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Table of Contents

A lot of thought process is involved in planning a Christmas yoga retreat with family

  1. Christmas yoga retreat: Poses to Do with Family


  3. Reindeer Warrior

  4. Standing Sun Salutes

  5. Down Dog Pose

  6. Christmas Tree Pose

Christmas Yoga Retreat: Each of us views the holiday season differently. This is a wonderful opportunity for many people to spend time with family and friends. Traveling, staying away from home, or opening up your home to others may be on the agenda. For those who are lucky enough to be able to attend parties, family dinners, and receive presents, they are wonderful, but they also bring First World problems.

The holiday season can be challenging, stressful, and a struggle in many different ways. We never have the space, time, or energy to organize a Christmas yoga retreat for the whole family when we need our ‘me time’ to get on our mats and sweat it all out.

As a yogi, what should you do during the holidays? You should invite your family to join you in your practice. Perhaps their stress will be reduced as well. It will burn off some of the extra calories that tend to accumulate during celebrations. As well as it is fun! Do you want to try it?


Before getting started, it’s important to consider a few things. If you’re going to do yoga with someone, who will that be? Pose suggestions are better based on this. Kids may get bored with tadasana but enjoy sun salutations or virabhadrasana sequences. Likewise, the possibility is that Grand Aunt Mabel may not be up for extreme balances like utthita Nataraj asana (dancer), but she might enjoy some gentle seated yoga.

Furthermore, it would be a great time to demonstrate your strength or ability to balance in order to impress everyone. This may be an opportunity for you to demonstrate how inclusive yoga can be. Despite differences in shape, size, age, opinions, fitness, or flexibility, yoga can benefit everyone. Even though it may look different from the yoga you normally practice, it is still yoga!

Christmas yoga retreat: Poses to Do with Family

The following poses may be of interest to your family and friends this holiday season, and you would not shy away from flattering your skills in upholding the Christmas yoga retreat at home.


Stand or sit on firm chairs so everyone can maintain hip-width distance between their feet. As they stretch up through the crown of their head, have them ground down through their feet or bottom and grow really tall. Take the shoulders away from the ears by gently squeezing the shoulder blades together and towards the waist. Before getting started, you might find it helpful to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Reindeer Warrior

With both feet pointing forward, stand with the front foot pointing forwards and the back foot pointing 45 degrees out to the side. As much as possible, turn the pelvis forwards as soon as the knee is bent over the ankle. To make Rudolph’s antlers, place fingers above ears with thumbs pointing upwards, then lift both arms into a traditional warrior pose.

When the shoulder blades are squeezed together, one can find a perfect chest stretch by drawing the elbows back. It may be considered the icing on the Christmas cake perhaps, but taking a few deep breaths here adds just a little extra sweetness.

Standing Sun Salutes

Stretch your arms wide and overhead after you exhale tadasana. Using an exhalation, fold your fingers forward and touch the floor or shins. You should inhale and lift your chest while sliding your fingertips up to your shins to your knees. Stretch up, reach down and fold forward again with an exhale. Then stretch up and back again with an inhale. The sequence ends with an exhale as the arms are brought back to the sides. Those who prefer sitting can do this very comfortably.

Down Dog Pose

It is great for people who are less flexible or wobbly on their feet to do this version of a down dog with hands on a chair. Standing with feet hip-width apart, face the chair. If bending over is difficult, place your hands on the seat of the chair. Walking your feet backward while keeping them straight should result in the body bending at the hips, the chest moving towards the floor, and the arms going overhead. You have the chance to stretch your shoulders and chest, as well as your legs and spine back. Taking a few deep breaths in this pose is bliss!

Christmas Tree Pose

As a final pose, you can perform vrksasana in any position you choose – seated, standing, or one-legged. Whether you are waving your arms in the wind or raising your arms in prayer, the possibilities are endless and fun!

Voilà, a festive yoga class for the whole family. We wish you a relaxing, calmer Christmas yoga retreat at home while enjoying the festivities, season greetings, and a more adventurous New Year filled with yoga.

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