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Are you a couple who is desperately looking forward to embracing the changing dynamics of personal healing relationships with your partner? Or, maybe you are the one feeling most love deprived in a successful marriage which seems not so successful! Or, indeed you may want to revive the lost romance due to routine ups and downs, busy schedule, work pressure, the upbringing of children and the list may go on and on!

The fact is, every couple needs some kind of rejuvenation after being together for a long time, looking at each other every day while going through each other’s tantrums and persona. Life shapes as an empty vessel, trying to find its own identity which affects the personal connection in couples leading to boredom and less to no romance to keep the spark alive.

It needs immediate attention. If you or your partner starts to complain often or becomes cranky or even uninterested in routine activities which two of you would have otherwise enjoyed, now is the time to reconsider your thought on spa getaways.

Not only such a break can take you away from routine monotony but will act as an ice-breaker in your rotting relationship. Nothing can be a better healing experience for a couple than healing together under a well-planned wellness retreat.


It is because you as a couple at the verge of breaking up or trying to secure a breaking relationship go through a lot. Every day at each hour, your body system gets hit by over-processing thoughts in your mind. It lays immense pressure on your constant circulations and impacts bodily rhythms negatively to function appropriately. Not just your mind, your body too faces the repercussions of being in an unhealthy relationship.


It’s simple. You want to save it, still! Yes, you do, may you not accept but certainly you do. There is love in every relationship; all you lose is the charm of being together. Your romance ideologies change over time, your preferences change and your connection need reincarnation; scaping to a simple weekend spa getaways with your partner can be helpful. All you need is the realisation to work on your relationship.


Nothing better than a wellness retreat can offer moments of exquisite closeness through breaking the ice between two of you when you perform various activities together. Primarily, it is evident for a couple to develop greater harmony when they achieve health goals together.

A perfect sauna, on the one hand, will revive your proximity, while on the other you may find yourselves indulged in highly interactive sessions through cosmic healing. Let alone the activities. You will even rediscover how much you enjoy having meals together. A beautiful dinner date arranged at the lush green bay of your wellness resort will allow two of you to come closer, physically and mentally.

Pampering yourselves together at a luxurious beauty salon, getting the much-awaited nails done or indulging in some bodily rejuvenations will also add to your closeness.

A simple ‘out-in-the-sun’ relaxation away from the city hustle, holding hands while lying in a simple hammock will give you the most beautiful moments to ponder. You may not realise, but by that time, two of you might have broken so many barriers in your otherwise gone cold relationship.

Taking those exotic massages together would also soothe your inner as well as an outer persona to be more prepared for your partner when the two of you spend some alone time.

A wellness resort can revive a rotting relationship into a budding romance which no other type of vacation can provide. An effortless weekend spa getaway isn’t really that simple. It is full of relationship reincarnation through bringing couples together for life long goals.

Such is the glory of this new kind of weekend escape. Northumberland Heights too has such great offerings for all types of couples whether they are trying to save relationships or require some proximity additions in their rich love life. Nature, luxury and mindfulness are the major attractions at this wellness resort.

Many struggling couples have already bounced back to their everyday lives after spending quality time here, while many still come often to seek rejuvenation from time to time. Our luxurious spa and dinner dates are most loved by visiting couples. We receive much appreciation for a perfectly balanced ambience that we custom create for couples. We can do it for you too! Book your next escape with us and discover the magic we can make in your love life.

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