7 Ways Practicing Yoga Improves Your Life

7 Ways Practicing Yoga Improves Your Life

Yoga represents a way of disciplining our body and mind by finding equilibrium. Most times we live chaotically, making decisions without thinking, doing things without sense and saying things without meaning. We stress ourselves, we love, we hate, we get depressed, we get angry and we get sick. Yoga practices are providing us with solutions to all these problems, by educating our mind, body, and spirit to reach equilibrium. Here are 7 ways practicing yoga improves your life:

1. Yoga makes you Feel Good

As you practice yoga, you gain an inner sense of pride and achievement. Each week you see noticeable proof of your body’s ability to stretch a bit further into a pose and stay there a bit longer.

2. Yoga Helps to Nurture Your Inner Core

Yoga provides the time and space to tune in and become aware of what’s going on in your body. The body is a wonderful instrument, designed to care and protect you. Due to the busied pace of life, we live today, it’s easy to ignore what is going on in your body. We eat on the run, we rush our food and there never seems to be the time to take stock of what’s going on in our lives. The more you practice yoga, the more accustomed you become to the nuances of your body and have a desire to find ways to enhance your well-being.

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3. Yoga Energizes You

Have you noticed how calm and energized you feel after your yoga session? You feel balanced and ready to tackle any problem that comes your way. We encourage you to practice Yoga first thing in the morning to find the energy and centre yourself for the day to come.

4. Yoga Helps You to See the Good in Everyone

Yoga philosophy inspires and motivates you to see the good in everyone. As your interest in yoga develops you find it easier not to judge but to be accepting to those around you. You gain the ability to provide everyone with a fair and equal chance. The more in tune you become with yourself, the easier it is for you to embrace and accept the differences in others.

5. Yoga Encourages You to Be Sensitive To the Needs of Others

The more you practice yoga, the deeper your sense of empathy and understanding of other people’s needs comes to your mind. Yoga will help you to know there is space enough for everyone to shine. Yoga encourages expansion and gives you a sense of openness in your thoughts and actions.

6. Yoga Inspires Inner Vision

Practicing yoga connects you on a deeper level with your hopes, aspirations, and dreams. The pituitary gland, which releases hormones to control other glands within the body, is stimulated. This will increase your ability to look inward and outward with clear vision, tolerance, and compassion.

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7. Yoga Strengthens Your Connection to Others

As you flow through your practice, your ability to exceed earthly cares and concerns deepens, and you will also be grounded in reality. Actions and decisions are made from a wider perspective, one that embraces universal humanitarian goals and aspirations as opposed to goals that just benefit you.

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Here at the retreat, we believe in Yoga so much that we practice it every day and include it as one of the many activities that you are your guest can partake in when you stay with us! Call and book your stay today!