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Table Of Content

1. Let’s Talk About The Robe: Do You Get Robes At The Day Spa Packages?

  1. Is thinking about carrying a robe makes you go nuts?

  2. Don’t be shy to say ‘no’ at the Spa

  3. What you can do at Northumberland Heights?

Planning a vacation merely takes much time after you have decided to give yourself a break from mundane tasks. The most tiring is the packing process that takes a complete toll on you. Gathering the necessary belonging and arranging for few new ones makes you go haywire, especially when you are going to take time off with family.

However, you don’t have to feel this messy when you plan to go on a spa break. A spa vacation isn’t that demanding compared to other forms of vacation plans. Most day spa packages involve catering to your spa belonging such as spa robes, towels, slippers, knickers, hair covers, yoga mats or even bikini sets sometimes, yet it isn’t a mandate.

You must know what is included or not in your day spa packages. Also, you can choose whether or not to use the spa essentials offered by your spa resort, especially if you are also planning to slip your plan into overnight spa packages after experiencing a day-time service.

Here are few things that you may require at the spa as an essential. Make your choice and decide whether you may or may not like to use the belongings provided by the spa.


In most spa resorts, treatment rooms are instructed to provide robes for each guest. You get a sufficient number of robes to change if you get a little wetter than expected or if some accident happens and you would like to change into a dry one.

While, when you bring your robe to the spa, chances are you may not want to accommodate more than one robe. Simply, because it takes a lot of space in your suitcase and you have other belongings too.

Here’s the catch! What if the one you have brought becomes dirty during the session and you can’t go out wearing it? Of course, then you would depend on the one provided by the spa. Hence, a wise decision is to trust the cleanliness and hygiene of the robes provided by the spa and use this highly appreciable service to your advantage.

I smell a doubt! Now you must be thinking what if you can’t fit in the robes provided by the spa? Be rest assured, honey! Spa robes come in all sizes. These are tailored according to different body types. You can fit in the majority of robes provided to you unless you are either too timid or too huge.

In that case, you should pre-inform your spa to ensure you have things in place as you reach there so you can have a memorable spa experience. No good spa will deny your requirements at any time. Make sure you communicate with them effectively and in a timely fashion.

Is thinking about carrying a robe makes you go nuts?

Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Let’s uncover few facts for first-time spa-goers. You go to the spa for different purposes. Some go to have an ultimately relaxing time while some head out to a spa for a perfect massaging experience and so on. Depending upon your requirement, you are expected to wear either a bikini or sole underwear or maybe just paper knickers (provided by the spa).

If you will be out for the pool session soon after the massage, it is recommended that you pack a bikini or two as per the duration of your stay at the DAY SPA PACKAGES. You can keep the bikini on underneath the spa robe so you can quickly switch to some great pool time.

Similarly, if you want to prefer a mud bath or some wraps, then getting paper knickers on would save your underwear from getting dirty.

Don’t be shy to say ‘no’ at the Spa

Depending upon the type of massage treatment and the requirement of the oils and herbal solutions to hit the right spot, you may also be required to wear absolutely nothing underneath your robe. Don’t shy away or you will make yourself and the masseuse unnecessarily uncomfortable.

However, be rest assured you will not be forced to expose any body part if you are uncomfortable doing so. After all, the spa must make you feel better and relaxed during your stay.

If knocking out your undies gives you stress, the spa will not be effective. Also, it is recommended that you do a thorough research about the type of massage you are planning to take while you are at the spa, so you can be rest assured about the steps and how it can benefit you without being hesitant or uncomfortable in the presence of a masseuse.

What you can do at Northumberland Heights?

At Northumberland Heights, we bring to you the most comfortable spa experience by making you indulge with our expert spa specialists, who take you through our treatment rooms and some live sessions. It instills a kind of confidence and trust among our visitors about the authenticity of the services that we offer at our spa and salons. Whether you have opted for overnight spa packages or day spa packages, we try to give you some best memories out of your spa experience at Northumberland Heights.

Also, visiting our property takes you to an eternal zone where you can feel nature communicating, air whispering and fountains dancing. Our best excursion remains the early morning nature walk through the tough forest terrain.

You also get to meet some beautiful birds and animals on your way back to our property. While you are at the Northumberland Heights, you can indulge in a high level of self-love and self-care by having some gala time with our fellow retreaters at the fine dining, at the poolside or maybe outdoors. All we promise is beauty, excursion, healing, and luxury blended with natural practices for bringing a positive change in the life of our guests.

If you are on the lookout for some spa goodness, let us help you to get there. Let us help you to nurture yourself under our guided spa vacation.

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