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Table of Contents

Here’s how you can benefit from our wellness spa resort?

  1. Have some Me-Time spending Wee hours

  2. Unlearn poor eating habits

  3. Devote yourself to Yoga and meditation

  4. Hug nature

Ever gave it a thought about technology being more than a boon to humans? It is more of a friend, a confidant, or an emotional support system these days. The global populations have experienced a gloomy phase during the emergency halts everywhere due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Technology played a vital role in keeping us all informed and more moreover connected. Imagine how the world would have been without the technology during this pandemic! Of course, the human tendency is to keep sailing irrespective of how destructive a storm can be, yet, technology has made it far more smooth for all of us. There’s no denying that! So why are we even discussing that, being a core wellness spa resort?

It is simply because, spa and wellness businesses have been utilizing technology to advantage from it, even during the Coronavirus outbreak. It has been possible only due to technology to connect with our large number of guests, be it through phone calls, messaging, video chats, zoom sessions, and everything under the sun. We have been constantly providing guidance and consultation to our old as well as new clients who have been desperately looking for wellness consultation.

Now, when the country is slowly and gradually reshaping back, we feel an ultimate urge to reach out to our dedicated visitors and invite them for a soothing spa. Yes, you need it!

The whole pandemic thing has stressed everyone a lot. Its repercussions will take a long while to leave your mind. Its adverse effects have already imprinted your bodies with extraneous cellulite, dull skin, immobility, muscle stiffness, and what not! Doesn’t all of this give you enough reasons to hit our doors and be proactive in seeking help?

Only a wellness retreat and spa can offer relaxation to your stressed mind, body, soul. Trust me you need complete rejuvenation to unlearn the side-effects of Coronavirus breakdown to start life afresh. Before that get vaccinated too, because, at Northumberland Heights wellness spa resort, we allow only vaccinated visitors.


Have some Me-Time spending Wee hours

While being at home for a long time, you must be wanting to have some wee hours where either you alone or with your partner want to have some quality time. Never underestimate the power of solitude. Coronavirus has made us all stay at home either with family or alone. Both situations have their odds. Staying alone in the locked doors also has ill effects on your health.

Also, staying with a whole lot of noises at a home full of children and daily chores, makes it unbearable sometimes. In both situations, you want some positive alone time that you and only you can own and call it yours. It is a kind of healing therapy. By being at the spa, you not only get a chance to explore solitude but also enjoys soothing massages that lay a positive impact on your mental and physical well-being.

Unlearn poor eating habits

While sitting idle at home or working from home, we develop certain poor eating habits that follow us to eternity. It is crucial to keep a check on such habits and put an end to them. At a wellness spa resort, you indulge in good eating habits. Moreover, you learn to eat healthily and cook healthy using essential herbs and spices required for a healthy mind and body. If you have developed poor eating habits, it is high time that you head towards a wellness retreat and correct your lifestyle.

Devote yourself to Yoga and meditation

It seems truly inspiring to perform dedicated yoga and meditation at home, but do you think it is that easy. It may take you months to decide and forever to actually do it! I know many of you may relate very well to it. At a wellness retreat, you can fully devote your time to performing yoga and meditation. Once you spend a good amount of time at the retreat, you develop this habit as a ritual once the retreat overs.

Hug nature

How long has it been that you spent some quality time with nature? Don’t you think you are missing something very important in your life? Of course, you are! You are missing fresh air; you are compromising on your health by doing so. Again, that was also the need of the hour to stay locked inside our homes at one point in time. Since things are pacing up now, you need to give yourself some great pleasures. Embracing nature and its surrounding will help you in reconnecting with the universe.

You will feel fresh and rejuvenized once again. At the spa resorts, you can also indulge in forest bathing or spa in natural surroundings. It will boost your energy levels and you will feel lively again. Doesn’t this sound like a good idea to invest in a few great spa offerings and deals?

At Northumberland Heights, we have it all set for you! We understand how much people have gone through during the tough pandemic era. Therefore, we have custom-created our spa deals and offerings to complement the need of the hour. You will experience complete rejuvenation at our wellness spa resort. We will take you to another level of the spa experience. You will not just feel relaxed but pampered and special.

It will be a cherry on the cake if you bring your spouse too as we will arrange special dates for the two of you as well. Breathe in the fresh air, spend alone time in the jungle, meditate, cook, read books in the lap of nature, or simply relax in your personal suit at our humble abode.

We promise that each bit of your stay will bring a quick boost to your energy levels. During your stay, you will be treated like a king or queen, because our hospitality revolves around making our guests feel special. Through all our spa sessions or excursions, we want you to feel connected, rejuvenated, and wanted. It is the first step of wellness. Our aim is to introduce our guests to wellness in the most luxurious possible manner.

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