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In today’s world, no one has time for themselves. Everyone is running all the time in order to sustain through life. All our day to day activities and work leaves us stressed and tired by the end of the week. The pressure and exhaustion if not drowned out of the body makes it even harder to survive through the next week. So our body and mind calls for a way to relieve the tension and feel refreshed during the weekend. Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating weekend getaway at the Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and spa. Pick up your friends/family or accompany your own self to this amazing space and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

The moment you step into this facility you are surrounded by nature and serenity. The whole ambiance of the place is set up in a way that it soothes your mind and body. It is a luxurious experience that leaves you feeling fulfilled. The place offers a great deal of activities to choose from. You have the freedom to enjoy whatever your heart wants and have a joyful time of your life.

Experience a luxury stay at any of the premium suites at the Northumberland Heights. All the suites are accompanied with a garden view that make you feel that you are amid nature and greenery. You can even choose a suite that has a private patio, sun loungers and dining area for a royal treatment. The interior of each and every suite is designed in such a way that it feels like home and comforts you even more. A visit here offers you a great chance to have a perfect weekend with your loved ones. Relax in your private patio and enjoy customized in room massage and spa sessions. Experience each and everything in the comfort of your suite or indulge yourself in meditation or yoga amid the forest to rejuvenate your soul.

Relaxing in a spa is a perfect way to relax the mind and body as well. And what better time there is to enjoy a spa than at a vacation. Enjoy signature experiences at the Northumberland Heights that take you into another world and you indulge in a love affair with the refreshment that covers your mind and body. They offer varied services that can be customised and tailored to fulfil your explicit needs. The expert spa team at the facility helps to plan a complete revitalizing spa experience for you.

What vacation is complete without some heart filling delicious food? None, right. World class chefs work day and night to cater you the most amazing and mouth watering cuisines. Special demands regarding food are also fulfilled with information prior to 24 hour.

Escape from your daily life to experience serenity and calmness at the Northumberland Heights Spa and Wellness Retreat. Spoil yourself with varied activities that refresh your mind, soul and body. Spend a weekend at this peaceful place and you won’t be able to resist the urge of coming back here again. Experience Calmness, experience luxury!

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