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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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Cobourg Ontario Restaurants: Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is a newly opened restaurant situated North of Cobourg within Northumberland County.

As much as we agree that Cobourg Ontario Restaurants can be quite a competition amongst each other, we most certainly believe that Xperience by Northumberland Heights stands out if you are in the hunt for a casual fine dining restaurant with a breathtaking view and a lot more to offer than just food. The Name says it all! The name of this restaurant was drawn from the idea to take every guest on a journey with every dish which is served at the restaurant. It is with this very thought that Xperience was born.

After a long day of relaxing at Northumberland Heights accompanied by Spa Massages, an astonishing view no matter where your eyes take you in addition to the luxury and the serenity that the place has to offer, Xperience – the in-house restaurant is the cherry on top to round up the complete journey of finding inner peace.

The well-thought out menu is a testimony to the love, care and attention to details that is put while make each and every dish at Xperience. It’s not just a meal, it’s an Xperience!


When it comes to Casual Fine Dining, Xperience has quickly become a favorite among all other Cobourg Ontario restaurants.

Xperience not only entertains guests who visit Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa for a relaxing getaway, but also welcomes Guests who just want to get an idea about the many wonders of delicious and wholesome meals that the restaurant has to offer. With an array of heartwarming dishes to choose from, Xperience attracts Guests from all walks of life who are looking for a palatable journey and make their heart, happy and soul, truly satisfied.

How Xperience has managed to stand out from the crowd

At Xperience by Northumberland Heights, the Chef and the entire Team pays close attention to the entire journey a Guest takes while they are present at the restaurant.

With each meal served, Xperience promises to excel and delivers with flying colors when it comes to satisfying and meeting every requirement that a Guest expects from their meal and time at the restaurant.

Being located inside Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa has given the restaurant an edge over all the other Cobourg Ontario restaurants. Xperience does not aim to please their guests, but works towards fulfilling each requirement, taste and preference while taking every individual of a wholesome journey with beautifully presented dishes, drinks, ambience and attention to details.

Xperience the Specialties:

Xperience has quickly become a favorite and raising the bar amongst all other Northumberland Restaurants.

With its unique menu, the specialty of the restaurant lies in the different ways through which the restaurant differentiates itself from its competitors. One of the main reasons why people admire every dish so closely at Xperience lies behind the magic of carefully sourced ingredients and paying close attention to every flavor that constitutes the final result of the dish.

No matter what your preference, a Caesar Salad to keep your meal light yet delicious or a Seafood Linguine with a glass of Red Wine for the complete palatable journey, Xperience has mastered the art of understanding flavors very well.

Keeping this as an advantage and further customizing each dish to the taste and preferances of every individual has what pushed Xperience to succeed very early on and made it a new and upcoming amongst many Cobourg Ontario restaurants. You don’t need a reason to get-together and celebrate at Xperience: Being a top-notch option for many living around the vicinity, Xperience has proved itself to be a one-stop food destination for all those looking for a fresh retreat when it comes to fine dining amongst other Cobourg Ontario restaurants.

With each dish containing a sense of belongingness and a story to deliver, the restaurant boasts the many ways it attracts people to not only visit when they have a reason to, but also to drop by when they feel the need to indulge away and just admire the beauty and wonders of the scenic views offered.

A few MUST TRY combinations & Chef’s Favorites

Xperience not only specializes in winning the battle of delicious meals with all other Cobourg Ontario Restaurants, but also carries a certain sense of victory when it comes to presenting the guests with a number of dishes that have provide to be a favorite amongst all.

Here are a few combinations that are a MUST TRY for the full experience at Xperience: 1- Seafood Linguine with a Glass of Red Wine : Seafood Linguine has very quickly become a customer favorite from the Dinner Menu at Xperience. It consists of Black Tiger Shrimps, Baby Clams, Mussels and Lobster. It is tossed in basil, dill and tarragon infused rose sauce which gives the dish the perfect glaze and favoring. A glass of our best Red Wine is just the best pairing to amplify this dish to a completely new level 2- Kale Caesar Salad with any drink of choice: Amongst all the Restaurants in Ontario that serve Kale Caesar Salad, Xperience stands out from the crowd with a fresh hold on the love and attention to details that is put in the dish. For all those looking for a healthy yet delicious escape, this is the perfect way to indulge, enjoy and savor away. 3- Mediterranean Flatbread with a Glass of White Wine: A fairly new addition to menu has been the Mediterranean Flatbread and has already won the hearts of many who have tried it. The dish boasts a special and magical touch given by the Chef that makes it a lot more special than usual. Paired with a Glass of White Wine and you have the best meal you will ever Xperience amongst all other Cobourg Ontario Restaurants. 4- Lobster Spring Rolls with a Glass of Beer: Speaking of best dishes amongst all Cobourg Ontario Restaurants, Xperience’s Lobster Spring Rolls are the perfect addition to an already existing robust menu with explicit flavors.

It’s unqiue flavors are best complimented when served with a glass of White Wine which helps take the delicious Xperience to another level. Are you ready to indulge? Don’t wait anymore, just make your bookings NOW!

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