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Have you heard about the new restaurant in the block? Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa has proven to be one of the Best Restaurants in Northumberland County ever since it was started in October 2020.

The fairly new and lavish restaurant was started with the idea to offer Guests from all walks of life, a full experience at a culinary journey that stretches beyond the idea of a Fine Dining Restaurant and sophistication. Hence, the name – XPERIENCE.

Dive into the world of delicious meals:

Xperience is a multi-cuisine restaurant that believes in catering to each individual’s needs, preferences, likes and dislikes. Every dish on the Menu has been crafted with the most attention to details in addition to a well thought out presentation and plating given to every dish.

Being one of the Best Restaurants in Northumberland County, Xperience understands that for a lot of people, food is a form of art, it’s a way to communicate with their soul and revive from all hardships of life.

A good meal can truly make or break a person mood and it is with this exact thought that Xperience has left no stones unturned to ensure that each dish is presented with the love and affection that the Guests truly deserve.

Come, dive into the world of a Fine Dining Restaurant at its absolute best with one of the Best Restaurants in Northumberland County.


As you dive into the world of a culinary experience that leaves you astonished, Xperience by Northumberland Heights has its own ways to impress their guests, no matter what they like or dislike or no matter what the occasion.

The carefully sourced ingredients and a well planned-out menu take the upper hand at this.

Every dish is meticulously planned out by the Chef and the entire Team. Starting from the sourcing of ingredients which are very carefully considered and bought to the final plating of a dish leaves the Guest keep coming back for more.

During a tough time like this, it has been a very important agenda on Xperience’s list to ensure that the Guests get only the best and the most fresh ingredients. Every ingredient is carefully sourced and bought and the meal is planned out and presented thereafter.

Special attention is given to the safety precautions starting from the procurement process before even the dish is even made to the plating process and presenting the dish to the Guests.

This is what makes Xperience one of the Best Restaurants in Northumberland County.

The start of a Journey

As you picture yourself sitting in one of the best restaurants in Northumberland County, the first glimpse and impression might just be the last impression for that place.

Xperience definitely matches up to that expectation and give you the most immaculate and pristine ambience you will ever come across. As you continue with your journey to the most perfect meal, you are then introduced to the loving and caring Team Members at the restaurant who are a big part of this journey. You then pick you favorite dish and drink as you let the many wonders of the warm ambience do it’s magic on you.

As you start indulging in your dish and savor away the drinks, you will realize how easily Xperience has mastered the skills of taking you on an entire journey since the moment you step foot into the restaurant.

This is what the restaurant is all about and is considered to be different that all other Northumberland Restaurants

What more can you expect from Xperience?

As summer dawns upon us very rapidly, Xperience also offers a Patio Dining option which is just the perfect meal escape to make the most of the season. The restaurant continues to live upto the Guests’ expectations of being one of the Best restaurants in Northumberland County and the Team continues to strive every single day, no matter what the occasion.

You can visit the restaurant to grab a few drinks with your friends after a long day of work or gather around with your entire family to celebrate a special event. No matter what your reason to visit, Xperience is always ready to take you on a journey that will leave you very impressed and keep coming for more.

Make the most of this summer and Xperience a hearty meal at one of the Best Restaurants in Northumberland County as you prepare yourself to enter into a realm of satisfaction and contentment with meals that speak to your heart and soul. The Multi-Cuisine Menu at Xperience makes it very easy for each individual to find their favorites in restaurant and savor away with their choice of dish.

Be it a delicious portion of the restaurant’s Smoked Salmon Pancakes, or a healthy bite of the infamous Kale Caesar Salad, a very appetizing meal of the King Cole Duck Breast or a Crème Brulee to round up the meal, Xperience knows exact way to win a person’s heart by making its way through their stomach.

A meal of your dreams and a meal that speaks you, a feeling of satisfaction that you will only understand when you indulge and take your time to savor, Xperience has proven and checked all the boxes to be one of the Best Restaurants in Northumberland County and will not budge from the position any time soon. Don’t wait! Book your tables NOW and allow yourself to feel the experience at Xperience.

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