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Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and a blessing that women can have. Conceiving is the beginning of multiple changes in your body, mood and behaviour. A woman doesn’t change after the birth of her child she changes at the very start of conceiving. It is her body and the actively secreting hormones that make her act a little differently than usual. It is quite natural too.

Her body goes through a lot of change; hence it requires a lot of care and support throughout her pregnancy period. A special pregnancy wellness spa massage is one of the best pamperings that you can leverage to please her. A good pregnancy massage can enhance the pregnancy experience for the pregnant lady. It focuses on obtaining certain goals concerning physical and mental wellbeing. We at Northumberland Heights, one among the many Ontario spa retreats understand how vital it is for a pregnant woman to get a regular massage for easing muscle tension and increasing mobility.

Every pregnant woman is different from the other. Hence each of them requires different ways of massaging but the crux remains the same- Massage soothes them physically as well as mentally and they are able to have an enjoyable pregnancy period.

Pregnancy massages are not like the general spa massage as it avoids certain pressure points which may otherwise harm the fetus and the mother carrying it. For instance, a masseuse will always refrain from going towards your wrist or ankle as massaging them can stimulate your uterus to contract and the fetus may get hurt. Therefore, we suggest you be very careful when you appoint a masseuse for carrying out your prenatal massage.


Reduces Stress

Prenatal massage as also discussed above reduces stress in preggers. Massage results in soothing your brain cells which further regulates the excessive or recessive hormonal flow and makes you feel an ultimate relaxation in mind and body. It is common in pregnant women to feel a little sad or depressed. Therefore, massage can be used as a well-informed therapy to boost her mood.

Lowers Anxiety

Lowering anxiety is the universal benefit that one can achieve through appropriate massaging. However, when a pregnant woman takes massage therapy, her body is more likely to respond towards lowering down the anxiety or nervousness.

Rejuvenates ‘Her’ Entire Being

Rejuvenation is the most common benefit of massage that drags people to various massage therapies. It becomes even more special for preggers as their body constantly works to make a tiny little human being inside her belly. She certainly feels more fatigued than all of us and requires this kind of rejuvenation to keep her energized.

Prevents Nausea & Heart Burn

Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from nausea or heartburn more often during their pregnancy. Some may experience it for a shorter duration while for some it could go on throughout the pregnancy. It makes her pregnancy tougher. Prenatal massage helps in preventing unwanted nausea and heartburns and relieves her from the fear of it.

Supports Pregnancy Through Relieving Discomforts

Sore back, swollen feet and ankle, aching neck, body and leg cramps are the most common signs of a pregnant lady. All of this troubles her and makes her pregnancy a bad experience. On the other hand, prenatal massage is capable of providing her extra comfort and care through relieving such discomforts without causing any side effects to her fetus.

Makes Labour a Lot Easier

Pregnancy massage helps in the progression of labour. Relaxed mothers are more likely to face lower interventions at the time of labour and the birth of their child.

Improves Sleep

Anxiety, nervousness, fear, excitement and what not! Pregnancy is all made up of mixed feelings in prenatal mothers, especially if they are first-time preggers. It directly impacts her sleep pattern, resulting in poor sleep quality more often. A soothing pregnancy massage induces just-right sleep among the preggers and

Reduces Peripheral Swelling

Prenatal massage is impactful in reducing peripheral swelling and it soothes the nervous system as no one else can do.

Sets Foundation for Postpartum Fitness

Yes! Women who take prenatal massage are more likely to bounce back to optimal fitness after their delivery. It is due to the activated body system that helps her in keeping her body in the right shape.

When you should or should not involve in prenatal massage?

Whether you are the one booking the prenatal massage for yourself or your better half, we suggest you be sure of your/her medical history concerning pregnancy. Also, you should not undergo massage therapy during the first trimester without the doctor’s consent. The first three months are the most crucial ones in terms of developing a fetus and this the time when most women miscarry their pregnancy.

So, be careful and don’t consider getting a massage during this period. However, your second trimester is the best to do whatever you may feel like. By this time fetus becomes stronger enough to support your bodily requirements such as massage. You can get weekly to monthly massages during this time may also increase the frequency of massage by the third trimester. It will help in easing out labour on the final day.

Northumberland Heights is one of the most popular Ontario spa retreats that you can find in Canada. We specialize in offering customized massage and spa packages for types of guests. However, our services aim to combine wellness with luxury so you can get an experiential vacation time. If you want to have some memorable pregnancy time or may want to present the same to your partner, we have your back! Approach us with your needs and expectations along with the complete medical record of the preggers and we will custom create our services, just to deliver the right kind of experience and massage benefits.

Little About Us

Our journey as a spa and wellness resort focuses on benefiting society by offering health, relaxation and fun at the same place. Year on year we improve our services and delight our visitors. It makes us one of the best Ontario spa retreats in the town. Come, and experience the luxury sewed in the lap of nature with Northumberland Heights. All we want to add to your life is ‘an experience’.

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