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We live in a world that is full of different types of people in thoughts, delivery, shape, size and appearance. Today, it is common for a group or two to talk about health concerns. People have become more health-conscious than ever. The COVID breeze has made people more inclined towards maintaining good health at the wellness spas.

Now when we talk about maintaining good health, it indicates getting a better immune system which can be developed through healthy eating and committed physical training. Have you ever experienced being obese? If not, we congratulate you or if yes then you know the struggle and life threats that obese people tend to face due to their ‘love handles’.


Obesity is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. It draws people to a miserable end leading to several health issues such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and chronic liver problems.

Also, it has a close connection with being mentally stressed. More than half of obese people are either mentally stressed or lonely. Eating disorder makes them obese while a sluggish lifestyle acts as a catalyst to this problem. The earlier it is addressed, the better it is for the obese person to lead a normal life in conjunction with nature.


Health and wellness spas play a crucial role in settling down obesity issues with people by also helping them to heal holistically, leaving their past life behind. They learn to inculcate healthy eating habits and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness spas focus on providing customized ayurvedic massages to heal your body from emotional discomfort or trauma that causes you to either overeat or live a dormant life.

Why you should opt for a wellness spa massage if you are obese too?

There are several different massages that you can explore to lose weight while we recommend a Swedish massage as it also relieves stress. You can indulge in several massages ranging from deep tissue massage to Shiatsu. Deep tissue massage is considered the best form of massage that helps in losing weight. It exerts mild pressure and is great for loosening muscles and offering improved circulation, thereby helping in toning your muscles down up to a fair extent.

Stay at the wellness spa for shedding extra kilos

A wellness spa resort provides you with a ‘stay’ opportunity to allow yourself to heal and lose some extra pounds in a tranquil environment. There you can indulge yourself in routine yoga sessions and may also seek advice from ancient massage experts. For instance, an ayurvedic massage like abhyanga uses warm oils and herbs to awaken your body and making it free from doshas.

Tone your muscles

Soaking yourself in the hot tubs gives you an extra sense of relief and adds to the toning of your muscles. Most of the spa uses the ‘slimming body wrap’ technique to help you trim down few extra kilos.

Indulge in massages and life changing activities

Not just the therapeutic massages but at spa resorts you also undergo various habit reforming activities that change you into a better-looking person. Inclination towards healthy eating and fitness adds to your weight loss regime at the spa. All you need to do is be determined about the same.

Say ‘No’ to excuses

You have to keep reminding yourself that obesity is a disease instead of accepting it as an excuse. At no point, you should compromise with your health. Nothing more than a daily reminder can be your escape to a great weight loss journey. Most often people tend to justify obesity with lame excuses. For instance, a lady complaining about gaining inappropriate weight in all places after pregnancy is baseless. It is proven that a woman attains hardly 10 kgs extra during their pregnancy.

Hence, stop that blame-game and get ready for your weight-loss regime at the health and wellness spa. However, you must ascertain you want to lose weight at the spa because the spa has associated relevancy with weight loss programs only when combined with regular exercise or equivalent physical activity.

Book the best spa resort for yourself

Once you have made up your mind, you can approach a nearby wellness spa resort to book your stay. Make sure you are relying your time and money on an authentic spa where you get to learn many different things than just undergoing various spa sessions.

How Northumberland Heights can help you in your weight loss regime?

At Northumberland Heights, we make it easier for you to decide on your weight loss journey by introducing you to numerous activities which range from various spas to steam and sauna sessions, a routine yoga class and meditation hour to help you release the negativity of thoughts. You can also delve into the holistic experience through spiritual awakening lessons.

It will help you in releasing stress and create a balance in your life that is otherwise disturbed due to not being normal. Get yourself ready for one of the best spa resorts in Canada. We are situated at the lap of nature, bounded by serenity and a very tranquil environment. Give us a chance to partner in your journey towards holistic healing.

Our offerings that make your stay more happening

We also have a great arrangement for overnight spa retreats. Especially for a goal-based wellness spa vacation, we recommend you take advantage of the staying facility provided by us. Our luxury suites make you want to stay even more. You can not only attain your goals at Northumberland Heights but, you can also relax a bit more healthily unlike slogging on the couch, binge-watching Netflix and eating unhealthy meals.

We invite you to experience luxury and nature together at a picturesque property in Ontario. We would love to serve you with pride and honour, and we promise to deliver exceptional services for you. When you get a little bored of the spa routine, you can relax at the world-class salon that we keep on for our guests to receive the much-needed pampering. Our kitchen offers you healthy meals keeping your weight loss goal in mind. While you are at Northumberland Heights, you are less likely to deviate from your plan. Let us know how we can help you more!

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