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All About Reconnecting With Nature For Various Health Benefits

SPA RESORTS: Nature has been home to humans for centuries. During the evolution and still we inspire our craft of living from nature. We have our roots in the forest or where nature resides. Today, we live in urban areas, bounded with technology-packed infrastructure.

This makes us more drifted towards various lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, ulcers, chokes, diabetes, cancer, lung failure and many more. Hence, it has become critical for the urban population to reconnect with nature for bringing back positivity and freshness in their life. Although it is not possible to remain in the jungle forever.

After all, we haven’t come so far to go back where we started. But, of course, yes! We should head back to our roots and try to reconnect to create a balance in our lives. Also, to ensure health security it is recommended that from time-to-time people should head to wellness retreats and spa resorts where they can find optimum resolution towards rebuilding their connection with nature through ‘Forest Bathing’.


In Japan, they practise forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. ‘Shinrin’ stands for ‘forest’ and ‘yoku’ means ‘bathing’. Sinrin-yoku together means bathing in lush green forests or spending some alone time in these natural surroundings for reconnecting and gaining freshness.

Nah! Don’t connect it to activities like jogging, trek or hiking. Forest bathing is simply all about connecting with nature through our senses. It is like hugging nature or cradling in mother nature’s lap. Talk to the breeze, feel the streams, touch the tree-barks, hear the leaves whisper to you, let the sun kiss your forehead and feel it all.

Reconnecting with nature in the forest has many health benefits. Studies have proved that unplugging in nature lowers down blood pressure levels and helps reduce stress as you inhale the freshness of the air. Frequent forest bathing should be mandated for people undergoing severe stress or pressure in personal or professional life. It helps them unwind and stay in the present moment.

There are a lot of activities like walking down the forest lanes, hot-spring therapy, pottery, meditation, T’ai chi, pranayama (breathing exercise), or simply lying down amidst nature’s carpet that you can do to make your forest bathing more interesting.


Reconnecting with nature is all like coming back to your hometown. All you have to do is follow the same procedure as you do upon returning home from long working days/hours. Here are few things that you can do to make your forest bathing a forever cherishing memory.

Get Yourself Settled in the Forest

Roam around the forest and reserve your favourite spot for spending the rest of the time. Forest is immense and you can’t cover the whole area. Hence, you can find the most suitable spot for yourself to carry out the remaining activities. Be it yoga, meditation, healing or simply observing through the jungle and hearing the unusually melodious sounds. Whichever spot may you choose, be thoughtful about the connectivity! Do not select a point that leads you to distractions.

Sense the Nature

Once you are settled in your favourite spot, try to bring harmony with nature. Sit calmly, close your eyes, empty your mind and let the forest melody rush through your ears. Feel the showers, connect with the chirping birds, smell the forest scents and let the cool breeze wave at you. If you aren’t too conscious about having only distilled water, you can try drinking from the flowing river in the forest. Allow nature to participate by letting it touch your hands, feet, mouth, ears, eyes and nose. You will feel a complete rejuvenation as your senses refresh in the forest atmosphere.

Get Healed in Absolute ‘Silence’

As the old sayings go about the healing properties an absolute silence beholds, the forest silence has its healing effect too. It introduces you to a unique silence that’s welcoming and you would want to submerge yourself in its complete awe.

How Spa Resorts can support your Forest Bathing Spree?

At the spa resorts, forest bathing therapists are employed to add complete joy and meaning to your forest bathing retreat. You get a guided forest tour and activities planned to make it a much-organized nature healing session. Unless you have a trained therapist, it becomes quite a task to manage your time in the forest. The actual benefits seem to disappear when you can’t be yourself in the forest. Therefore, having a forest bathing therapist by your side has a great relevance towards complete healing.

How we can help you get the best Forest Bathing Experience?

At Northumberland Heights, you get access to forest bathing along with an equipped therapist who helps you reap the maximum benefits out of this type of retreat. Our focus along with natural healing is also on the luxury treatment that you can receive even when you are in the forest. Being here at our property eases you from the undue pressure of going for a forest bath and that too for the first time. We take care of everything that you may need during the session which may range from as simple as a juice can to your shower gels, in case you may want to shower in the forest spring.

What all we have in store for you?

We also have some exquisite spa offerings that include various ayurvedic and international massages. Our range of facial spas is exhaustive and you also get an opportunity to experience our luxurious wine-soaked pedicures and manicures. Our property is stylish, well maintained and luxuriously built to provide optimum comfort and care to our guests.

If you are the one looking for the best wellness spa resorts in Canada, then you should get in touch with our team to discuss your spa and relaxation needs. We have custom-created our offerings according to time availability for a different group of guests. You can stay overnight or indulge in day spa activities; all you will experience at our spa resorts, Northumberland Heights is an optimum relaxation custom created according to your needs. Our special spa suites are full of luxury and comfort that promises the most comfortable stay and some great excursions including the famous forest bathing.

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