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Table of Contents

  1. How do we as health and wellness spa define obesity?

  2. Family history is not responsible for you getting obese

  3. Obesity is a major health hazard

  4. Being overweight is convenient, and it is distorted by animal instinct

  5. Fertility and virility suffer due to obesity

  6. It is unsustainable to invite obesity upon yourself, others, and the planet

  7. Weight gain is a disease

HEALTH AND WELLNESS SPA: A few of my friends and family members are borderline obese or are actually obese. The majority of them are affected by this problem because of their sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. There is a very small percentage of obese individuals who have genetic disorders or health complications. Approximately 90% of people are obese today due to their dietary habits, their choice of foods, and their sluggish lifestyle, all of which could be corrected.

It has taught me that we are not addicted or satisfied by our habit, but rather by the discomfort or pain that comes from not engaging in it. So, a smoker does not smoke because he enjoys it or gets a kick from it, but rather avoids the discomfort he would experience if he did not smoke. Change your life with a health and wellness spa that offers dedicated services in health management.

Society, our parents, our schools, and our entire education program teach us from an early age that pain and discomfort are bad. This conditioning is so strong that every effort and action that we make is governed by the principle of no pain and enjoyment.

Consequently, the greatest gains from our lives become negligible in the face of the most immediate pain or discomfort that assures us to bring a positive impact on our bodies. Keeping in mind our strong reluctance to any pain or discomfort, I am bluntly saying, it is NOT OK to be obese and be indifferent about addressing it? Through this blog, we aim to shake the comfort zone that comes with being obese.


A person with obesity suffers from mental, physical, and emotional symptoms.

Researchers have found that obesity results in less alertness, laziness, irresponsibility, hyperactivity, insecurity, jealousy, and possible disruptive behavior.

It is NOT an EXCUSE to justify your obesity or overweight during pregnancy and after childbirth.

In a healthy pregnancy, only 10 KGs of weight gain is an additional weight gain. The Baby weighs around 3-3.5 kilograms, along with 3-4 kilograms of water and remaining fat tissues. Overindulging and wanting attention are the only reasons you gain weight beyond this. Don’t blame Child Birth for those hanging love handles.

Family history is not responsible for you getting obese

It is a general perception that you will be obese if it runs in your family. However, it is more due to your eating habits, food choices, and lifestyle habits that you pick up from your family. We live in an age in which so much progress has been made that much can be corrected even if it is a genetic disorder.

A late-night schedule and social pressures cannot justify obesity.

Our lives are not dominated by forced compulsions like they were in the past. It is proved they are not your well-wishers when society, friends, or family members force you to eat and overindulge in alcohol and food, contributing to your obesity. Choosing to be with such people is a choice that should not be made without thinking about the consequences.

Obesity is a major health hazard

There is no doubt that obesity increases your risks of various diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc thrice than any other interdependent factor! Obesity thus poses a health hazard, which is why the medical community has acknowledged it as a potential risk to health. When you are overweight or have any of these symptoms, one of the first things your doctor will talk to you about is losing weight.

Being overweight is convenient, and it is distorted by animal instinct

Many people find it convenient to be obese. We often give in to temptations of eating a Cheeseburger from a Favorite Joint, putting whatever is close to food in our Mouths and only judging its quality by taste or smell, sleeping late and then finding no time to exercise and finding all possible excuses to avoid exercise. The uncontrolled need to eat is an animal instinct that is distorted and disordered.

Fertility and virility suffer due to obesity

Hormonal levels are affected by obesity. An imbalance of estrogen, the female hormone, and testosterone, the male hormone, can lead to a variety of sexual and fertility issues, including less libido, erectile dysfunction, and difficulty carrying a fetus. Therefore, fertility experts advise people to lose weight as part of child planning.

It is unsustainable to invite obesity upon yourself, others, and the planet

You can, and must, choose to be obese if your obese state which equals a disease is not affecting others. Try and refrain from certain activities which cause you to gain weight and simultaneously harm the environment and other people. Don’t you think that people around you remain unaffected due to your eating choices? No, they do get affected slowly and gradually.

The environment gets disturbed due to your poor eating choices as you endorse junk eating or environmentally unsustainable food habits. Be cautious of your food choices and a little responsible towards yours, others, and the planet’s health.

Weight gain is a disease

Obesity is now recognized as a disease by the medical profession, not a condition, as it can pose a serious threat to health. A significant health complication of obesity is obesity itself. It is interesting to see how doctors have begun promoting medical interventions to combat obesity today. Most likely, your doctor will tell you to have surgery if you have reached 22lbs and over.

The fact that people come in different sizes does not necessarily imply better health. Maintaining weight can be easier for some people, while it is more difficult for others. That applies to everything in life, right? Life is beautiful when you see all the parts in totality, which means more or less effort becomes irrelevant.

Throughout, every effort seems perfect, harmonious, and congruent with Life. Therefore, you need to put a lot of effort into getting and staying healthy. As responsible health and wellness retreats and spas, it is our responsibility to inform you about all the outcomes of being unfit or obese. Let us help and guide you to attain a holistic life and a better fit.

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