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Being a wellness spa retreat center, we have come across many people who fear dying from COVID. It is horrendous, and this pandemic is seriously one rigid era. However, it isn’t that much fearful disease that can destroy the entire living being, especially humans. The mortality rate of coronavirus isn’t as much as its spread. Therefore, all that we as humans need to ensure is to minimize the multiplication of this virus. It is plausible with Ayurveda practices which creates the base of healthy living.

Ayurveda is a part of Eastern philosophy. It is a strong healing practice that employs lifestyle changes, including nutrition-based eating, medicinal herbs, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation for developing immunity. Ayurveda practices focus on healing the mind and body and bringing them in complete sync. In Ayurveda, it is critical to creating an overall balance between your mind, body and the environment where you reside. Everything that aims at wellbeing is a part of Ayurveda. However, it is not only for sick people. It is also for everyone who wants to live a healthy life through immunity building. Especially during the COVID era, it becomes even more critical to head to Ayurvedic healing. All that it requires is pure dedication, discipline, hard work and a proactive approach.

Use Ayurveda as a tool against coronavirus infection. Also, maintain the appropriate social-distancing and utilization of masks and sanitizers. Here are few ways in which you can leverage the practice of Ayurveda for obtaining health benefits and


Cook healthy, eat better and in just-right proportions

Ayurveda emphasizes cooking and eating freshly prepared meals at the rightest time in the right portion. It focuses on conscious eating. Keep your breakfast as the smallest meal and lunch as the largest meal of the day. Have only warm food and give importance to drinking a decent amount of water. Drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. Say no to caffeine and alcohol as these are known to worsen health slowly and gradually. Eat less sugar or discard having direct consumption of sugar or sugary items with healthier replacements like jaggery. Do not depend on fatty or excessively salty food, but focus on eating whole grains more for healthy digestion.

Get a massage regularly

Massage positively impacts your hormone system. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Massage helps the skin to release several anti-ageing and anti-cancerous substances and impacts the blood circulation level. It calms down the nervous system, lowers stress and boosts immunity. You can take a simple massage of at least 20 to 30 minutes regularly to experience all of the above. It helps in the long run and keeps you rejuvenated throughout the day. You can also get a soothing massage at a wellness spa retreat center.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is yet another great practice that increases lymph circulation and helps your body perform against several infections. Lymph nodes clear the unwanted fluids from your body, keeping it cleaner and healthier. For instance, during yoga poses like Uttanasana or Sarvangasana, your body goes through a complete cleansing.

Refrain from having cold, sweet, or fried eatables and beverages

Avoid having anything that can cause harm your health. Cold, sweet or fried eatables and beverages impacts your digestive system and make you unhealthy. To avoid catching flu or cold, add ginger to your meals and teas. Have Tulsi-induced tea and include all the spices in your food which are herbal.


Meditation soothes you, and it has great significance in Ayurveda. Meditating helps you to connect with the universe and ground yourself to reality. It creates an impactful aura concerning your physical health. The meditation practices help boost the immune system by lowering cortisol. Additionally, it also helps in improving gut health which further adds to your immune system stabilization.

Breath in and Breath out

Pranayama is a beneficial breathing exercise that involves breathing in and breathing out for a clean respiratory system. It adds to lowering stress and improving respiratory ailments leading towards a healthy immune system. Perform breathing exercises by calmly sitting in a serene environment to keep the deadly coronavirus at bay.

Choose either a terrace or a garden for the most calming experiences. Keep your spine as straight as possible and close your eyes. Put your palms on your knees, face upwards and exhale completely. Now, inhale normal but exhale sharply that your naval experiences the push of it.

Repeat this practice for at least 20 minutes. You will experience a different freshness in your body. It will hardly take 5 minutes from your daily routine, but it will surely add to strengthening your immune system. However, pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, heart issues, slip disc or epilepsy should not practice this breathing exercise as it will put unnecessary pressure on their weakest points. Morning time is best suited for breathing exercises because the morning air is the freshest, while you can also practice it after your dinner but not before two hours of completing your last meal.

Caution: All of the above are the general tips you can follow to avoid catching the coronavirus infection. These in no way represent any form of treatment. We encourage you to vaccinate yourself against the coronavirus and side by side to follow these tried and tested tips for boosting health and immunity.

Northumberland Heights is a wellness spa retreat that is a purely COVID-free campus. We employ the latest testing methods and do not allow any admissions in case of adverse indications. We invite you to spend some beautiful time at our humble abode, where luxury meets serenity. We aim to deliver the best spa and wellness experience through luxurious arrangements. You also get to learn some unique meditation and yoga methods to practice when the retreat is over. Also, if you are looking forward to throwing a bachelorette party, baby shower, special anniversary, wedding reception or a simple reunion party, we have your back. You can mesmerize your guests with our tranquil treatment and party arrangements in this heritage property.

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