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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

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Have you started to feel cold with an urge to grab that cup of coffee covering it with both palms of your hands? Welcome to the season of winters. However, we know how it’s not too welcoming for those trying to get some heat therapy via hot stone massage or on a lookout for one of the best winter spa resorts that can minimize the effect of winters on their bodies. The majority of great spas like Northumberland Heights use exclusive hot stone massage to give you the feeling of warmth and care.

Did you know a simple heat therapy or a hot stone massage uses the power of warmth and heat to treat medical problems, boost the immune system and improve health? Since our bodies are not used to extreme temperatures, we need extra heating and cooling systems. In order to survive, we must introduce ourselves to extremes. While a number of people have used ice baths lately and found them effective in getting relief from pain, heat exposure has been proven to provide even more relief.

Best Winter Spa Resorts Heals Through Heat Therapy Using Hot Stone Massage

Studies have shown that heat can:

  1. Ease the pain.

  2. Encourage blood flow.

  3. Help you sleep better.

  4. Relieve asthma and allergies.

  5. Cure depression.

Pain Management

Cold therapy can reduce inflammation, but heat therapy or hot stone massage often provides pain relief. Heat can be used for:

  • Arthritis: Moist heat is good for loosening stiff joints and soothing sore muscles.

  • Muscle spasms: Moist heat helps to relieve and eliminate muscle spasms.

  • Sprains: Apply heat to a sprain after using ice to reduce inflammation.

  • Tendinosis: Tendinosis is chronic pain and stiffness in the tendons and joints. Heat therapy may reduce symptoms once inflammation subsides, but it may take weeks before you feel better.

When using heat therapy or performing a hot stone massage on inflamed areas, best spa winter resorts will always make sure you are at total comfort and feel cared for. At Northumberland Heights, we have the most exquisite hot spring pools that rejuvenates muscular contractions and make your body feel lively again.

Relieves Backache

Heat application can benefit lower back pain sufferers through several mechanisms:

Heat activates the blood vessels around the spine. This process speeds recovery by increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues.

Applying heat to the lower back increases sensations on the skin, and will decrease pain signals to the brain, thereby partially relieving discomfort.

Heat application helps to loosen tight muscles and connective tissue which can help improve range of motion around the body. As a consequence of using heat therapy via hot stone massaging, one will gain flexibility and comfort with decreasing stiffness in the body.

Elevates Blood Flow

Heat therapy or a hot stone massage is the best way to increase blood flow. Heat quickly increases blood flow to the body’s surface.

Blood flow helps you to stay strong

Other studies have shown that blood flow is normal again almost immediately after a hot pack is removed. This suggests that heat may be easier to control during self-treatment than other therapies that are more complicated.

People with heart conditions should consult their doctor before using any kind of heat therapy, especially a hot stone massage.

Relieves in Asthma and Allergies

Although not a substitute for prescription asthma or allergy medications, steam can

The steam of a shower can give asthma sufferers the relief they need by moisturizing their airways. Asthmatics should avoid steam that’s too hot, but it can be used for relief.

This is because the steam helps to remove mucus, which in turn, helps drain snot and sinus problems.

To help clear a cold, we as one of the best spa winter resorts advice you take a warm bath or sit in the sauna.

Treats Depression

Undergoing heat therapy or a hot stone massage can help with depression, both physically and otherwise.

It is valuable in treating both physical and mental health problems. The benefits of heat therapy include treating numerous conditions.

A lot of people are trying heat therapy or taking a hot stone massage for their injuries at home.

It helps in relieving your pain, increasing blood flow in your muscles, and improving sleep. It could also treat asthma and allergies, or it may even reduce depressive symptoms if you are feeling very sad.

A Hot Stone massage is one such therapy that involves the application of stones heated to a warm temperature. Masseuse use stones that have been temperature-tested first, placing them along the body to improve blood circulation and open up energy centers. Massage therapists use stones to massage and their hands to provide continued massage once the heat from the stones has been applied.

Hot Stone Massages are the best type of massage because they heat the stones, which help your muscles relax. People who exercise moderately often experience sore muscles, the stones help them heal their muscular injuries and relieve the pain. A hot-stone massage can reduce muscle spasms and relieve back pain. Research has proven that Hot Stone Massage reduces stress and is ideal for taking time out.

Northumberland Heights, one of the best spa winter resorts believes that heat spa is the right approach to protect yourself from wintery cold, especially if you have joint problems. However, that doesn’t mean heat can only be used for chronic muscle and joint pain. Heat treatment works for all kinds of people, no matter what their shape or size.

For instance, it is important to warm up before beginning physical activity. Warmth helps circulation in your body, which helps nutrients to flow and joints and muscles to be worked. The best way to relieve tired muscles and sore joints is by soaking in a warm bath or whirlpool.

A hot tub and massage also can help soothe stiff body parts. Besides being a soothing spa experience, heat therapy involving a hot stone massage is also an alternative form of medicine used in place of prescription medications. Although discovered thousands of years ago, it is still one of the most widely used forms of pain relief today.

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