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Are you having a hard time trying to decide on the gifting options for a loved one or maybe a friend? We know how frustrating it is to find a perfectly complementing gift according to someone’s personality and liking. No matter how much you try, you may fail at choosing a gift as per the liking of another individual. Moreover, people nowadays aren’t more into stocking up their homes with art pieces or other items that take premium spaces at the Gift Gallery.

With time and facility, things have gone more digital. People are offering services as gifts, and that sounds like an interesting pick. Gifting vacations, honeymoons, short trips, table reservations, a ticket to museums or fun parks, library memberships, and so on are more common among the new generation. The gifting equation is all new, so does your approach to gifting should be!

As a wellness retreat in Canada, we can tell you that spa gift cards are the most sought-out gifting options at our property. It is becoming quite a trend to gift each other spa vacations than the normal ones. We even see newly engaged or married couples visiting us through gift cards, and this motivates us to reveal some benefits of spa gift cards to you. Maybe we resolve the gifting dilemma that can help you in surprising your loved ones with wellness options.


Let’s uncover a range of benefits that a spa gift card can offer to you and the one to whom you are planning to please. At our wellness retreat in Canada, spa gift cards are available in all categories, including various benefits ranging from personal care to excursions to dates, dining or health. It makes spa gift cards the most sought-after gifting option.

We will discuss some of the most common benefits of spa gift cards. It will help you in making the right choice for your personal gifting needs.

Unique Gifting Option

Spa gift cards make a unique gifting option because these offer a much-required time-out to your loved ones. Also, it helps them in reaping health benefits during their stay at the spa resorts. None no other vacation that the spa holidays aim to provide a wellness package. You are more likely to return tired from any other type of holiday while at the spa break your work in sync with nature, fitness and health.

It leaves you with a lot of energy and enthusiasm once the retreat is over. Hence, the one who receives spa services as a gift not only appreciates your gesture but gets to learn new ways of healthier living. In a way, spa gift cards change the way people look at holidays and fitness. You give your loved ones a completely new outlook on life and wellness when you gift them with customized spa and wellness services. What else can be more special than this?

Full of Surprises for them

The ones receiving spa gift cards may visualize it as only limited to spa services. To their surprise, upon actually visiting the spa property, they get in complete awe of it upon discovering many associated services with their gift package. Spa resorts also give you the freedom to choose from the side services like facials, salons, body treatments, peels, forest bathing, hot tubs, sauna and much more. It will delight them with surprises, and they will not get tired of saying thanks for such a pampering thing.

More Thoughtfully Designed to Recognize the Difference

Wellness and spa services are usually the ones that people may not opt for until advised by someone else because they perceive it more as a treatment than relaxation. However, it is a complete myth. Services at the spa resorts offer multiple benefits concerning health, mood uplifting, nerve relaxation, excursions, and more. Once at the spa, your loved ones will find them at the perfect place that activates their brain and body.

More Economical

Spa gift cards are expensive! It is yet another myth prevalent among people who hesitate to book one for their loved ones. The fact is we rarely approach the right kind of spa resorts or retreats. If you are in Canada, then you can contact us. We are a wellness retreat in Canada that is the most competitive and has the best Spa Gift Cards available under our umbrella. Spa gift cards are more economical than a fancy gift item that has only materialistic worth.

If you want to spend even lesser, then spa retreats also offer day packages which are even more economical than the overnight deals. By choosing any of the two, you will gift the same amount of satisfaction and worthiness to your loved one. There is always a chance that an individual may increase the duration by opting in to stay a few hours or maybe days more if they like the services. So, don’t hesitate and fearlessly present the spa gift card to your loved ones. We bet they would want it more again.

What Can We Offer You?

A completely non-expiring Gift Certificate. Does that ring the bell? Come on now and get one for your loved one(s).

How a Recipient Uses the Gift Certificate at Northumberland Heights?

The recipient can call our property and may reserve the room.

Surprise your loved ones by gifting them some quality time at the most luxurious wellness retreat in Canada. They can have the best of their life moments at our luxurious abode, which also complements nature. We keenly connect our guests with nature because it heals. Yes! Mother nature has a surprising healing aura.

We all need some reconnection with mother nature and ourselves because in the hustle-bustle of daily life, somewhere we lose ourselves. At regular intervals, we need this kind of reconnection with the universe and our entire being. None other than our humble abode can help your loved ones refresh, relax and rejuvenate in a way that’s superior to anything- natural healing.

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