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Table of Contents

1. Here’s How Northumberland Heights, Spa Resorts in Canada can Benefits you through Kizhi

  1. Kizhi helps in reducing stress.

  2. Kizhi can control pain.

  3. Kizhi improves blood circulation.

  4. Kizhi heals sports injuries.

  5. Kizhi helps in weight management.

2. What are the types of Kizhis you can find at Northumberland Heights?

  1. Podikizhi

  2. Elakizhi

  3. Navarakizhi

Whether we like it or not, we continue to live in a stressful environment due to unwavering reasons. We often tend to ignore the stressful conditions by accepting them as a norm. However, such ignorance doesn’t promise to eliminate the impact of stress on our physical and mental beings. Many spa resorts in Canada inspired by Indian Ayurveda practices offer Kizhi treatment which focuses on de-stressing your mind, body, and soul.

We at Northumberland Heights offer exclusive Kizhi massage that can soothe your entire being and can keep you stress-free. So, what’s in the Kizhi treatment that none but only this type of therapy can offer? We will unleash some benefits of Khizi that you can reap as an individual.

Kizhi relates to a piece of muslin cloth packed with medicinal leaves, herbs, and essential powder that takes away the stress from your mind and body at the same time. It is one of the most popular Ayurvedic therapy, known to eliminate the after-effects of stress in humans.

Northumberland Heights- One of Your Favorite Spa Resorts in Canada Offers Kizhi

Here’s how it can help you too!

Kizhi is a rejuvenating treatment that helps in relieving pains from joints and the body’s muscular skeleton.

It employs specific strokes that add to the relaxation during body stiffness. Kizhi can treat skin diseases.

It can treat weight problems and can cure obesity up to a fair extent.

Kizhi application can alleviate lower back pain and swelling issues effectively.

What does Kizhi treatment at Northumberland Heights involve?

The sachet of muslin cloth used in Kizhi contains medicinal leaves, herbal powders, rice, or sand. Masseuse warms these bundles at an appropriate temperature. Understand that only the right temperature can travel through human skin to the desired locations underneath skin cells.

Kizhi treatment involves a state-of-the-art method of application, and it is referred to individuals experiencing stress and pain. However, it is still a good decision to consult a trained physician before signing up for this treatment. At Northumberland Heights, we have experienced staff that takes care of your pressure points and measures the level of stress in your life before beginning the Kizhi.

If you feel burdened or not at ease with your mind and body, you can consult our in-house Kizhi experts to understand the scope of application to relieve stress.


Kizhi can treat anxiety, asthma, heart disease, skin problems, and rheumatoid arthritis. Let’s take a look at what Kizhi can do for you.

Kizhi helps in reducing stress.

Kizhi can treat stress-borne conditions like fatigue, body stiffness, muscular contractions. Also, it can successfully treat the underlying physical and psychological condition caused by stress. So, if you are stressed out and nowhere to go, why don’t you try Kizhi with us? We will give you exclusive Kizhi sessions in the lap of nature and luxury.

Kizhi can control pain.

Are you tired of taking multiple pain management solutions with no relief? If yes, Kizhi can be your ultimate resort to musculoskeletal and joint pains. Kizhi is known to cure such diseases with greater ease. It is undeniably helpful in treating back pain and alleviating associated repercussions.

Kizhi improves blood circulation.

Kizhi is a heat-based application. It induces sweating in the human body that helps in the release of toxins. Diseases like sciatica, spondylolysis, osteoarthritis, neuralgia, and more find solace through Kizhi application.

Kizhi heals sports injuries.

Often during sports, injuries become evident. Kizhi can work wonders to replace the immediate effect of any such accident. It is a type of heat therapy that can make the blockages smoother, and your muscles start working in the desired manner.

Kizhi helps in weight management.

Kizhi can help overweight people in managing their weight and overcoming the problem of obesity. It improves blood circulation as well as removes unwanted toxins from the body,

What are the types of Kizhis you can find at Northumberland Heights?

Kizhis involve different procedures. Therefore, you can see us employing a variety of Kizhi applications. Each application is unique on its own and has its relevance in providing comfort to your skin, body, and overall health.


Podikizhi involves dried and powdered herbs. Warm herbal oils accompany these dried and powdered herbs in a sachet of muslin cloth which is further applied gently on the human body. Podikizhi can help in curing rheumatic arthritis effectively. It can also be beneficial in treating sports injuries.


Leaves and herbal roots play a vital role in performing Elakizhi. It involves heating the prepared sachet and placing it at the right points to relieve pain. It is more effective in addressing joint pains. Also, it treats the numbness of legs and hands with greater ease.


Rice mixes with a portion of milk and few medicinal herbs to perform Navarakizhi and is an absolute strategy to support the treatment of paralysis. Several neurological conditions get equal benefits from Navarakizhi.

Today, Kizhi has become more popular in the Canadian region due to its varied benefits and accessibility at the major spa resorts in Canada. If you are going through a stressful condition affecting your mind, body, and soul, you certainly need to find your way to Northumberland Heights.

We provide exclusive spa massages which involve various international and Ayurveda therapies. Kizhi being one of our major attractions, we provide our visitors with utmost relaxation and rejuvenation throughout their stay. Not just Kizhi, we have multiple spa offerings that you can take along with it. Also, if you are looking for some outdoor excursions, we have the same as well. We take you on a dreamy nature walk.

Our hot tubs in the open area open up possibilities to connect with nature in the most relaxed manner. We take great care in understanding your needs and wants from the offerings at our property and customize your sessions to comprehend your expectations. Come for Kizhi or opt for any of our day or overnight spa packages at Northumberland Heights, and we will make sure you get what we promise. Nature. Luxury. Relaxation.

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