4 Positive Effects of Meditation and Why You Need to Start

4 Positive Effects of Meditation and Why You Need to Start

Meditation is more than simply a trending buzzword. You’ve probably heard your co-worker talking about it, or seen a late night TV ad emphasizing its many benefits. However, like most other trends that fit the title of buzz, you’re probably had the thought that meditation is a fad that will fade with time. Contrary to what your perception of it is, meditation is an age long practice that’s proven to pack a myriad of benefits to both your mind and body. If you’ve been underestimating this revered exercise, here’s a brief rundown of what you’ve been missing.

1. Meditation affects your emotional state

Nothing beats good health or a million dollars in your account, we agree, but all things being equal, meditation will overall make you a happier person. And there is scientific proof to back this up. In one particular study, the brains of a group of Buddhist monks (the famed virtuosos of meditating) were analyzed as they meditated. Scientists recorded heightened activity in the prefrontal cortices (the parts of the brain that mediate the feelings of wellness and happiness) of the monks. Put simply, when you meditate, you promote the build-up and spread of positive emotions in your subconscious.

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2. It’s an effective anti-depressant and anti-stress therapy

Coping with the ups and downs of life is a difficult task for even the most composed of us. Meditation detoxes your mind (and body) and allows you hone your focus. It teaches you to stay composed in times of stress and uncertainty, and there’s scientific research to back this up too. Meditation has been proven to retard the development of excess gray matter – something that’s associated with heightened feelings of stress and anxiety.

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3. It improves your productivity

With meditation comes an almost instantaneous bump in your productivity, whether in your workplace or at home. Aside from helping you focus better, just four days of consistent meditation is enough to bolster your cognitive functioning. Wonder why that co-worker of yours is always getting tasks done effectively at a faster pace? It’s not because he is smarter bur rather because he is more than likely taking his time to care for his mind through meditation.

4. Meditation is good for your body

Meditation is just what the doctor recommends if you’re looking to keep your body in tip-top shape. Several clinical trials have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that meditation decreases blood pressure, increases heart functioning and checkmates inflammation. Given that heart disease is a leading cause of death in Canada, this is one reason you should take it to heart (pun intended). Meditation also helps you sleep well, so you can wake up early the next day feeling all refreshed and invigorated, ready to face the day.

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When you put all this in the picture, it’s hard to ignore meditation. You’re obviously going to benefit a lot, and the good part is, you have absolutely nothing to lose. It’s easy, requires minimal effort and won’t clog up your schedule – an excellent way to start and end each day!

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