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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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Turning your Holidays into a Blissful Memory…

Time and again you may need an escape from technology to get some peace of mind, body and soul. None other than a wellness spa resorts can be your refuge to a good time. At a wellness retreat, you do not only relax but get a completely euphoric experience in terms of involving with various different activities such as meditation, yoga, sauna, cooking, nature walks and so on.

Health and wellness spas are specifically designed to offer you a feeling of rejuvenation and greatness. The aim is to leave you completely relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated as you near your days to end your spa and wellness vacation.

Be it your latest crush on wellness spa massage or your curiosity to celebrate holidays differently at a nearby or any international wellness retreat, you would end up feeling all the way happier than any other holiday spree.


Heaven Away from Home

Sounds a little different! Yes, but an escape to a wellness retreat gives you a heavenly treatment that you can’t get at home. No wonder there are always ample reasons to respect our homes, yet we need to feel a little different after a certain period of time.

What can be a better choice than switching to a place that’s not just close to nature but offers tremendous relaxation and a royal treatment with an exotic dining experience? When you are at a health and wellness spa massage retreat, you are likely to experience greatness and discover a different focus altogether.

Breaking the Monotony

With lots of working time and routine duties, it becomes a complete necessity to break the monotony to feel refreshed. The daily indulgence in day-to-day responsibilities makes you feel more like a machine than a human. So, to feel like a human again, you need a perfect hide-out- an escape from everything that may turn you into a robot.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A wellness retreat can bring many healthy lifestyle changes for you. There, you learn to indulge in activities that are good for your body, mind and soul. None of the other types of vacation are so powerful to provide you with a package of great health habits that you can develop during your stay at a wellness spa resorts.

Relaxing in Luxury and Enjoying the Nature

Wellness spa resorts are a great option to unwind the tensed muscles to luxurious relaxation. Also, you get an opportunity to feel nature closely through stimulating nature walks or open-air activities or may some simple bonfire sessions with some light music or just a natural forest bath. Guess what! There’s no stress on you to get involved in all of the activities but you can choose to do whatever you enjoy the most.

Relationship Rejuvenation

One of the most important reasons to choose a wellness retreat for spending some of your days is ‘relationship-rejuvenation’. In such an arrangement, you can spend some great time with your partner for rediscovering the proximity and love which fades while performing daily rituals in routine life.

Build Connections

Well said and done! A holiday spree is already popular for getting you some new connection but at a wellness retreat you don’t only make new connections; you expand your circle to few like-minded people with whom you can share long-lasting bonds even after the retreat is over.

Heal and Grow

Varied mind and body lessons at wellness spa resorts heal you from within. Your soul gets nourished and your body gets healed. A wellness spa massage offering includes multiple massage sessions that you can choose for yourself. Also, couple massage is the hottest trend that you can binge upon to revitalize your relationship with your partner.

What else than a complete overhaul can be a better option to relax and rejuvenate in harmony with nature and luxury.

Since Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for spending vacations or some good time. If you are an outsider planning to visit wellness and spa resorts in Canada, then it is crucial for you to know the best time to travel to this warm and welcoming place. Usually the fall months, viz., September and October are considered best for visiting Canada. The weather remains pleasant and you don’t find much crowd either.

Also, if you like to sprawl in spring then visiting around mid-March is recommended. Also, you can choose winters or summers as per your sensitivity towards different climates. You can find many great wellness spa resorts in Canada. We at Northumberland Heights too are involved in shaping your holidays into a memorable craft that can stay not just in your memory but with you as an experience.

We have custom massage and spa offerings which include various Ayurvedic and International massages. You can choose from a range of different types of healings as per your requirements. On top of it, we are more focused to introduce luxury to your stay at our property which is situated in the lap of nature.

Our hot tubs, saunas and fine dining experience add a royal touch to make you feel special. Additionally, you can attend our daily Yoga and meditation classes for inner healing and bodily rejuvenation.

We have custom-created our spa packages to make them more beneficial for you. For instance, you may or may not want to stay overnight, hence we have custom-designed our spa offerings according to overnight and day visitors.

Once you are at our property, you can be fully assured about your safety as we have well-prepared ourselves for unlock and have kept all safety measures in place.

With time, we have also implemented few changes in the way we provide service to our visitors. Offerings are kept contactless wherever applicable. Hence, you can enjoy your stay at our property with utmost joy.

All you need to care about is self-healing and rejuvenation. After all, you come this far to spend a good time. Indulge in our exclusive kitchen and dining experience. Have some wine and enjoy your vacation spree! Welcome to Northumberland Heights.

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