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Table of Contents

1. Northumberland is one of the best spas in Canada that has the best facial treatments

  1. Deep cleanse your facial skin

  2. Improves blood flow in facial regions

  3. Pore Cleansing

  4. Combats Aging

  5. Improves Absorption

  6. Offers Relaxation

  7. Prevents Acne

  8. Detoxifies skin

  9. Additional Benefits

Facials are the best spa treatments that people enjoy the most, especially women.

These are relaxing and leaves your skin as moist as possible

Contrary to this fact, many a time, people are wary of facial treatments. They view eating good food alone can bring a glow to the face. It is a half-truth. To realize the actual benefits of a facial spa, one has to experience the same in reality. We bring you the selective advantages of one of the best spas in Canada. It will brighten your day with inspiring tips and motivate you to get some pampering done.


At Northumberland Heights, we offer some rejuvenating facial spas that can add to the beauty of your skin by adding a radiating effect. We bring to you one of the best spa in Canada, and on top of it, our facial treatments leave you in complete awe. Let’s uncover some great benefits of such facial treatments in this blog.

Deep cleanse your facial skin

Facial spas aim to deep clean your skin pores to add a beautifying effect to your skin. Leave alone your face! The neck region also gets enough pampering when you indulge in a heavy facial spa. Exfoliation makes your skin shed excessive dirt and removes the dead skin. High-quality facial products allow your skin to remove grime more effectively than simple facial cleansers available at local cosmetic stores. Deep cleansing makes your skin glowing, youthful and reenergized.

Improves blood flow in facial regions

The quality of massage is to improve blood circulation, so does the facial spa offers. It makes your skin cells more active and makes the blood flow thoroughly through your facial veins. Consequently, your skin breathes more oxygen, and the same reflects in the sheen of your skin. Likewise, your skin becomes healthier and more glowing. Know that your skin requires pampering as your body does. Don’t ever ignore the significance of nourishing your skin as you feed your body through eating. A healthy facial spa rejuvenates your skin cells by supplying just-right amount of nutrition.

Pore Cleansing

Facial pores get clogging due to dirt, makeup, sweat and pollution. Clogging of pores is not healthy and requires regular de-clogging practices. Facial spa treatments remove clogs and make your skin achieve a smooth texture.

Combats Aging

Continued application of facial spas at regular intervals helps fight the signs of ageing. Our skin produces more collagen and gathers more melanin as we age. It creates some unwanted and unappealing patches or marks on your facial skin. But the good news is it is manageable with facial spas. Specialized facial treatments stimulate cell regeneration and restrict melanin production beneath the skin, ultimately making it look younger and glowing.

Improves Absorption

Regular application of the active agents in the facial products and makes your skin more open towards absorption. As a result, your skin reaps the most benefits of a facial spa. The more you expose yourself to facial treatments, the more your skin absorbs the active agents and achieves a radiating glow.

Offers Relaxation

A highly professional spa treatment concerning facial treatments relaxes your nervous system. Not only does it heal your facial skin, but it also eliminates psychological stress. Pressuring particular points relieves tension and eases you out, which also reflects on your skin. Women also believe that a facial spa helps them in lifting-up their moods.

Prevents Acne

Facial spas are known to remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, which also results in acne. Thereby, getting a facial treatment makes you take early preventive measures through cleaning pores and stubborn oil patches. Acne and acne mark gradually diminishes with an effective facial spa that carries on for regular periods.

Detoxifies skin

A facial spa detoxifies your skin and increases elasticity. It rejuvenates skin and makes it ever radiating, giving it a youthful appearance. Get your skin the most enriching treatment with facial spas.

Additional Benefits

Facial saps have numerous additional benefits, along with those some of the best spas in Canada suggest. The vital health benefit of the spa is related to reducing emotional distress. Women during their periods or pregnancy are most likely to use facial spas as a relaxing technique. Moreover, such spas improve overall confidence among people. They feel a lot better about themselves than those who put little to no effort into personal skincare. Thus, resulting in an attractive device for mental wellness. Fighting to age is a critical benefit that one may achieve through spas, yet the restoration of youthfulness makes facial treatments more desirable.

Northumberland Heights offer multiple ranges of facial treatments to give you an exotic treatment and make your skin feel extra nourished.

Don’t forget to check our varied range of deep cleansing facials that include Caviar Indulgence, Luminous C & Sea, Hydrating Plantomer, Essential Deep Cleansing and Holistic Aroma Delight.

We are one of the best spa in Canada. We strive to be more beneficial to our guests. Therefore, we offer multiple combinations of spa packages that include facial treatments too. We invite you to our humble abode to relax amidst nature and luxury. Here all you get is pampering and relaxation along with exquisite facial treatments. Are you confused about selecting a facial treatment for yourself? Let us help you. Give us a call and schedule a meeting with our beauty advisors.

They will assess your skin requirements and test it against the allergens before suggesting a particular type of facial. Masseuse at our property holds expert qualifications. We don’t leave our guests during the treatment and avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Once you are at our property, you are our responsibility. We take great care in ensuring you are safe and sound by equipping all the safety measures in place. So, the next time you feel the need for pampering, head to our property and give us a chance to serve you with our most beneficial spa and facial treatments. We await your arrival!

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