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During the winter, the days are short and chilly. Earth and water temperatures are cool, the air is dry, and the sun is weaker. We all need to balance our Vata energy during the winter season, according to Ayurveda. People are prone to Vata imbalance during cold weather. Symptoms include anxiety, restlessness, trouble sleeping, dry skin, joint pain, weight gain, and muscle stiffness.

As you approach the winter season, a winter spa treatment may be a useful tool to help you. It is more than five thousand years old that Ayurvedic practices like oiling the body originated. As described in Ayurveda, warm oil massages (abhyanga) are important for the colder months, as they support you in healing, hibernating, rejuvenating, and recharging.


  • Boost circulation, especially to the nerve endings

  • Physiological and muscular toning

  • Nerve soothing

  • Joint lubrication

  • Enhances mental alertness

  • Removes impurities from the body

  • Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother

  • Improves endurance throughout the day

  • Promotes a deeper, more restful night’s sleep

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic massage in a winter spa treatment?

Immune boosting

A sluggish lymphatic system can occur during the cold winter months. Massage with Ayurvedic oils promotes lymph flow, which contains white blood cells. These “killer cells” have the ability to fight off infections and bacteria, strengthening the immune system that many of us experience at this time of year.

Dry skin/skincare

During the winter, your skin can become dry, so ayurvedic oil massage can significantly improve hydration. You will feel nourished and hydrated after using oil, since it increases circulation, allowing vitamins to be absorbed by your skin.

Improved circulation

Some people experience aches and pains during the winter months due to arthritis. By improving blood circulation, ayurvedic oil massage helps to improve muscle mobility, joint movement, and organ function. It enhances all the functions of the body naturally and improves the flow of blood.

Winter blues

Stress can also be brought on by colder weather, as well as feelings of depression, sadness, and sluggishness. In Ayurveda, oil massage releases serotonin and endorphins, two hormones that relieve stress and depression and make you feel happier. Hence a regular massage should be a part of your winter spa treatment regimen.

Detox your body

Massage with ayurvedic oil is an important part of ayurvedic detox (panchakarma). Our bloodstream transports the stubborn toxins out of our tissues and back into our intestines through abhyanga. Oil massages are recommended by Ayurveda to rid the body of toxins as well as to prevent them from forming in the first place.

The wintertime tends to be a time of Kapha excess since Kapha shares many of its features with Vata. In order to ensure our skin glows with health and warmth, we need to follow a routine keeping both Doshas in mind.

Sneha Abhyanga to accompany winter spa treatment

The Sanskrit word “Sneha” means both “love” and “oil.” Massaging your body with body oil helps balance Vata Dosha, while massaging with herbal oil is a relaxing practice, detoxifying the skin, building strength and circulation.

Routinely massaging yourself every day for 30 to 45 minutes can produce the greatest results. If you have time, you can do it for longer. Abhyanga is beneficial even when practiced twice or three times a week. Use a thin layer of oil after your hot shower, as it will continue moisturizing your skin throughout the day. If you take a lot of soap after the massage, the soap will wash away all of the oil.

Numerous types of oils can be beneficial to a recipient, depending on their state of balance or imbalance, also considering the intensity of your winter spa treatment.

If your predominant Dosha is Vata, a warm oil massage in winter Oil is an effective option. Oils with sesame oil as a base are good for Pitta Doshas as they soften, detoxify, and soothe the skin. They may relieve itchiness and burning.

If your dominant Dosha is Kapha, coconut skin oil could be equally beneficial. It helps in calming down the nerves and offers optimum nourishment and rejuvenation to your skin.

Sesame oil massages with warmed chests and foreheads help relieve congestion and cold symptoms quickly. These massages improve circulation and warm the body.

You can use any warm oil to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating foot massage just before bedtime if you experience insomnia and restlessness at night. The massage relieves anxiety and encourages deep sleep. To protect your sheets from oil, wear designated oil socks over your feet.

You can protect your body’s skin from the cold and dryness of the winter season by choosing the right oil and practicing daily routines. You can love and give yourself a lot of care, mentally and physically when indulging in an effective winter spa treatment.

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