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Compulsory Kitchen-Etiquettes While Preparing Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes

  1. Contactless Service

  2. Raised our Bar of Personal hygiene for Employees

  3. Appropriate Social Distancing and Disinfection Drives for Guests

  4. Adequate Ventilation

  5. Increased Usage and Throw Supplies or Disposables Items

  6. Take Away Tip

The Covid’19 crisis has jabbed the backbone of F&B businesses and shattered the hope and enjoyment of food lovers, especially those who love eating out. However, food lovers and creators both find astonishing ways to fulfill their cravings and keep the businesses running respectively. We know how much you crave for all those fine dining restaurant recipes which quickly reached you earlier before the COVID era. Therefore, fine dining restaurants like us have devised cautious measures to keep serving you with our sumptuous delicacies. In the heart of Cobourg, we aim to keep your plates full with mouthwatering food and your glasses pouring with fine wine.

Our customers are our strength and fulfilling your food desires is our passion. Today, the restaurant industry is going through a lot of changes. We are also adapting to the new normal by making certain changes in the way we operate and serve our guests. Health safety and hygiene have always been the prime focus of restaurant businesses, but in current times it is essential for us to adapt to few newer hygiene styles. In this blog, we will uncover how we have been embracing the new changes at our restaurant as a part of COVID safety guidelines.


Preparation of fine dining restaurant recipes are dealt with great care and these are cooked completely fresh. Proper disinfection and sanitization of the cooking area are done before each meal prepares. Dealing with vendors is restricted outside the kitchen area. Fruits and vegetables are disinfected as soon as they arrive in the kitchen.

Only trusted vendors are given chance to deliver the kitchen essentials. Disinfection or precaution of dairy, meat or poultry items is taken care of on an immediate basis. Utensils are cleaned and disinfected after every service and cooking. Microwaves and other kitchen devices are disinfected if more than an individual uses the same.

There’s more to the above. We take lots of efforts to normalize eating out for our beloved guests.

Contactless Service

Our unique contactless service has made us stand out among our guests. Contactless service has also opened greater avenues for us to keep delivering food and taste to your mouths even during the emergency break. Similarly, it allows us to be more experimental with our on-site food delivery model. The deployment of QR-based or UPI payment also paves ways for us to keep receiving payment from our guests without any personal touch. It also makes them less fearful.

QR code enabled menu-cards for dine-in are also a wonderful option to eliminate the fear of personal contact or any contraction thereafter. It makes the most suitable choice for fine dining restaurants.

Raised our Bar of Personal hygiene for Employees

Although every individual these days is vigilant and over-cautious about personal hygiene but defining and stipulating standards is always a restaurant owner’s duty. Our workforce compulsorily wears a mask and keeps a personal sanitization kit all the time. Mandatory temperature checks have been enabled. Even a small rise in temperature turns that particular individual back to home for that day or the consecutive days if required. Non-compliance with rules results in strict action.

Appropriate Social Distancing and Disinfection Drives for Guests

Our guests are being constantly monitored for following social distancing norms. We limit the dining capacity to ensure proper social distancing is maintained. We check our guests the same as our employees following all the precautionary measures. At the entry and exit, we keep disinfectants and sanitizers along with a temperature monitor to ensure our premises remain as harmless as possible.

Adequate Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a precursor to good health, be it at home or a fine dining restaurant. Can you imagine enjoying a fining dining restaurant recipe at a place that looks more like a dump yard having no cross ventilation? Of course, you would not like it and may want to quit as soon as possible. At Xperience, we have designed it to be well ventilated, pandemic, or no pandemic.

Increased Usage and Throw Supplies or Disposables Items

Minimizing the usage of reusable items to ensure minimum contact. These days guests are more cautious about using items that possess the possibility of being used by others in the same setting. Therefore, minimal use of reusable supplies is the best choice even for a fine dining restaurant and we should all embrace it as a new normal. Likewise, it is advisable to install disposables wherever in the restaurant facility we can.

Take Away Tip

Reopening restaurants amidst Coronavirus in itself a big responsibility that every restaurant owner should embrace with the changes that have arrived with the pandemic. The more we can be flexible towards shifting our way of operations, the more we can make our guests happier and their mood delighted.

Safety and hygiene have always been a prerequisite of running a hospitality business. It has stretched up to a more heightened level to renounce the virus and fight the odds of the pandemic. We are in this together!

Xperience by Northumberland heights brings you the sumptuous fine-dining restaurant recipes with utmost care and perfection. We are a fine dining restaurant at the heart of Cobourg and we dwell at the most amazing location where you can take either your date, spouse, family, or even office colleagues for a long-awaited dinner. We have the best workforce that caters to your food cravings in the most perfect manner.

We will keep you delighted even at the most fragile hours with our soothing music and magical lighting. If you are around the town and wants to collect some great food memory, we invite you to our pleasant fine dining experience and we bet that you would love to visit us again and again. We prepare food with the aim to impress your appetite.

Order from our sophisticated menu and the most happening wines that we serve, only at Xperience by Northumberland Heights. Give us a chance to serve you and we will take you to a complete food extravaganza that you would have never imagined.

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