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Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa, the newly opened restaurant in Cobourg has become a favorite amongst the people when in search for best meals among Brighton Ontario Restaurants.

Xperience has won the hearts of many when it comes to diving into a causal fine dining expedition like never before. The restaurant is here to stay, flourish and continue feeding the guests with all things delicious, wholesome and a lot more.

Here’s the way to go about with Xperience :

Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is located 10 KM North of Cobourg. With an astonishing view that greets you from the moment you step foot into the property to the delectable food that is presented to you in the most unique way possible.

Xperience is an experience in itself and one can only understand the true meaning of the sentence when they indulge and let the many wonders of the restaurant do it’s magic on them.

You have to let the space, ambience and everything at the restaurant speak to you, welcome you and allow them to take over as you merely sit and admire the wonderful atmosphere and vibe of the place.

Being a favorite amongst people when searching for Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience has taken up the spot into people’s heart with their every growing relationship with a healthy, safe and soulful culinary escape.

The Ambience in the restaurant:

With a uniquely built table seating along with a Patio Dining for indulgence with a view, Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa has outdone itself when it comes to paying close attention to the little details in the restaurant.

Being one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants, the place has a pristine touch to it’s ambience in addition to the rustic feel that comes from the unique and sophisticated placement of lighting around the restaurant.

Each nook and corner of the restaurant is a warm and welcome part of the restaurant that makes the Guests feel truly at Home with the right balance of sophistication and opulence added to the whole look, feel and atmosphere.

The ambience delivers a story of the history of the place as compared to all other Ontario Restaurants which has been considered a close competitor.

The entire property of Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa carries a very interesting history which can still be ravished along a few corners of the property which has been purposely left like that to give the guests a true rustic experience into the past activities of the place. Xperience is definitely one such corner of the property.

Amongst all other Brighton Ontario Restaurants, the restaurant stand tall with a history that is closely connected to the culinary experience of the place which goes way back in time.


Amongst all the other Restaurants in Ontario, the dishes and fancy concoctions at Xperience takes the cake in every sense.

Starting from a robust breakfast Menu, the restaurant offers unique dishes like Smoked Salmon Pancakes, In-House Made Waffles in addition to more common dishes like Belgian Waffles, Classic French Toast and a lot more. There is no better way to start your mornings that with a delicious meal at Xperience.

Being amongst one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience does not fail to impress with their delicious Lunch Menu which is nothing less than heaven served on a platter to the Guests. A Healthy Meal of the restaurant’s infamous, Kale Caesar Salad or a Gluten Free Chickpea Burger for all those on the lookout for something similar or even a simple dish like a Buddha Bowl, every dish gets its unique touch, flavor and taste when it is a dish made at Xperience.

Finally, the dinner menu, the winner of all the Menus at Xperience. The restaurant boasts some of its customer favorite dishes from their Dinner Menu. Some of them are – Lobster Spring Rolls, The King Cole Duck Breast and the Seafood Linguine. These few dishes are what attracts people from all walks of life and puts Xperience into the competition of being one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants.

The Desserts and the Drinks are a considered to be a cherry on top and is an additional win for the Guests in addition to the spectacular meals at Xperience.

Restaurants in Ontario do have a certain sense of belongingness when it comes to experiencing cuisines from all around the world inculcated and depicted with the language and thought of the restaurant themselves which makes the same/similar dish so much more different from each other.

Xperience by Northumberland Heights does just that. Every single dish is a pristine blend of flavors with the chef’s magical touch put into it which allows the restaurants to be amongst the top Brighton Ontario Restaurants. The Guests visiting do not come to just have a meal, they come to experience, they come to take in the serene view, they come to an ambience that has years worth of story to tell and most importantly, they come for the food that makes them happy, at peace and content, no matter what they order. For all those in the hunt to indulge away and savor to a delicious meal amongst all other Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience is waiting to have the privilege of serving you a warm meal of all things nice and pristine.

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