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Working out is cool, fun, and a healthier start to a day, yet at times you may want to refrain from it due to muscle soreness or pain. It is usual for gym-goers or athletes to feeling pain and getting sore after a rigorous workout.

Much time we see people completely abandoning workouts due to consistent pain and soreness which is not that difficult to tackle with an effective massage right after the workout session. Few people understand how vital a post-workout massage can be. You can often witness that gym at the wellness spa resorts has a separate section for immediate post-workout massage pampering.

Such unpleasant joint pains or muscle soreness are a consequence of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS that can keep you away from exercising or staying fit. However, you cannot sit idle or unfit. Post-workout massage has immense benefits that can mend the wear and tear of your muscles immediately.

Northumberland Heights Wellness Spa Resort Suggests Post-Workout Massage

Workout can be a little nerve-racking, especially if you are into a heavy workout. On one hand, it will make you feel absolutely good about your achievement every day while on the other it will leave you in severe pain that you may even feel during sleep. Experience consistent workout pain is a big no. It shouldn’t last long.

Staying fit and active should be our overall health goal but not staying in pain. Therefore, you should have access to a good massage facility wherein you can succumb to ultimate relaxation.

One thing that’s favorable about the human body is that it resumes healing on its right after the workout session, yet it needs little pampering and care in the form of a massage that can work on the broken tissues. Muscles create micro-tears which your body starts healing as you step down from the treadmill. However, a massage can quickly help your body to recover from any muscular injury.

We all know that once in a life, we all have gone through day and night pain. It occurs through step-up, weight lifting, crunches, or so on. Massage has quick healing properties, especially when carried out after the workout. Let’s discuss few exclusive benefits of massage for post-workout recovery.

Quick Pain Relief

Post-workout muscles become strenuous and tense. A quick massage helps in relieving unwanted tension and pain after the workout.

Reduces Post-Workout Inflammation

Tissues get damaged during the workout and cause inflammation that results in occasional swelling. A healing massage session relieves body cells and repairs the wear and tear in your body.

Improves Blood Circulation

Heavy workout also leads to headaches while massage improves blood circulation making you feel better and lighter.

Boosts Muscle Recovery

Having a post-workout massage will help reduce athletic injuries as it massages the deep tissue, improving your flexibility, and reducing your risk for injuries. A thorough massage over your body will release muscle soreness and allows free flow of blood circulation which restores tissue loss.

In a way, it also prepares you for your next workout session by improving flexibility in your body.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin are responsible for lifting your mood. Massage boosts your mental health post-workout and saves you from anxiety that occurs due to workout fatigue.

Types of Post-Workout Massage

Now when you know about the benefits of post-workout massage, you may also have the curiosity to know which massages work best after exercising or workout.

Which Massage Is The Best For Me Post Workout?

Swedish massage

It is the best kind of massage that reduces stress and puts your mind and body at complete ease.

Thai Massage

This type of massage focuses to reduce stiffness in your body by unblocking the energy flow using acupressure and yoga postures. It may not be available at all types of wellness spa resorts yet it is very popular among people.

Sports Massage

Aiming to help athletes improve muscular tension, prevent injuries and enhance flexibility for consistent performance, sports massage also aids regular gym goers in minimizing post-workout traumas.


You may feel appetite loss due to fatigue concerning heavy workouts but to feel better you also need to increase those endorphins. Reflexology also removes toxins and increases your metabolism.

To be able to get full benefits out of your massage, get it right after your workout. Do not delay. Be in the spa for at least 40 to 60 minutes for full recovery of lost or damaged tissues post-workout. You may also have some specific area to point to your masseuse. Do not refrain from doing so as it will help him/her understand your pain points and apply the much-required pressure.

After all the hard work and sweat at the gym, you deserve to treat yourself with a soothing and relaxing massage. It also boosts longevity and keeps you away from developing major health issues.

If you can’t manage to devote time at the spa because of time constraints, you can also indulge in few routine sessions at the wellness spa resorts where post-workout massages are given.

We welcome you to our humble spa destination, Northumberland Heights for all your massage needs. We offer a wide variety of massages and we are always eager to serve our guests a great massage experience. Don’t leave those muscles sore and nerves aching. Come to us and we will get you the best massage experience which will leave you in complete awe of spa and fitness.

We are a dedicated wellness spa resort engaged in introducing holistic living to your life. We aim to bring balance to your body by aligning your chakras. You can book us for an overnight stay or invest in our day spa packages. Either you come alone, with your partners or friends, each time you will find our spa massages as interesting as new. We also maintain a high level of hygiene to keep any contraction at bay. So be fearless and get yourself on your toes to an amazing spa excursion.

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