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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

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We’re not there yet, and 2021 appears to be a continuation of much of what happened in 2020. Vaccines have promoted a return to “normal” in the not-so-distant future, but we’re not there yet.

Having binge-watched Netflix shows, browsed the web, and sat on our couches for months, we all need a reset. Experts from some of the best retreats in Canada share their advice on staying grounded during a pandemic.

Experts From Best Retreats In Canada Unleashes Tips To Staying Fit Amidst Pandemic 2020

1. Head outdoors. Taking part in a cold-weather workout can help alleviate seasonal depression and is a great way to burn calories. Cold-weather workouts also offer great cardio benefits. Exercise outdoors no matter what the weather. Experience a new workout like snowshoeing or hiking somewhere you’ve never been before. Did you know that snowshoeing burns an average of 500 calories per hour twice as many calories as walking?

2. Strive to improve your game (golf). Since the COVID 19, golf has experienced a huge increase in popularity as the most optimal socially distant sport.

Rotate your body to maintain flexibility. In this exercise, you will create some tension in your chest that will contribute to a greater degree of rotation in your swing. Here’s the routine you should try.

  • Face a doorway.

  • Expand your right arm out (left arm if you’re left-handed) and place your hand horizontally against the doorframe. Ideally, it should be at shoulder height.

  • Hold your hand in place and turn your upper body to the left (to the right if you’re left-handed). Your trail arm will stay behind you.

  • Don’t let your head drop. From the backswing to follow-through, this exercise will teach you how to keep exactly where your body is in relation to the ball.

  • Fold your hand towel four to five times.

  • Place your feet on the ground and assume a golfing posture. The distance between you and the wall should be at least one foot.

  • Place your forehead against the wall, cushioned by a towel.

  • Place your arms over your chest, with the fingertips of each hand touching the opposite shoulder.

  • Now, alternating towards your right shoulder and left shoulder, make some turns back and forth.

  • Hold the towel tightly for 30 seconds to one minute.

  • Increase the width of your swing. By performing this exercise, you will improve arm extension and position yourself for your backswing.

  • Then stand in the middle of the doorframe.

  • Position yourself correctly for golf.

  • Climb to the top of the door jamb.

3. Stretch. Muscles remain flexible, strong, and healthy when they are stretched. The warming-up process also assists you in avoiding strains and injury during vigorous exercise. Here are a few simple stretches you can do:

  • Standing quad stretch. Hold your left foot with your hand as you bend your right leg behind you. Replicate this exercise three times with both legs, counting to 30 with each.

  • Forward bend: Stand with your legs straight and bend forward at your hips, letting your hands reach your ankles as you lower your hands. Try holding for 30 seconds to stretch your calves, hips, and hamstrings. You should repeat this three times.

  • Forward lunge: You can elevate your left foot up to 12 inches on a step, bench, or large rock for the forward lunge. Stretch your right glute while remaining vertical and squaring your hips, then extend your right arm overhead to deepen the stretch. Repeat three times on the other side after holding for 30 seconds.

How to massage your partner like a Pro?

  • Communication is the key to success. When receiving a massage, the partner should feel comfortable asking what they need and give positive reinforcement, while the partner giving the massage should be open to listening to feedback. You should work together to determine the perfect level of pressure since not everyone enjoys the same intensity of pressure. Communication can improve the quality of life for a long time after the massage ends.

  • Make it fun and flexible by including a snack, foot rub, and a favorite TV show while you relax on your couch.

  • A slower massage technique is more effective. Make sure you don’t overuse your thumbs. You will soon burn out of strength if you do that.

  • Our old routines can be resumed one day, and we can once again visit our favorite resorts.

We welcome you to Northumberland Heights- one of the best retreats in Canada to gain an out-of-the-world experience. A wide variety of massages are available to our guests, and we are eager to provide them with a great massage experience. Keep your muscles and nerves from being sore and aching. Get the best massage experience at our spa and exercise facility and you’ll fall in love with it.

Dedicated to holistic health, we are a wellness spa resort dedicated to helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. The alignment of your chakras is intended to bring balance to your body. You can stay with us overnight or invest in day spa packages. Every time you come, our spa massages will be as fascinating as new, whether you’re with your spouse, a friend, or alone.

Additionally, we maintain high hygiene standards in order to prevent health hazards. Be brave and get yourself on your toes to a spa experience at Northumberland Heights, one of the best retreats in Canada.

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