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Best Restaurants in Northumberland County: Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is a home away from home for all those on the lookout for a calm and serene getaway far from the bustling city. It is an escape to wellness in the lap of nature for a lot of people. Xperience by Northumberland Heights, the in-house restaurant in the retreat and spa has ensured to keep this essence alive with their multi-cuisine menu which is enough to make every individual be at peace with the fact that there is something for anyone and for everyone.

Best Restaurants In Northumberland County

Being one of the best restaurants in Northumberland County, Xperience strives every single day to keep the name of Northumberland Heights soaring up high when talked about for all their services, especially food. The restaurant is growing and becoming seemingly better every single day at recognizing what every individual visiting the restaurant might be looking for.

What a typical meal during your stay at Northumberland Heights can be like:

No matter what your reason to visit the retreat might be, Xperience has just the perfect meal for every occasion, event and reason. Amongst all the other best restaurants in Northumberland County, a meal at Xperience is unique in its own way.

A typical day during your stay at Northumberland Heights can include starting your day with Yoga Session, Spa Massages, a walk through the beautiful Nature Trails or just simply relaxing and taking in the many wonders of the place. The best part of your stay will most definitely be the Food at Xperience.

Every meal on the breakfast menu has been curated with an idea to cater to people from all walks of life who visit Northumberland Heights and hence the array of different cuisine options to choose from.

Out of all the Ontario Restaurant, Xperience surely tops the list as compared to other best restaurants in Northumberland County when it comes to High Tea around later afternoon. The restaurant serves their Guest with a number of luxurious Tea options to choose from in addition to a variety of other elements that has made the High Tea a true success for all.

A glass of wine as you watch the sun go down, followed by a 3 Course Dinner from a Menu including a few of the restaurant’s best selling dishes is what makes the experience one of the best restaurants in Northumberland County and their casual fine dining experience is a testimony to just that.

The food ties in with your experience at the Retreat & Spa:

The main goal of the restaurant has always been to constantly work towards and give the Guests what they truly desire and not limit them to options. As compared to all other Northumberland Restaurants, Xperience has left no stones unturned to time and again showcase a plethora of options for all their Guests.

Whether you are on a healthy retreat at Northumberland Heights following a strict rule of only eating healthy and having a productive day that allows you to only indulge in a healthy way, Xperience has a number of options for you and to take your indulgence to a whole new level.

In case you are on a vacation to just relax, enjoy and unwind from all worries of life, Xperience being one of the best restaurants in Northumberland County has dishes from their Multi-Cuisine Menu that will take you on a journey of your dreams just with a few ingredients and a wholesome dish.

Celebrations, Events, a calm time out of the city, or just a simple meal after working hard all day, Xperience believes that true indulgence only takes place when you can enjoy the food, keeping all your worries behind and feel at peace just for a few moments.

This is what makes Xperience stand out from all the other best restaurants in Northumberland County.

Paying close attention to all dietary constrictions:

Another aspect of Xperience by Northumberland Heights that makes it so different than most of the best restaurants in Northumberland County is their ability to tweak and change the dishes as per the dietary constrictions of the Guest it is being presented to. Xperience takes pride in making changes to the way they make a dish in case they are informed in advance about a Guest’s dietary constrictions and health issues.

The Chef also offers customizing the Menu as per the preferences of the Guest to ensure every little detail that goes into the dish is very closely paid attention to. The restaurant feels that every individual deserves to get the indulgence they truly deserve and any form of dietary constrictions should not stop them from trying out any dish on the menu.

This ability of the restaurant has made a true competitor at fighting their way to the top with other best restaurants in Northumberland County.

Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa is a true experience in itself and Xperience only adds and elevates every individual’s time at the Retreat and Spa to the next level with their delicious delights and a thoughtful approach toward making the restaurant a true success.

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