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Have you been through an embarrassing experience at a fine dine restaurant ever due to not knowing about the basic etiquettes that fine dining restaurants follow. Although many of the rules are quite easy to understand while some could be little out of the way from casual dining affair. Having a good knowledge of mannerism makes you extremely confident about catching up with large crowds or social gatherings. Here’s a list of mandatory etiquettes that some of the top fine dining restaurant in Ontario together with us share in public interest.


All the dining guests should know certain rules around table manners. It constitutes a set decorum all guests should follow. These leave indication for the servers with the help of communication through cutlery.

Right from making an entry to the restaurant until making an exit, there are few sets of rules that you should follow.

Reserve the table in advance

Reserving the table in advance applies in most fine dining restaurants and they expect the guests to make informed visits. Without booking a table, you may find it difficult to dine-in. If you are planning to throw a dinner or may be lunch for a good number of guests, you should make your booking prior to the actual date. Also it applies for a simple family dinner too. Today, everything has become digital, therefore a lot of restaurants have switched to online booking of tables or less tech savvy guests can also do so upon calling on phone. You can also visit the restaurant personally to book your table. However we suggest that you book your table either a month prior or at least a week before the actual date for dinning. Especially if you are booking a busiest property, you should consider doing it a month prior without fail.

Canceling the Booking

Make sure you cancel your bookings as early as possible only in the emergency circumstances. Don’t take it casually because if you do so then chances are you may not be able to reserve a table next time. Also, be vigilant about arrival of the guests. Be on time because it will cost your booking time.


Knowing which cutlery to use and when makes you gel well with other guests and you are able to match up with the dining standards. There can be a lot of cutlery sets or glassware pieces but do not feel shy away. With these tips you can revamp your eating standards and dining habits.

Why there’s Napkin on the Dining Table

Although it’s a basic necessity to have a napkin or a towel beside you while eating but at the fine dining restaurant it is a mandate. There are certain know how attached to it that you should know as you dine out. As you take your seat, you should unfold your napkin and place it on your lap without making much hassle. Keep it there until you are eating your food. In case you have to get up, you should place your napkin on the chair and strictly not on the table. Do not tuck it to your clothes or hold it in your hand unnecessarily. Also, do not clean your cutlery with it. Placing food on your napkin is a big no. Fold it and leave the napkin on the left side of the table when you finish eating.

Using Cutlery

Keep your cutlery usage to minimum. Don’t fancy using all at once. There is a step by step process to it. You can start from the one placed at the outside first. Do not start using cutlery from the one placed nearest to your plate. If you happen to leave few cutlery pieces at the end of your meal, leave those as-it-is.

Dishes and Glassware

Do not hold the wine glass by the bowl, but the stem. Let your server pour the wine or inform either your host or server if you do not want any drinks. Make sure you do this in the beginning and not in between.

Do not shout to call waiters, be polite and courteous

During the meal time, you may require your server’s attention. Be polite and courteous. In no way you should disrespect them. Also, waving arms or making gestures is not welcome. Usually fine dining restaurants have experienced servers who keep an eye on your table for supplying your immediate needs. You can choose to make eye contact with your server or can utilize your index finger for indicating them.

Eating at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Do not pack a lot of food inside your mouth. Take small bites and chew slowly. Smacking or slurping noises shouldn’t be there. Burping in front of all the guests on dining table is considered bad.

Match your eating speed

Eating too fast or too slow doesn’t come under basic manners of eating. You should match your eating speed with others on the table otherwise it is considered disrespectful. Use a lot of courteous words, especially thanks. Say thanks to your server as he/she serves a new course of meal.


Make a delightful conversation

You shouldn’t talk too much on the dining table but cracking up a few jokes or discussing few neutral things warms up the eating environment. Make sure the conversation doesn’t go up to a debatable level. In the mid way keep asking others if they need anything else especially the people sitting on your sides or in front.

If you want to have an exceptional fine dining experience at one of the top fine dining restaurants in Ontario, let us know and we will set your table to perfection. However, we want to remind you that we will come with more great reservation offers once the emergency breaks lifts up and we start operating as normal. Till then you can enjoy our take away as much as you may want to. We are serving exclusive delicacies every day. Book your takeaway now!

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