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Wellness spa retreats: Are you missing your solitary pleasure being at home due to COVID restrictions? We understand how traumatizing it could be to follow a pattern of finishing daily chores, eating, sleeping, and repeating. It is troublesome for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

It is vital to stay fit in all the forms, be it in your physique or mind. Staying fit has no compromises, and you have all rights to maintain yourself in the best possible health. As a wellness spa retreats, we want to share that we have received many phone calls/chats or messages from people wanting to break into the spa during emergency breaks. They were seeking advice about how they can have spa-like pleasure while staying at home.

Ah! It’s our privilege to see people trusting us with their emotional and physical health. It fills us with immense gratitude. We have outlined ways in which they can indulge in some home spa excursion. It will help you keep fit and pampered until we meet next.


Being occupied all the time isn’t fun. Also, it isn’t great to be idle most of the time. Both of the things bring elongated boredom in life. At times you want to break free into some personal quality time, where you can have some tranquil moments. Can you relate to this? We know. You do!

The pandemic has slowed down the speed of the entire world. It has made people sit at home, and while now it has started to open with all the precautions in many parts of the world, fear psychology plays on the human brain. Well, it should too. The fear hasn’t completely shifted. The virus is still showing different colors or mutants.

In such a situation, if you fear to be at the spa yet wanting to have a spa-like session badly to feel rejuvenated again, then it is a time for you to know about the home spa. Today, we will take you through creating a home spa for yourself.

Are you feeling excited? Let us take you there.


Create a Spa-like Atmosphere

The spa is all about the atmosphere. Half of the exhaustion and tension go away by just entering the spa-like property. When you plan to dedicate a portion of your home to some leisure spa time, you should also take care of the above point.

The atmosphere of your mini home spa should talk about itself so much that when you invite your friends or maybe a partner to your little-humble spa suite, they should know it right after stepping in before you tell them so. It is vital to create a complementing spa-like atmosphere at your home spa, else you may not get the same feeling, and there will always remain a hole.

Now how do you do that? Firstly, choose a cozy, comfy, and silent portion at your house. It could also be a small ledge around your bathroom or maybe a quiet corner attached to it.

Get yourself some fresh flowers, diffusers, and aromatic candles to treat yourself to some scintillating atmosphere. Keep the lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass, or eucalyptus at the spa site. It could help in uplifting your mood instantly. It will invigorate your senses and pull you towards a relaxing journey.

Just like you see at the spa, put on some melody that directly impacts your mind and takes you to heaven. If you do not want any distraction from songs, put on a blend of natural sounds combined with holistic music beats. Whatever you must play, it should create positivity and bends you towards relaxation.

Treat yourself to some healthy drink.

Your wellbeing starts with complete hydration. It is also a thumb rule to hydrate yourself when you are at the spa. Just because you are creating a spa-like atmosphere at home, keeping yourself hydrated can not be kept aside. Without hydrating yourself, your spa efforts become void.

You must have also seen spa resorts offering infused water at a high rate. It is because of its ability to keep you hydrated for a longer time. Hence, keep this in mind and get yourself a richly infused water with some kiwis, cucumber, lemon slices, mint leaves, or fruits in place. You can also binge on your favorite juices, smoothies, or shakes to uplift your immunity along with hydration.

Time to Act- Skin and body care

Since you are not a spa professional and your home is not the spa, you may not have professional spa products. Therefore, we advise you to rely on your pantry.

Do not feel surprised. Even at the spa, you could witness them using essentials such as aloe vera, turmeric, sandalwood powder, yogurt, and even milk. So, you have been encountering all of this before at the professional spa, but in a different form.

You can heal your skin with homemade toners using rice water, cucumber, lemongrass, or cold and fresh milk.

Give your body a relaxing massage using the components, such as turmeric mixed with sandalwood and olive oil, or you can also use any other massage oil that suits you the best. Also, you can soak in lavender for a fair amount of time to feel rejuvenated, and it will not disappoint you.

Indulge in some hair care by applying the most hydrating homemade hair mask that includes honey, a pinch of turmeric, yogurt, and your favorite hair oil. Also, you can stay away from the oil game and give your head a relaxing massage with aloe vera sap. It is known for inducing hair growth upon routine application.

Do not leave your feet unattended.

Soak them in the soothing rosewater while you massage yourself. It will bring freshness to your beautiful toes. Rub them using a high-end sponge allowing the dead cells to shed, massage them with a pinch of powdered rice mixed in olive oil, and moisten your feet with the foot cream. It will leave your feet thanking you!

Did you see how easy it is to create a home spa and feel rejuvenated even without going to a wellness spa retreats? Please let us know if you want to consult us for any upcoming spa deals and offerings.

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