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Christmas wellness: Christmas must be the most magical time of year. One in twenty of us find Christmas more stressful than being a retreat. If you’re that one in twenty people, we have your festive wellbeing covered with stress-free holiday ideas.

It’s always tough to keep up during the holidays. We’re all so busy that it’s hard to relax and enjoy ourselves, but there are some simple things you can do to relieve your stress this holiday season. Festive holidays are often overlooked as the consumer is pulled in numerous directions attempting to craft a perfect Christmas.

However, Christmas wellness is something that you should keep in mind to save you from the undue pressure of the festival on your health. We’re here to help you stay positive this Christmas with our awesomely curated ideas and inspirations to keep you relaxed this holiday season.


Don’t be too serious about adding perfection to everything

Treat yourself kindly. We all have flaws. Recognize that sometimes you can’t get everything done. It’s ok that not everything will be accomplished. Stop trying to be something you’re not. Instead, focus on being a better version of the person you already are.

Don’t be a ‘Yes Man’. Turn to say ‘No’ wherever required

During the holiday season, it’s natural for everyone to want to be happy. Saying ‘No’ will relieve the stress of the festive season. Articulate what you need, calmly, and respectfully to others. Having the discipline to turn down invitations might not be your instinct, but it will help you manage your time and be stress-free. Feel more comfortable saying no when it is required the most. This will add to your Christmas wellness plan.

Be light on alcoholic beverages

Alcohol can stress you out and make you depressed. You can transform stress into happiness by not drinking. Too much alcohol makes your gut bacteria suffer, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. If your liver is stressed, your immune system will be compromised. Side effects include heartburn, indigestion, and severe mood swings. Drinking green juice can help your body get over the effects of binge drinking.

Drinking alcohol can decrease your mood and increase your stress levels. Reaching for a drink to calm your nerves can make things worse. Overloading alcohol makes you feel fatigued. Stress can impair your immune system. Side effects include acid reflux, bloating, and grumpiness. Although not advocating abstinence, keeping your immune system bolstered with fruits and vegetables will help your body to rest and regenerate after overindulging.

Be positive and heal yourself

When faced with a problem, step back and try to find something positive. Imagine yourself as you look at the positive event and feel the joy, tell others about it and absorb yourself in looking back on it and appreciate what you have. It is a good way to reduce stress and enhance your well-being during the holidays.

Take time for meditation

Meditation is one of the best practices to keep yourself calm even during the high-volume guests or to and for parties during the holiday season. Giving a little time to your meditation regime doesn’t take a lot of time and you can be relieved in just 10 minutes.

Taking a corner seat at a quiet place could be helpful. You can also take an hour’s break from everything around you and visit our property to feel the tranquility, or you can even host a party at our banquet. This will turn your Christmas wellness plan exciting during the Christmas festivities. Neither you will have to compromise on your fitness goals, nor would you be losing on the required Christmas charm.

Plan a detox for yourself and your family

Once the party is over and you are ready to hop on to another Christmas dinner the next day, make sure you and your family members undergo a detox program before indulging in savoring the Christmas delicacies. Don’t be too carefree considering it as a holiday season. It is due to this thought process we witness a lot of people ruining their New Year’s Eve. Always, follow a detox program and stick by the same as it will keep you and your loved ones in perfect health.

How can Northumberland Heights help you?

We are a wellness retreat and spa in Ontario and we can help alleviate your wellness throughout the holiday season or even after that. However, we always suggest our guests take as much advantage of holiday seasons to indulge in wellness retreats.

It is because this is that time of the year when you can take care of yourself completely without worrying about any work-related engagements. During festival time, it is evident for anyone to act out of order concerning health-related issues. It is a human tendency to take leverage on the name of holidays.

We help you balance your wellness by helping you detoxify your body most luxuriously. Our spas offering is of unique fraternity and we can boost Christmas wellness for you by introducing you to our most relaxing spa packages.

You can use either our day spa package or overnight packages to add to your Christmas delights or you may also gift our spa package to your loved ones. They can always use their spa gift cards either during or post-Christmas season. Either you choose spa packages for yourself or your loved ones, we will ensure mind-blowing services. Book now!

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