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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

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Seniors in a society are the most fragile ones irrespective of their wealth and education. All they need the most at this age is good health and little warmth. Unfortunately, they lack both at times. In some fortunate scenarios, elderly people live with their families otherwise alone or at care homes. It aches our hearts the most to see them lack warmth and happiness when they deserve it the most


When we talk about wellness, of course, we want them to have access to the best health treatments. Also, we advocate the significance of a health and wellness spa that can deliver a heart-warming experience to them in the form of luxury guest treatment and hospitality, some like-mindedness and influential healings.

Ageing is a truly complex process that involves a transformation from one’s energy-packed days to days of inactivity, boredom and lack of mobility. An ageing body’s regenerative system slows down which leads to several health issues such as arthritis, heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes and much more.

However, this needs to be addressed as gracefully as one age. Most of the time, elderly seniors face emotional issues which also leads to a negative impact on their health. To curb this gap, introducing them to wellness spa massage can be a benefitting thing that you can do for them.

Wellness spa resorts are aware of the needs of elderly seniors and they customize their spa offerings as per their needs and requirements keeping their physical and emotional well-being in mind. Numerous benefits can help elderly people. Emotional wellbeing atop the list though!


Improved Emotional Well-being

Lack of emotional warmth is experienced by most of the seniors as they live alone most of the time. They crave human touch such as a simple hug, a warming handshake, cradling grandchildren and much more. All of this makes them secluded and slowly puts them to anxiety or depression.

They begin to lose interest in life. Therefore, it is critical to avoid such scenarios and introduce your elderly relatives to a happening wellness spa resort in your town. They get a warm, helping and rejuvenating environment at the wellness spas. All they learn from there is the joy of living and not giving up. They need to have this written on their hearts at such an age so they can sail the boat as gracefully as possible.

A health and wellness spa allows them to indulge in various activities such as:

  • Healthy eating makes them concerned about good food.

  • Yoga makes them learn the importance of being fit.

  • Hot tubs soothe their body and nervous system.

  • A spa that relaxes their ageing mind and body.

  • Pools that bring back youthful days.

  • Meditation that calms their mind.

And many more are the benefits that seniors can reap in terms of reaching out to intellectual library collection for spending some free time. Also, indulging in some light talks and discussions with like-minded people will help them make new connections and be thrilled about them.

Mobility Improvement

A wellness spa massage is the best way to ease out joint pains and muscular contractions. It is very common for people to have acute joint pain in case of arthritis and diabetes. A soothing massage can relieve the contracted muscles and can help in improving the blood flow.

It is very common for the elderly to have poor blood circulation. Hence a tailor-made massage can help them feel much relieved and may improve mobilizing. At this age, it is critical for seniors to maintain muscle strength. Nothing better than a great massage can keep the muscles going for a longer run.

Nourishing Skin and Scalp

With age, our bodies tend to lose oil. Hence, routine Health and wellness spa massage can help them keep the oil balance intact. Oil massages include various therapeutic and essential oils that help restore skin health and lustre. Also, at an elderly age, the scalp starts losing essential oils due to which headaches become persistent in seniors.

A good oil massage helps nourish the scalp and keep hair and head in good health. Aromatherapy is one of the best and preferred massage forms among seniors due to its soothing effect on the whole sensory system.

Northumberland Heights have it all planned for your loved ones

At Northumberland Heights, we bring to you the best spa experience customized to good health and a good mood. We are a luxurious property based in Ontario, CA and we aim to bring nature, luxury and wellness together. We stand among the best spa resorts in Canada and we offer at par health and wellness offerings for our distinguished group of visitors that ranges from early youths to middle-aged and seniors.

Our spa offerings involve various international and ayurvedic massage therapies. Pamper yourself in our hot saunas or simply a forest bath. Our distinguished offerings in facial care can help restore your beauty. Revitalizing massages get you going every time you feel a bit stressed out.

Don’t get carried away! We have more to this retreat. You can plan a lot of celebrations including your wedding, baby shower, anniversary, special birthdays or even more at a property that is as lavish as your dreams may get. Want a different appeal for the conference meeting this time? Don’t worry we have got your back.

We even arrange meetings and conferences for you at our banquet keeping you stress-free about your team’s food and activities during their stay. We also take care of your corporate wellness. What else can you expect from an ideal spa resort to offer when you only want to have some good time. We make you feel even better.

Are you looking forward to giving your elderly a gift of health and rejuvenation this year? If yes, contact us, and let us know your specifications to help us custom create our packages for your favourite person in the family.

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