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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Table of Content

1. Swedish-Style Massage Inspires Canadian Wellness Retreats, Here’s How We Perform It!

2. Benefits of a Swedish-Style Massage

  1. Why does Swedish-Style massage focus on decreasing muscle toxins?

  2. Swedish-Style massage improves flexibility

  3. Swedish-style massage improves blood circulation

  4. Swedish-Style massage aids in relieving mental stress

  5. Preparation for Swedish-style massage

  6. Take Away Tip

3. What we can do for you?

It’s time for some holistic treatment! Not all pain that occurs in your body requires medication. Some can be taken care of with diligent massage therapies. For instance, a full-body Swedish massage is your perfect hideout to release tension. Over time Swedish massage at the Canadian wellness retreats has gained a lot of attraction.

It is mainly due to its amazing feature to heal the pain in a holistic manner. Being in the business of spa and wellness, we at Northumberland Heights witness an average daily visitor for a Swedish massage. That gives us an idea of how much it is liked by the people of Canada.


Effleurage strokes accompany Swedish-style massage. It starts with relaxing the soft tissues by smoothly gliding the strokes in a channelized format.

Petrissage stroke. Following effleurage strokes, movements involving rolling, kneading, and squeezing are initiated. These strokes are known as petrissage stroke.

Friction strokes are used to heal scars and injuries. These usually involve circular movements which are deeply pressured to allow the rubbing tissue layers simultaneously.

Tapotement stroke is yet another short tap that is performed using the fingers, edge of the hand, or a cupped hand. This type of stroke movement allows recovery from exercise.

Benefits of a Swedish-Style Massage

A Swedish-style massage aims to ease muscles and restore circulation and flexibility in an individual’s body. It also improves blood circulation resulting in an increase in blood oxygenation. A Swedish-style massage energizes your body and aids in healing muscles and joints. Canadian wellness retreats like ours understand how crucial it is for today’s people to relax and heal from any muscular trauma. Therefore, we prioritize our visitor’s health first by suggesting Swedish-style massage for letting them experience a complete rejuvenation.

Why does Swedish-Style massage focus on decreasing muscle toxins?

Too much lactic in muscles makes you feel sore or may cause lethargy in your body. Also, it may result in excessive pain, discomfort, or inflammation making your muscles feel even weaker. It usually happens in the case of exercise regime. Swedish massage helps in releasing intramuscular toxins from individuals’ muscles and makes them ready to face routine battles.

Swedish-Style massage improves flexibility

The high-end motion of joints and full stretching of muscles improves flexibility in your body. Swedish-style massage helps in easing out muscle tensions and makes your body lighter. The ultimate aim is to relax your muscles and calm down any muscular tension. Relaxed muscles allow you to enjoy the motion fully and without the fear of further injury. Hence, making your body more adaptable and responsive towards stressful situations.

Swedish-style massage improves blood circulation

As your muscles loosen up, blood circulation becomes faster and clearer. Consequently, the nervous system in your body becomes more active, making the blood supply more reachable to vital organs. The problem of restricted blood flow eases and your body opens up to a new possibility of enriching blood supply. Simple yet effective Swedish-style massage makes your body pump more blood and fulfills the nutrient and oxygen requirement in the most constructive manner.

Swedish-Style massage aids in relieving mental stress

Swedish-style massage can bring down the Cortisol and Arginine vasopressin level in the human body. Both are responsible for inducing stress in the human brain. Arginine vasopressin is a hormone that is responsible for increasing the Cortisol level that further adds to mental stress. Along with being mentally challenging, Cortisol above the suggested range can also be hazardous for physical wellbeing. Cortisol instructs your body to store excessive calories in your body which are usually in the form of white fat. It makes you eat even when you are full which is called ‘stress eating’.

A Swedish-style massage can bring down the Cortisol levels and Arginine vasopressin levels in your body. A regular 45 minutes session can be helpful in helping you release those extra and unwanted stress triggers.

Preparation for Swedish-style massage

What do I need to do before taking a Swedish-style massage? It is often a question that comes into people’s minds. Don’t worry! We are here to answer the same. We suggest you visit us 10 to 15 minutes before the appointment time so we can take you through few formalities. In the meantime, we also let you met your massage therapist so you can get comfortable before the actual activity. It allows you time to discuss your massage goals and preferences if any. Also, you can tell your massage therapist about any allergic reaction from specific oils, creams, or lotions.

Do not bring your cell phones or any gadget with you in the massage room as it is crucial that you have relaxing therapy without involving any distractions.

Hydrate yourself before the session as you may otherwise feel thirsty in the midway.

Take Away Tip

· Swedish-style massage may last up to 60 to 90 minutes.

· You have the freedom to choose whether you want to be nude or put some clothes on.

· If you choose to wear clothes, do not wear anything that hides your muscles or triceps, or chest.

· A tank top and shorts are best if you feel shy about being nude.

· Ask your masseuse to STOP immediately if you feel discomfort.

Get your first best Swedish-style massage at Northumberland Heights

What we can do for you?

We are one of the best Canadian wellness retreats that bring you the best holistic massages in the town. We operate at a heritage property that combines nature and luxury at its best. We believe in bringing you closer to nature and your own self. Since, the inception of Northumberland Heights, we have been delivering experiences more than plain spa services. We believe in creating value for living and adding years to your life and vice versa. At our property, you can be in close association with nature and still have the most luxurious time of your life. Indulge in our exquisite spas or feel the charisma of Ayurvedic massages with our amazing workforce. Also, we train you to replace poor eating habits with the healthiest ones. Learn to live a life of fulfillment with Northumberland Heights, your next best spa and wellness resort.

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