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Table of Contents

Mindfulness meditation to add to your Christmas wellness retreat regime

  1. Reduces stress

  2. Reduces Anxiety

  3. Enhanced quality of sleep

  4. Connect with nature

  5. Aromatherapy

Christmas Wellness Retreats: Christmas December is officially upon us, and you already know what that means. Screaming children, in-laws staying over, a handful of sleep, rushed Christmas shopping, as well as daily stress-induced headaches. There is something warm and fuzzy about the holidays: merriment and mirth, as well as strong family bonds.

There’s also a good deal of negativity associated with this season that usually appears due to stress. You certainly need to undergo a Christmas wellness retreat to shed those worrisome lines on your beautiful face. However, what about the usual holiday season? You need to stay calm during that too. It only takes five minutes every morning to calm your worries and ease your troubled mind with this simple trick.


The practice is called mindfulness meditation. Meditation should not intimidate you. Even those who don’t know they meditate have done it at some point in their lives. All these activities are forms of meditation, whether you reflect on your day, listen to music with your eyes closed, or pray to a higher power. Meditating is defined as engaging in contemplation or reflection, planning or projecting in the mind, and focusing the mind.

What does it mean to be mindfully meditating? Intention determines the difference. This is a cerebral exercise in which you focus your attention on the present. Take note of what you feel, think, and sense in those moments, and pay attention to them. Pranayama is a type of breathing exercise that utilizes the lungs to expel trapped carbon dioxide.

Focusing your thoughts and redirecting them through meditation is the habitual practice of training your mind to focus and concentrate.

Meditation is becoming more popular as a part of Christmas wellness retreats as more people learn about its health benefits.

It can be used to make you more aware of yourself and your surroundings. Stress is reduced and concentration is improved through it as the major studies depict.

Besides developing good habits, people can also benefit from the practice by improving their mood and outlook, developing self-discipline, sleeping regularly, and coping with pain better.

Reduces stress

Meditation is often used to reduce stress.

Cortisol levels are normally elevated due to mental and physical stress. As a result, inflammatory chemicals called cytokines are released, which also has many harmful effects on the body.

The effects of these substances can interfere with sleep, cause depression, anxiety, and increased blood pressure, as well as lead to fatigue and clouded thinking.

Reduces Anxiety

Meditation may also help control festival anxiety. As with lots of guests, your home may appear too full and you would want to create some peace of mind within. In such a situation, finding a quieter place to meditate makes a lot of difference in your current state of anxiety.

Enhanced quality of sleep

Practicing mindfulness has numerous physical benefits, including better sleep. Meditation has been shown to improve sleep quality and length for people who practice daily meditation. Meditation practice sessions can be so relaxing that sleeplessness isn’t a concern for some meditators. It is sleepiness that causes problems.

Connect with nature

The health benefits of being in nature are numerous. They include reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and worry. Nature helps us feel good and distracts us from problems. It has been shown in studies that nature increases pleasant feelings by reducing stress, anger, and fear. The benefits of being in nature go beyond your emotional wellbeing; nature also benefits your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and stress hormone production.


Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils to treat body, mind, and spirit problems. Besides improving physical health, it also helps with emotional well-being. A number of studies suggest that aromatherapy reduces anxiety and improves sleep.

In just a few seconds, you can do a mini mindfulness/meditation exercise to calm your mind. Match the tips of your left-hand fingers to the tips of your right-hand fingers, with your hands in front of you. By pressing the fingertips against each other, take five slow, deep belly breaths. Relax your hands and place them at your sides or in your lap as you breathe in slowly, deeply.

There are certain scents that are particularly soothing. Some of the most soothing scents include Lavender, Orange or orange blossom, Rose, Bergamot, Roman chamomile, Vetiver, Neroli, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, Geranium. Make sure aromatherapy accompanies your Christmas wellness retreat plans.

Your brain receives more oxygen when you breathe deeply in the abdomen. It also promotes a calm feeling. It has been shown that abdominal-rectal breathing has a relaxing effect and that it reduces stress and anxiety when conducted for 20-30 minutes every day.

On the other hand, you can practice meditation in many different ways:

Focus is essential if you want to eliminate stress and worry. A mantra or an image can help you focus. You can also focus on your breath to stay focused.

To practice deep breathing, breathe deeply and slowly into your diaphragm. Breathing slowly and deeply allows more oxygen into the lungs, which reduces the amount of physical stress on the upper chest and neck muscles.

You can tailor your meditation to your specific needs. Some people find it easy to imagine a peaceful scene, or they might imagine being in nature while chanting “Ommmmmm.” It doesn’t require you to sit on the ground with your legs crossed, chanting “Ommmmmm.” Our enriching meditation sessions at Northumberland Heights, a luxury health and wellness retreat, will put you in a state of calm and tranquility.

At our property, we conduct incredibly designed meditation classes that can restore your happiness. We also have an area covered in the forest so you can meditate in nature. You can also take advantage of our yoga classes that help you achieve your ideal body size and shape. The property also offers luxury and wellness at its best in a lush, green environment.

We invite you to enjoy our spellbinding spa time at our spa resort and get a dose of perfection and peace. Here, you can get healthy, fit, and mindful all at once. When your busy guest time overs with the festival formalities, give yourself the much-needed pampering through visiting our wellness retreat and we will show you what does exactly a post-Christmas wellness retreat can do for you.

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