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Table Of Content

1. Decide Your Destination Spa Resorts

2. Get your eye on the Spa Deals and Offers

  1. Break the barriers

  2. Be courteous to the masseuse

  3. Pool After The Massage

  4. Follow Your Yoga Guru

  5. Spa Break is Different from Regular Holiday

Few Things That You Should Consider

Routine busy days at work, household and children always keeping you occupied makes your body system tired and wrecks your nerves. Every once in a while, it becomes quite a thing to do with the spa resorts. A tiring work week makes you exhausted, hence, one weekend per month should be your motivation for heading to the spa for some much-needed relaxation.

Various health and wellness spas offer great deals on weekends. You should also benefit from the same. Be vigilant about the various spa offerings, compare and crack the most beneficial deal for yourself.

Don’t ever shy away from scrutinizing the property. After all, you need to be sure about the safety and security at a place that you are planning to choose for your next spa vacation. There can be different reasons that you may want to go to a spa resort, the relaxation being the prime. You could be a regular spa-goer or a first-timer but all you may need irrespective of having past spa experience is the appropriate planning.

What’s all that you need to know from us being in the business of wellness spa in Ontario is everything that can ensure a perfectly soothing vacation. Wait and read below to understand what all you need to do before deciding to visit any health and wellness spa.


Give yourself a break from rushing down the list of spas and making a rash decision. Take a thorough look at the list provided by your assistant and narrow down your list to the top three wellness spa resorts. It gives you a chance to wrap up finalizing process earlier. Compare through the top three spas, take final quotes from each of those spa resorts, check their reviews and ratings online, meet their agents in person and finalize the one according to your satisfaction.

Once you finally decide on the spa destination, you can make a preliminary visit to the spa location to get the feel of the property, ambience and services at large. Don’t shy away from asking for free trials. After all, you are looking forward to investing your valuable time and hard-earned money at their property. No good spa will deny you trials unless it’s something out of their way.

Get your eye on the Spa Deals and Offers

Saving some extra bucks has never harmed anyone! Therefore, you should keep an eye on the current spa deals and offerings at your chosen spa. Sometimes you get beneficial schemes of up to fifty percent discounts. If you are one lucky fellow you may also get some free services or even a return discount offer.

Break the barriers

It is obvious to feel a bit lonely if you are alone at the wellness-spa. In that case, you may talk to fellow retreaters. If you don’t consider yourself a good conversation opener, then it is advisable to start with genuine gestures, preferable smiling to break the ice. It will make others feel comfortable around you and you would be able to mingle up well.

Be courteous to the masseuse

At the spa, you must be courteous with your masseuse, failing which may lead to unnecessary restrictions on you from using their services again. Yes! You may get barred from a wellness spa resort if found guilty of any misconduct with your masseuse, especially during the wellness spa massage. Serious spa-goers understand this and value the masseuse and their work. Hence, be courteous. If you are not comfortable during the spa or want the masseuse to exert more or maybe less pressure at some points, be calmly vocal about it and she will understand.

Pool After The Massage

Get your muscles ready with a thorough massage before pool time. Massaging lets your body experience full relaxation before it submerges into the pool water. Don’t get yourself too excited in the pool around others. Be calm and respectful towards the healing of others. Be very mindful that people come to the spas for relaxing and not having fun the other way round.

Follow Your Yoga Guru

Yoga is a form of exercise. Hence, if done incorrectly it can lead to several health issues. It is recommended that you strictly follow instructions from the yoga guru at the health and wellness spa. It will help you learn some great insights about the health benefits of routine yoga. You will take home this habit of keeping in good health. All thanks to your wellness spa resort.

Spa Break is Different from Regular Holiday

Yes! The Sooner you understand, the better it is for you to have a perfectly soothing spa vacation. It is different from a regular holiday in a way that you cannot just talk loud on phone or in person, you can’t listen to loud music, you can’t just be your undisciplined self. You have to follow the rules of the spa which includes maintaining a tranquil atmosphere and awakening one’s senses. At a spa resort, you bind more with nature and serenity than indulging with loud music, junk and parties. This is your journey towards tranquillity.

At Northumberland Heights, we bring you close to nature without letting you compromise luxury. We have keenly designed our suites to match the royal touch while our spa suites are an answer to all your lavish spa needs. Relax and enjoy at the same time. Indulge in some fine dining at our luxurious restaurant where good food and wine welcome you open-heartedly.

Northumberland Heights is one of the best wellness spas in Ontario and we are delighted to welcome you for your next relaxation journey at our humble abode. Stay for a day or overnight at our property, we have great spa deals and offerings for you. Choose any of the massages and get great services in return. Soothe yourself in the arms of luxury cradled by mother nature herself.

Take a walk through lush green forests or indulge in some forest bath in solitude. Each activity at our property is designed to bring calmness to your life. We aim to deliver peace and happiness to our visitors who visit us to avail our exclusive spa offerings and a ticket to soul healing, inner awakening and chakras strengthening.

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