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Massage therapy has aided in holistic treatments since the ancient times. This type of therapy has always proved beneficial and never became redundant due to its huge potential in offering curable treatments for long term pain management, injuries, restoration of a healthy immune system and treating prolonged muscular issues.

Various spa massage focuses on creating perfectly balancing movements of soft tissues in the human body. It uses essential lubricants like salt, herbal preparations, ayurvedic rasayanas and aushodhis involving medicinal traits to offer treatment along with aligning body rhythms. Regular spa breaks or massage therapy de-stresses not only the body but lays greater reliving impact on one’s mind and soul.


Massage has numerous benefits for the people undergoing prolonged distress and age-old issues due to muscular tensions. A perfectly soothing massage helps in following

  • Alleviate low-back pain, improving the range of motion

  • Treat sport injuries

  • Enhance joint flexibility

  • Rejuvenate skin cells

  • Reduce nerve pain

  • Release endorphins

  • Relieve in Arthritis and migraine

  • Reduce anxiety and may have positive impact on prolonged depression

  • Increase blood flow through pumping right amount of oxygen

  • Enhance immunity

Various studies on many fronts have demonstrated that massage can be considered effective in treating following:

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep issues

  • Low energy

  • Reduced concentration

  • Bodily circulation

  • Fatigue


Not one medicine may suit all. Hence, the same goes for availing spa breaks. Every person is different and everyone has different expectations from the spa session.

Let’s uncover different types of massages to enhance our view about the varied potential a mere spa massage beholds.


Aromatherapy is used to treat specific conditions under expert supervision, since it requires blending superior oils which are derived from plants. A single imbalance in mixing ratio may result in adverse effects to the recipient. Essential oils used in aromatherapy are derived from various herbs, roots, flowers and plants which have therapeutic qualities. These oils are then added to massage cream or oils in a fixed ratio to derive required benefit as the oil touches the recipient’s skin. Professionally trained aromatherapists should only perform the therapy to control any toxic effect of wrong mixing of oils.

Deep-Tissue Massage and Connective Tissue Massage

Direct pressure, slow strokes or friction decides how a particular recipient may respond to deep-tissue massage. As the name suggests, it allows a massager to penetrate deep into the muscles and connective tissues to release chronic illnesses or pain. The purpose of deep tissue massage is to sensitize the fascia beneath surface muscles for stimulating the entire system. Deep tissue therapists require through understanding of the subject and its application. Without guided administration, a single wrong stroke may even worsen a patient’s condition. Hence, it is crucial that recipients conduct refined research before opting for a therapeutic treatment like this. Inflammation, chronic pain or a prolonged injury can be healed using deep tissue massage.

Pain, tightness and discomfort- all can be treated through connective tissue massage which emphasizes soft tissues of the human body for pain management. Therapists skilled in connective tissue massage use stroking through hooking their fingers into the connective tissues for broadening the selective area. Following this, the recipient experiences calmness through stress reduction and improved mobility of the same tissues which were earlier not so mobile.

Geriatric Massage

As the name suggests, this kind of massage therapy is specially designed for treating elderly with age old issues focusing aging, muscular tensions, depression and psyche imbalance due to feeling lonely. These are short run massages that involve gentle application to sooth pain and induce relaxation and wellness among elderly patients.


Easing stress through offering relaxation utilizing appropriate pressure systems interconnected with our reflexes. Reflexologists create stimulation to manage flow of energy for treating blockages and relieving pain.

Sports Massage

Majorly focused on offering preventive therapy, sports massage is aimed to strengthen the muscular system of sportsmen to avoid any unforeseen injury while the sport is being performed. Also, the same has extended therapeutic variations to treat any sports related injuries through continued flexibility and motion exercises.

Swedish-style Massage

Most used massage therapy is the Swedish massage that uses a five-stroke application. It rebuilds connective tissues and improves circulation to soothe pain and offer relaxation through maintaining overall wellness of the human body.

At Northumberland Heights, to make your spa breaks a successful event, we aim to combine the best of luxury, wellness, and spa through our varied massage offerings. At times the human body needs to tranquilize with nature as much as with spa and relaxation. We understand how adding a flavor of luxury to both can maximize long-term wellness benefits for our visitors. Ranging from individual to couple to family massage offerings, we integrate healthy food and lifestyle to ensure a hundred percent output from our wellness plans.

Visit our spa facility and feel the difference in relaxation and luxury that we can provide you. Also, throw a celebration at our banquet for any special occasion. Our staff will be delighted to honor your big day. We will accompany your guests and arrange soulful massage sessions for them. Also, if you want to have a long-term stay at our property, either for business or personal trips, we will happily assist you by offering great spa packages, offerings, and deals. You will have a divine stay at our property, and we will expose you to the enormous possibilities that nature beholds. Our luxurious suits will tempt you, and our delectable food will await your arrival. Our soothing spa sessions will get you the most deserved peace of mind. What are you waiting for now? Pack your bags to our holistic retreat where wellness meets luxury, and together they combine nature for creating a euphoric experience.

Now you know where to head when you want to make the best out of your spa breaks. So, let us know, and we will be delighted to welcome you as our guest.

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