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  2. A delicious Lunch – Secret Revealed!

  3. A Wholesome Dinner – Pick your favorites!

Welcome to Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa, where every dish is made with utmost love, care, and attention to detail. This is where contemporary food meets casual fine dining at its absolute best and now you get to understand the secrets behind every dish too.

Amongst all other top Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes, Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa stands out and gives all the Northumberland Restaurants a run for their menu. Get ready to explore these Fine Dining Restaurants Recipes as Xperience lets you in on the secret behind every dish they create, every meal they present, and every ingredient they source to meet the likes and dislikes of every guest.


A delicious Lunch – Secret Revealed!

For every meal that you order at Xperience by Northumberland Heights, there lay deeper fine dining restaurant recipes that make each dish the true and incredible experience that it is.

Starting with Appetizers, Xperience’s Kale Caesar Salad is a favorite amongst all the customers especially when it comes to finding the perfect balance between eating healthy & savoring away with a delicious meal.

A common for most of the fine dining restaurants, Xperience’s secret behind this successful dish lies in their House-Made Croutons not only adds a great touch to the dish but also elevates the dish’s freshness that is explored with every single bite. Amongst all other Fine Dining Restaurants Recipes, the secret behind this element of the dish lies in the well-thought-out ingredients sourced by the restaurants that ensure the dish is fresh, no matter how many times a Guest tries it.

Coming to the Entrees as served in the restaurant’s lunch menu, the Mediterranean Flatbread is another customer favorite that gets its name from the concoction of ingredients selected for the dish. Another, common dish amongst all other Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes, this dish is a true success and carries out a story to tell with its freshly sourced vegetables like Zucchini, Peppers, Onions & Olives are widely used in the dish. The freshness of each ingredient that gets connected in the process of curating the dish can be tasted very easily in every single bite of the dish along with the burst of flavors that follow.

A Wholesome Dinner – Pick your favorites!

As we wave goodbye to the Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes from the Lunch Menu, we welcome another set of best-selling dish secrets from the Dinner Menu which is greatly loved and appreciated by all the Guests.

The best appetizer for all your moods is the Lobster Spring Rolls which are hand-rolled with ancho cream cheese, orange, and sesame-infused vegetables with lobster and is further nestled on a sriracha and truffle aioli along with herb oil. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

This dish’s secret lies in the individual elements that tie the dish together to make something that one can only understand when they taste it. The freshness of the Lobsters along with the subtle yet strong flavors from the orange and sesame-infused vegetables adds a sense of serenity that comes with complementing the ingredients together to be one.

Moving on to the Entrees, the Restaurant has mastered the skill of making one of their best-selling dishes which is the King Cole Duck Breast. Amongst all other Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes, we bet one will be the most excited to learn the secrets behind this one.

King Cole Duck Breast is essentially a duck-based dish where the Duck is Pan-Seared and roasted to medium-rare. It is then placed with additional elements like Potato Medallions and Asparagus and further finished with a Mixed-Berry Gastrique for touch for the fruity flavor to break the monotony of the strong flavors from the other elements.

The secret behind making this dish a hit amongst all other Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes lies in understanding the balance that is required in making a dish a true success. This dish is balanced out with ingredients like Asparagus and Potatoes, the flavors of which are strong enough by themselves but not enough to overpower the flavors that ooze out of the Duck Breast.

The Mixed- Berry Gastrique is a very well-thought-out addition to the dish that allows the tanginess of the gastrique to balance out the heavy flavors of all the other elements.

Now that’s a fine dining restaurant secret, isn’t it?

No matter how many secrets or what the secrets are, it is only fair to understand that behind all Fine Dining Restaurant Recipes, lies a well-thought-out plan curated and put in place by the Chef and the Team Members who work every single day and go out their ways to ensure the Guests get the experience they truly deserve.

Visit Xperience by Northumberland Heights & explore these secrets for yourself.

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