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DAY SPA PACKAGE: Have you been dreaming about spending a unique weekend at the spa? Here’s your time to grab the most exciting day spa package at the Northumberland Heights wellness retreat. Pamper yourself at the most soothing spa facility where we dedicatedly indulge in offering expensive spa deals at the most affordable price.


The summer months are synonymous with sun-kissed skin, tanned oily patches, and the smell of sun cream, which also calls for relaxing spa treatments. You can also suffer from dehydration and exposure to the sun rays, which can result in dull complexions and pigmentation.

A good spa can solve all of these problems. Nevertheless, it does seem like a fad to many of your friends to go to the Spa Treatment. Maybe you’ll hear them say, ‘Did you just spend a lot of money on a spa treatment?’

You could also use de-tanners for pedicures or manicures, but going to a spa goes beyond just pampering yourself. The goal is to relax and care for your body and skin this summer.

If you’re looking for a relaxing Day Spa experience, here are some treatments that are a must-try this summer.

Hydrating Mani-Pedi

It is incorrect to think that hydrating your face only helps your beautiful face. In the hot summer months, your tootsies and hands need some pampering as well. Get your hands and feet pampered with a Mani-Pedi makeover that begins with an exfoliating sugar scrub, followed by a relaxing hand and foot massage, callus removal, and an invigorating foot massage.

Hydra facials

Dry skin can benefit from Hydra facials because this cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin in one simple treatment. HydraFacials are medical-grade resurfacing treatments that clear out pores and hydrate the skin. With the Hydra Peel Tip, a pen-like device, serums are infused into pores and the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, extracted, and hydrated.

Oxygen facials

An oxygen facial is a popular, easy choice that delivers an oxygen stream with botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are used in treatment for those who want to look red carpet ready quickly.

The result is a smoother, plumper appearance. This treatment is designed to nourish the skin and promote collagen production. Vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and botanical extracts are infused into the oxygen that is applied to the face and neck.

Body wraps

With algae and seaweed wraps, toxins are removed from the body while stimulating metabolism. The herbal body wraps heal and detoxify the skin. Mud wraps are used to increase circulation and eliminate toxins.

The use of these devices aids in body slimming by releasing excess fluid from the body and tightening particular areas. This body wrap could do wonders for skin rejuvenation if you’re seeking a summer-friendly spa treatment.

Sunless Tannin

Sunless tanning sessions are very popular at spas, as they typically include whole-body exfoliation. If you’re struggling to achieve a golden hue, these will provide you with a completely sun-free glow. Sunless tanning makes skin look healthy and also gives it a golden glow.

Foot Renewals

During the summer, our feet become dry and callused. When you’re always wearing sneakers and boots, it’s easy to overlook them.

Once you take off your flip-flops, you might feel differently and consider getting a foot renewal or intensive pedicure to restore the beauty to your feet. Having your feet exfoliated, scrubbed, massaged, and colored makes a world of difference.

Water Therapy Spa

Hydrotherapy involves the use of water, both internally and externally, at varying temperatures. Often referred to as water therapy or “water cures”. Saunas, steam baths, foot baths, contrast therapy, sit baths, and colonic cleansing are all forms of hydrotherapy.

By causing superficial blood vessels to dilate, hot water activates sweat glands, resulting in a reduction of toxins in the body. By counteracting gravity and reducing pressure on joints or the body as a whole, submerging the body in water can also relieve joint pain and muscle injury.

Hydrotherapy uses a variety of appliances, including immersion tanks, body-specific tubs, whirlpool baths, and cold and hot water wraps.

We know that summer is almost here, and you’ve been waiting all year for a Body Spa and some pampering. Spas of your choice can be found here.

Discover the wonders of our day (DAY SPA PACKAGE) or overnight spa packages. Relax with massages, enjoy hot tubs, savor delicious food, and most importantly, get a taste of mindfulness.


Northumberland Heights luxury health and wellness retreats aim to restore health and wellness to our guests in a tranquil environment. We are aware of how difficult it is to remain calm, peaceful, and rejuvenated while undertaking daily tasks.

Therefore, at our spa resort, we provide a serene setting so you can continue your work after the retreat with the same spirit. There is a variety of relaxing massages available under one roof. All of our spa treatments, body wraps, and facial massages are unique. You will find tranquility and peace away from the hassle of the city.

We invite you to rejuvenate your mind and body at our humble abode, where nature meets luxury in umpteen ways. Our day spa package includes special spa attractions that you cannot even imagine. Once you enter our property, you would never want to go back to the same old routine. Instead, you will find ways to see us again and again.

Let us know when are you planning to visit our most tranquil spa facility for a relaxing day spa and we will give you the best day spa package to suit your needs and come up to your expectations. So are you in for the short spa excursion at your neighboring spa and wellness resort amidst the most happening place in the town?

Just call us and we will give you the best deal. Don’t wait anymore, get on a lifetime experience.

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