One of the best-kept secrets among Brighton Ontario Restaurants

One of the best-kept secrets among Brighton Ontario Restaurants

When it comes to letting the food do that talking, Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa has been on a constant rise and made its way to the top within just a year of its opening. It is safe to say that this restaurant is the best-kept secret amongst all Brighton Ontario Restaurants.

If you are planning your next date night and on the lookout to explore a fairly new place, this restaurant is here to win your heart in the best way possible. With a Multi-Cuisine Menu that makes every Guest keep coming back for more, Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is here to set the tone right with their drool-worthy dishes and wholesome delights. 

 Get ready to visit this place as the restaurant serves you a hearty meal that gives all other Brighton Ontario Restaurants a run for their money. 

Here’s what you can expect from Brighton Ontario Restaurants

First Impression of the Restaurant 

Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is located 10 KM North of Cobourg within Northumberland County. As people unwind and relax to find the perfect serenity away from the bustling city, this restaurant has time and again proved to be one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants can be established because of several reasons. 

 The number one reason for this place to be an absolute success lies in its great versatility and its ability to shape into something that doesn’t compare to any other Ontario Restaurants

 As you are greeted inside the restaurant by the welcoming Team, one can only help but see the true passion that every Team Member carries to ensure that each Guest gets the experience they truly deserve. It’s not just about the food or the drinks here, it’s about the whole Xperience & the Team Members play a huge role to ensure the same. 

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Stop and Stare at the Unique Ambience:

As you get comfortable and feel at home, your eyes go to the modern yet antique ambiance of the restaurant that is a lot different than any other Brighton Ontario Restaurant. With a historical touch that is inculcated in a very unique way around the ambiance of the restaurant, one feels the warmth that the place seeps a Guest into and further makes them feel truly at home.

 Every single moment at Xperience is a memory worth cherishing that only gets better from thereon and ensures every guest keeps coming back for more, to explore the many historical mysteries that Xperience carries with itself. No matter how many Brighton Ontario Restaurants one visits, Xperience with its unique ambiance along with a sense of belongingness will always bring you back for more. 

History of the Restaurant

The antique touch gives to the ambiance at Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is not a coincidence. 

 This reason dates back to the early 1970s where the land was used and established to run a restaurant that served pure German Cuisine for all their Guests. The reason why Xperience has now become one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants is because of the history of the place that the place still captures very clearly as compared to any other Cobourg Food Joints. 

The restaurant was originally famous for serving Chicken Schnitzels to all their Guests. As the word about this delicious dish spread across the country, people used to fly in with their choppers from different cities, just to enjoy the Schnitzel and the high-end liquor that the restaurant served. 

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Keeping this dream and the essence of the brand alive, Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa now serve Guests from different walks of life & visiting from around the country, every single day. The vision and history have always been an important aspect for the restaurant and this is exactly what makes this place one of the most unique and the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants.

One can only truly understand the warmth, belongingness, love & history that this place carries when they visit Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa for the first time. 

 The food, drinks, and ambiance add up to the palatable journey that this place boasts about. Any individual who carries a sense of love and understands the food will also understand the time, effort, and hard work that goes into making every single dish on the restaurant’s menu a true success for anyone & everyone. 

 Getting the title of one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants has allowed Xperience to witness and understand the true meaning behind making a restaurant a true success. 

Don’t take our word for it? Try it for yourself!


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