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Searching "Best Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Me?" - Here's A Guide

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

For many people, outdoor weddings are one of the most memorable experiences of their wedding day. The natural surroundings usually provide a lovely background for weddings, whether held in an open area, on a beach, or at a resort. These outdoor weddings allow guests to relax and connect with one another while also providing an impressive venue for the ceremony and photographs.

Searching for the best wedding venue requires you to consider various factors to determine which site is best for the most important day of your life. This will include factors such as the weather, the location, the ambiance, and the design. The best site will offer a beautiful view, allow for photos and video to be taken, and provide a comfortable area for guests to enjoy the proceedings.

However, where do you begin when looking for the best outdoor wedding venues in your area? Well, our in-house wedding experts have done the hard work for you.


Visualizing your big day is the best way to get the most out of a particular wedding location. A wedding venue must be planned to reflect your tastes and style. For this reason, list every feature you desire from the property, including its size, decor, and pricing.

Your guests will associate specific characteristics of a good wedding, such as good food and great lighting. Choosing a nature-centric wedding theme can create a special bonding with your guests, which will help to make your wedding memorable.


The weather is the most obvious factor when searching for the best outdoor wedding venue. Outdoor beauty has an allure that is superior to any other wedding location, without a doubt. The breathtaking sunset illuminates outdoor weddings at night, the aroma of the falls, and the springtime blooms.

Any of your preferred seasons are suitable for an outdoor wedding. Some couples prefer a warm climate, while others prefer a cooler temperature. Once you've determined which atmosphere you prefer, you can narrow your options.


Your ideal outdoor wedding location ought to be in the middle of everything. This location must be easily reachable by both the airport and the highway. You need to think about where most of your guests are traveling from while selecting the venue. You can then pick a location that is convenient for them.

The perfect outdoor wedding location must be large enough to fit all your guests. Make sure you find out how many people this place can accommodate. There should be sufficient space and seating to ensure the desired comfort.


The amenities needed frequently depend on the wedding theme and the planned ceremonies. You should pick a location with various social amenities to make your guests feel at ease.

A cozy lounge or a magical garden area will be an excellent addition to your ideal outdoor wedding location. A private hall makes the perfect location for small wedding receptions. It is also essential to ensure that you have the right natural-looking decor with good lighting to capture the right atmosphere, such as trees and vines.

This can include string or fountain lights in your venue to enhance the ambiance or attractive amenities like a bar or fire pit to keep your guests entertained. Make sure that the atmosphere you choose is appropriate for your venue and theme and suits your guests' preferences and needs.


The wedding should emphasize a specific mood or aesthetic, especially one that radiates class and elegance. You'll want to create a calm atmosphere to make your visitors feel welcome.

Consider eco-friendly decor, wooden wedding cake stands, and DIY photo booths if you prefer a natural atmosphere. An excellent wedding location will provide beautiful vistas, enhancing your overall experience. Some of the best outdoor wedding venues are spa retreats, which offer a beautiful space to get married and a space for guests to relax and enjoy themselves.


Ceremonies may continue for a day, but the memories do. So why not have the best possible resort to record special moments that will last a lifetime? The big day must be breathtakingly royal, precisely like the weddings at Northumberland Heights Resorts, no matter what theme or design you select.

With its beautiful surroundings and breathtaking vista, our enchanting divine ambiance gives your wedding a wonderful touch. With us, your wedding ceremony's aura, atmosphere, and peacefulness will leave a lasting effect on those who experience it.

The beautiful pictures of weddings at Northumberland Heights Resorts perfectly convey the grandeur and luxury of our location. Our hotel has been recognized with the "2021 Travelers' Choice Award," proving that destination weddings are a popular event here. Just call us, and we'll provide you with a memorable experience.

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