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Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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Are you a soon-to-be-wedded couple looking forward to knowing each other more closely than ever before tying a knot but not finding a better way-out to this? We understand you may not want to look too desperate to be together and may also want to avoid people rolling eyes on the two of you.

Don’t worry we have a perfect solution to this. You can look for a weekend spa escape where two of you can enjoy soothing massages and spa services in closeness with each other. Various team activities will allow two of you an opportunity to explore each other’s thought processes and behavioural responses to different situations. If you haven’t spent much time earlier with your would-be partner or may have not been too familiar with each other, you can indulge in different ice-breaking activities. Spa getaway deals will help you in opening up to one another.


It is crucial for a soon-to-be wedded couple to have a proximity match. In most of the cases in the west couples impulsively plan to jump into a marriage bond while in the Asian countries most of them get married without knowing each other. Today, wedding trends are changing globally. Neither the western population nor Asians are in a hurry to jump into a relationship without knowing their partners closely. Spa getaway deals add to the beauty of exploring one another at a place away from the city hustle and frequent family visits.

Get Closer, Get Re-Energized

One more advantage of escaping to this kind of solitude is the re-energization that you may gain to pack up for an overwhelming wedding shopping spree after the weekend spa getaway. Did you know that taking a couple of massages together can bring you closer to your partner? Don’t get thrilled! In a couple-massage two of you lay down side by side on different beds and two different masseuses give you massage while you can hold hands and look into each other’s eyes, supporting and making the other person feel comfortable.

Get To Know Your Partner A Bit More

You can hold hands together while walking down the forest lane as a part of a nature walk. This is your opportunity to find about how supporting your partner is or if he/she gets carried away too easily among others. Take a quick look at how they behave with different people. Are they courteous, boastful, confident, caring or so on? A person reflects his true personality when placed among a group of people. Their behaviour talks a lot about them.

A spa retreat also gives you a chance to be more courteous towards your partner irrespective of their responses. It is also a time to reflect upon yourself and judge a little less so you can be more open towards accepting each other.

Don’t Miss The Fun Element

Exploring each other in a soothing environment, learning to accept each other’s lacking areas and understanding your partner’s expectations out of the wedding agreement should be your prime concern when you are at a weekend spa resort. Don’t shy away to ask your partner for some fun moments as skipping to explore the fun element in your relationship will leave two of you feeling incomplete. After all, fun is all that keeps relationships alive.

Pamper Yourselves Together

When you are at a spa resort, make the most out of your stay. After your massage sessions, get some pampering facials at the salon. Indulge in as many self-care activities as it can be possible because this will save your time afterwards. Get your manicure and pedicure done during your stay at the spa. Make sure two of you get this done at the same time.

Playing with each other’s toes in wine-soaked silky lather embellished with rose petals and scent will help in attracting your partner and be a little sultry. Stimulating couple therapies are done at spa resorts to bring them closer. Don’t forget to make the most out of your couple spa break and gain a respectable understanding for your partner and vice versa.

Learn From Others

You can also get couple-counselling at some resorts or may even get in touch with experienced couples at the retreat. It is a must for soon-to-be wedded couples to indulge themselves in some soothing activities that can also help them develop a better level of understanding.

Book One For Yourself

Are you going to get married soon? Why don’t you try opting for a spa getaway deals around your town and surprise your would-be with perfect amazement? Quality time spent together before tying the knot will make you come closer and two of you would better enjoy the wedding preparation rather than feeling bored otherwise.

At Northumberland Heights we let you indulge in some luxurious massages, sauna, some great pool time, hot tubs, sumptuous dining, luxury night-outs and much more. Two of you can explore nature together hand-in-hand. Spending some alone time at the beach will bring you closer to your partner. Experience our exotic massages lying by the side of your partner.

Add some spice to your budding relationship by allowing yourself to submerge in the divine presence of your loved one. Come to our luxurious abode and spend some quality time with your partner. Browse through our weekend spa getaways and save on some extra money for your wedding preparations.

We are an antique property surrounded by lush green trees and nature. You can decide to go on a long trek with your partner or may opt for a soothing forest bath. In your free time, enjoy some pool time at our property. Fine dine and some good wine is our specialty. Gift your soon-to-be-bride/groom a perfect surprise by planning a secret date with our expertise.

We add to your delight with theme decorations and make your date ever cherishing. Let us help you in earning some brownie points in the eye of your would-be partner by arranging a great stay experience at our luxury spa resort.

We also arrange awesome wedding celebrations and cocktail parties at our aesthetically designed banquet. We can arrange it for you too. Let us guide you through the same. Contact us anytime to take advantage of our amazing spa getaway deals!

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