Rejuvenate Yourself in a Spa Resort to Experience Fullness of Mind, Body and Soul Away from City Hustle

Rejuvenate Yourself in a Spa Resort to Experience Fullness of Mind, Body and Soul Away from City Hustle

There comes a time in life when you want to break the monotony and escape to a quieter place away from the city hustle to let your mind, body, and soul experience inner healing. You should never be guilty of pampering yourself with a much-needed break.

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Hey, wait! Did I mention how spa resorts have transformed into an entirely new holiday escape for today’s generation? What earlier was considered a health retreat has now become the most sought-after place to rejuvenate, reconnect, and rekindle your inner being.


Are you feeling a bit uneasy, work pressure, or lonely? The answer is spa. Spa creates a free circulation within your body and tranquilizes the brain to positive and relaxed thoughts, creating a feeling of fullness and gratitude, making you ease from the worries that were troubling otherwise.


While living in our busy world, we, at times, forget to live for ourselves. It creates a disconnection from the soul. Nothing could work better than spending some time at a spa resort to regain that connection with your inner being. Allowing yourself some spa time rewards you with some quieter time for soul reconnection.


Taking a sauna relieves your airways while a soothing massage eases body cells, letting the pure oxygen enter your brain to better function and send quick signals to the rest of the body parts, restoring mindfulness.


Release of ‘serotonin’- the happy hormone, is one of the most significant benefits of undergoing massage therapy. The human body releases this happy hormone upon massage applications. Hence, it instills a delightful mood in the recipient.

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What Else Spa Resort Benefits Behold?


Sweating out toxins at the sauna allows your body system to heal while at the same time, a massage helps the lymphatic system to remove unwanted elements from your body, making it feel much healthier. A spa detox is even better to avail when you are guilty of a little more indulging after celebrations.


A creamy scrub treated with salt or sugar replenishes skin glow, treating the dead skin cells making your skin look even shinier.

Pain Management

The spa is a proven treatment for aches and pain. Joint pains like arthritis are curable with the prolonged application. Every adult individual should undergo spa treatments after once a while.

Increased Blood Flow

Massage leads to improved blood circulation leading to increased blood flow in the body. Anyone suffering from a common circulation problem should consider spa treatment.

Disposition Treatment

Varicose veins are a real pain that may occur anytime during any age; however, those in standing jobs are most prone to suffer from this condition. Frequent leg massages can prevent varicose vein and may soothe contractions occurred due to prolonged standing position.

Insomnia and Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD)

Shirodhara is one of the most viable massage therapies that assist with sleeping issues, combining herbal support. It regulates the wake-sleep cycle by stimulating the pineal gland and aligning melatonin. It further induces the restoration of energy by establishing harmony in the ‘doshas’ (constitution

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How Northumberland Heights can Contribute to your Journey towards a Relaxing Spa Day

Situated at the lap of nature, Northumberland Heights combines exquisite luxury to reckon the best spa time. Along with numerous spa offerings, the exclusive kitchen delicacies custom prepared to offer a hundred percent nutritional benefits, strengthen the immune system, and induces a healthy food habit among our guests. Expert masseuse and masseurs at Northumberland Heights indulge in offering experiential massage therapy by customizing various spa packages to suit our client’s spa needs.

Be it work-related stress or any personal issue bothering you, spending some time at our wellness spa resort can instill a feeling of mindfulness. Our luxurious neighborhood abode can be your favorite spa partner at your weakest and strongest times both.

Relax, reconnect and rekindle, right here!

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