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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Table of Contents

1. How about overnight spa packages or a day spa package?

2. Plan a Perfect Day Spa or Overnight Spa for your LOVE on Valentine’s Day

  1. On the top of it we have brought an exciting opportunity for you to WIN A GIFT CARD on Valentine’s Day. Click here to know more & steal a chance to double your joy this Valentine’s Day!

  2. We have it all set to lift-up your mood

3. ~Happy Valentine’s Day!~

Any Thoughts About A Day or Overnight Spa Packages?

Voila! It’s Valentine’s Day around the corner!

Many have already planned great surprises for their partners. Have you planned too? No!

Come on Jack! That’s unfair! Are you still wondering?

If yes, then let us remind you that it’s the high time you should immediately take a step to consider few options. Make this a memorable day for both of you, before your partner gets disappointed. We are sure you don’t want this to happen.


It gives you an opportunity to spend some great time at a lavish spa resort where two of you can indulge in couple-massages, sauna, royal dining, luxurious stay and multiple activities that can add a real spark to your relationship. Of course, you may always choose to plan your activities during the day or overnight stay at a resort, yet the indulgence in each one will make you feel relaxed, connected and more loved. Now, when we have given you some direction and hope, we will pour you with some really beneficial suggestions to execute this surprising plan for your beloved.

Here’s what you need to do:


Availability Check

It is a very important step for planning a surprise for someone, and this day is really special that you would not like to offend them at all. Hence, you need to be sure about the availability of your partner on that particular day, especially if they are employed. This could be the toughest part, yet, you have to ‘Eat this Frog’ and the remaining process will be eased out for you.

Since this is a surprise that you are planning for your loved one, you will have to get this information very intelligently without making them feel that something is cooking up to keep the ‘adrenaline’ flowing. Of course, you can’t miss seeing that blushing red face when the surprise is in front of your honey.

To execute this, you can gel up with your partner’s co-workers and close friends who can give you some insights about their availability on Valentine’s Day weekend. Also, you can approach their supervisor to get a handy detail about their availability for the same.

That was case 1 but you may also be having children. You also have to check if your partner is available from their end as well or may not have something planned with them since this special day is falling on the weekend. None other than your children can be a better person to tell you about this. Check with them and you will be sorted.

However, you can also plan to take them along at the spa but you may have to check with the resort about the offerings for kids. Although, we advise you to spend this day in complete isolation with your partner for the complete revival of your relationship and more bonding, yet if you don’t have any other option then you can definitely think about making necessary arrangements for them at the same property.

Keep it Private

When you are planning a surprise, you would want to keep it private. Getting information from others about your partner’s schedule isn’t fulfilling alone. You have to be very careful about your payments, and payment information or messaging related to the movement of your funds. Be alert not to book any travel, property or any special spa offering from a joint financial account. Keep your emailing system private. Get yourself a new email address which only you have access to and use for all your booking so your partner can’t get even a single hint about it from anywhere.

Give Your Partner the Best Dining Experience

You may have had great dinners or lunch dates in the past but this time it is special. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and you are planning a surprise for your beloved. Make sure you give them the best dining experience. Spa day packages are usually clubbed with special offers for Valentine’s Day couples, exclusive romantic dining is one of those. Speak to your chosen spa resort and get a beautifully arranged dining date for two of you where you can have joyful moments while you enjoy savouring the sensual delicacies.

Add A Royal Touch To Your Day or Overnight Spa Package

Away from home, take your partner to a resort where you have an opportunity to make your partner feel special with a royal touch. Make sure you get what is promised in this special offer. If possible, visit the property beforehand to ensure you have access to a luxurious overnight stay and your day-time isn’t less either.

Finalize the Spa Resort and Get Yourself Dreaming about the Valentine’s Day

Once you finalize whether you would like to gift your beloved a day spa package or an overnight spa package, get your bookings done in advance. Don’t you forget to maintain the privacy as detailed in the first half to keep the guessing work on for your partner and then surprise them with some great pampering in the form of some couple-massages, pools, dining and luxury!

At Northumberland Heights, you can get all these combined with the keen efforts that we make to fill your day with love, romance and luxury. We have planned the best overnight spa packages in Ontario after studying various day spa packages and overnight spa offerings that are common in the town. We are the best and we want to deliver the best experience for our visitors, especially on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Get yourself absorbed in the sensual presence of your beloved at a place that blends luxury and nature in favourable proportions. We have some exquisite spa experiences waiting for you on Valentine’s Day. You would not regret trusting us for planning a perfect surprise for your partner this Valentine’s Day!

On the top of it we have brought an exciting opportunity for you to WIN A GIFT CARD on Valentine’s Day. Click here to know more & steal a chance to double your joy this Valentine’s Day!

We have it all set to lift-up your mood

Our property is located at the lap of nature and we have made it exclusively luxurious for you to spend some good time with your loved one. Our kitchen adds more to this retreat by offering some extraordinary delicacies that can’t be found anywhere else. Pools, sauna, hot water bath, ayurvedic and international massages along with tender salon experience are some addons that make us worth desirable to partner into a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for your beloved.

Are you in with us? Let’s get to work and create some beautiful memories together for an out-of-the-world experience that you can get only at our property- Northumberland Heights.


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