bend towards your right. This yoga pose straightens you up and helps relieve any built up stress or tiredness.

8. The Lazy Bend

You have to get off your seat for this one. While standing, bend from your waist over and pretty much allow gravity to do the rest. Let your arms hand loosely and retain this pose for about 15 seconds.

9. The Wrist Grapple

With an arm extended forward, use your other arm to stretch out by pulling back on the bent wrist of the outstretched arm.

10. Chair Squats

If you’re feeling tired or sleepy at any point, this is what you should do. Firmly grasp the edges of your seat, press down and slowly but steadily lift your legs and bum off your chair. Maintain this pose for a few seconds, then release before having another go – perfect way to round up your yoga timeout!



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