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As the world is beginning to heal from the devastating emotional impact of pandemic slowly and slowly, most wellness retreat and spa resorts have also started to reopen in some parts of the world to offer the wellness services. It is as significant for the wellness resorts as it is for the general public.

People have been waiting to undergo healing sessions and soulful rejuvenation to bring down their stress levels due to lockdowns and emotional insecurity led by the pandemic. However, the priority for the resorts as well as people will always remain to minimize the spread. The greater onus would be on the wellness resorts to manage the crowd as per the social distancing norms and refrain the second peak that could initiate lockdowns.

The newly married couple have been at a significant loss due to international barriers to fly as the outbreak started to emerge. Since then they have been waiting eagerly to find some great vacation deals where two of them can have some good time. Other than any holiday spree, ‘spacation’ or precisely termed spa-vacations seems preferable due to their various offerings in health and wellness along with perfectly apt settings for a couple during this challenging time.

Newly married, engaged or even older partners can find exclusive overnight spa breaks for couples or may opt for a day visit at a nearby wellness property to soothe themselves. Similarly, the wellness resorts have gone overboard in maintaining norms associated with COVID-19 and are employing digital scanners to ensure their centres remain virus-proof.

There can be several questions that you may come across while booking an appointment with the choice of your wellness retreat. For instance, either you have a cough or not or something like- have you noticed a loss of taste and smell or any fever? You will have to adjust with this new normal to keep yourself and the society safe-cooperate with the staff and answer if you want to have the best ‘spacation’ for yourself even during the most delicate hours. Arrive at the spa at a scheduled time and not before or late like earlier.

It will help the management keep crowd at bay and will further prevent mass gatherings. While spas are usually the most hygienic vacation places, you may have to bring your mask, hand sanitizer and tissue to avoid unnecessary contact with foreign objects. Be self-aware and maintain social distance during group sessions such as meditation, exercise regimes, or dialogue exchange. Halt!

Before you make a choice and encounter these questions, first ask yourself, “can I find safe spa breaks near me where I can be rest assured about my own as well as health of my partner or family?”. If the answer appears to be ‘yes’ around your city, go for it and make yourself ‘spacation-ready’ which means fit in health and immunity.


Your neighbourhood wellness and spa retreat are best advisable during these times. Do you want to know why?

  • It is easily approachable due to being a resident from that particular locality and following similar norms.

  • You can quickly make a physical assessment of the property without only depending on virtual tours or reviews.

  • You can quickly get information about the genuineness of the services and hygiene policy being followed.

  • It will save you from travelling to another location which you should also refrain at least for a few more months concerning vacation spree.

What can you expect at the Northumberland Heights?

Northumberland Heights- A luxurious abode in the lap of nature, welcoming the distressed people with its exclusive spa offerings and goodness of wellness retreat. Suites accompanied by royal touchup and acoustics make it a perfect vacation setting for couples and families.

Spa teams indulge exclusively with each family to plan a revitalizing spa experience. Hot tubs amidst natural surrounding remains a major attraction among the visitors.

Visitors can savour the nutritious delicacies right from the in-house kitchen which are prepared with utmost precision, love and care for the guests. Each instruction about the particular serving on-demand is followed, and dishes are customized as per the request.

What can you be assured at Wellness and Spa Retreats?

  • Safety guidelines followed as per the Government’s norms.

  • Complete scanning stations to scan visitors and their belongings.

  • Immediate medical attention in the form of 24 hours of emergency support.

  • Assurance for a COVID-free campus.

You are advised to invest in overnight spa breaks for couples or families only if you can be sure of the above-discussed points of safety. If you are even a bit doubtful or unsure about the safety standards, immediately discard the idea of spending a spa vacation at such property. Your health is essential, and it becomes even more critical during these times. You cannot risk your precious life at all. Especially when you plan a family vacation, it becomes your complete responsibility to assure safety for yourself and your family members.

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