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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

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Even though marriages are fixed in heaven, they are carried out on earth and every bride and groom aspire for a heaven-like wedding venue. Choosing the perfect location for your big day is half the battle won. From lavish, ornate indoor settings to picturesque, romantic outdoor settings, wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes.

Each option has its own advantages and things to consider. If your wedding is taking place in winter, you should be a bit more careful when choosing a winter wedding venue. Although winter is as charming as the sunshine amidst the cool breeze, you have to be selective about a few things to make yourself and the guests at ease.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Winter Wedding Venue.

Outdoor events are made more spectacular by a cool, breezy climate. The joy of a sunny winter wedding is unparalleled. In addition to the nice fresh air, it also offers enough space and a panoramic view for the guests. A rainstorm or high temperatures, however, can ruin the wedding experience, making the event difficult for everyone.

Hence you should mindfully choose a winter wedding venue to compensate for untimely or uncertain weather conditions. Whether the ceremonies and proceedings will take place during the day or after dark is another important factor to consider, especially during winter.

The setting for late evening ceremonies usually involves a gorgeous outdoor backdrop accompanied by a cozy fireplace or bonfire. Consider the following tips when choosing a winter wedding venue for a wedding ceremony.

Make sure the venue s as gorgeous and comfortable as your wedding dress

Your wedding can sparkle in its gorgeousness with either an outdoor or indoor venue, depending on the appearance and acoustics. While an indoor wedding at a resort can be themed or decorated in a way that makes the venue visually appealing, whether with traditional florals or a more out-of-the-box theme.

In contrast, the setting of an outdoor venue can be highly scenic, you might not require hefty decoration. A beautiful backdrop of mountains, a soft beach, or just a garden can add oomph to your winter wedding planning on a sunny day. It’s sure to make your special day memorable. Consequently, choose based on your taste, your budget, and how many guests you will accommodate.

Get clarity about the basic facility and amenities

When getting married at an indoor banquet, a couple may already have amenities like restrooms, electricity, roofs, etc. However, when getting married outside, all of these may not necessarily be available. Therefore, it’s best to discuss them in advance and then decide on the location

Why should you choose Northumberland Heights as your winter wedding venue?

No matter whether you plan your wedding indoors or outdoors, the big day needs to be memorable, just as Northumberland Heights Resorts makes weddings unforgettable. Northumberland Heights adds a splash of romance to your wedding with its picturesque scenery and stunning view. Our property has been awarded the ‘2021 Travelers’ Choice Award’ by Trip Advisor, which is proof that our lavish resort is a great venue for destination weddings.

From the regal banquet hall to the poolside lawns and lush green surroundings, our resort has a variety of great venues for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Here, you can find a wedding venue perfect for winter weddings as well as receptions and pre-wedding ceremonies.

An indoor wedding that can accommodate up to 120 guests and be decorated according to your choice of theme is also available, as is an outdoor wedding that is naturally enhanced with a backdrop of mountains, clouds, and fresh air. Even if you want to make the charismatic space even more beautiful, you can choose a theme perfectly suited for an outdoor wedding and add gorgeous roof decor.

We at Northumberland Heights Wellness Resorts and Spa design every detail and ornament each moment when someone plans a wedding at our venue because weddings create a new beginning in the life of a couple and they deserve it to be the best and most joyous. Its charm and lavishness are best demonstrated by pictures of weddings executed at Northumberland Heights Resorts. You can find an ideal winter wedding venue in a jiffy by simply contacting us.

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