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Are you finding your nerves jamming due to the winter arrival? Not feel like warming up or even moving out of the bed! We understand how tedious it is to come out of your cozy room and get ready for work in the wintery cold. It isn’t only tough but intimidating most of the time.

However, you cannot find an escape from winters and you cannot also leave the joy of this cozy weather but often the question is “how can you do that?” By sticking to your winter workout goals! And yes, we are serious about this. You can always approach us to feel a little cozier and beat the cold with our exclusive winter management tips. Here you go!

Summer is when more people head outdoors to embrace the sun, warmer weather, and longer days. We at the Northumberland Heights wellness retreats and spa resort would like to suggest that you shouldn’t stop your exercise routine during the winter.

The best time to assess your fitness goals is now. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to remind yourself of all the benefits of staying fit.

Thermal spas provide a great way to keep warm during cold weather and will help you get through the winter. If you want to feel well, fit, and healthy after winter has passed, it makes sense to revamp your exercise routine during the winter months.


It is important to exercise during the cold months to stay motivated.

As the weather gets colder, it can be hard to remain motivated, when you’d rather curl up beside the fire and drink hot chocolate instead of working out.

When you indulge in this urge to slow down, it can cause health problems as well as wellness problems. Being active, physically as well as mentally, is the best way to prevent and combat colds and the flu, as well as to eliminate laziness after the winter months.

During the day, simple movements like walking will trigger the release of dopamine and noradrenaline. The two neurotransmitters are key to regulating circadian rhythms and regaining energy.

Even if you haven’t worked out in a while, it is extremely important to take care of your body and mind with a massage spa. By doing so, you will remain motivated and may also relish the goodness of essential oils.


There are several ways to convert your favorite summer workouts into winter equivalents. These are some ideas to get you started:

How can You Keep Working-out irrespective of being at a winter spa resort or not?

Even if you can’t leave your house because of the cold, you don’t have to avoid exercising. You can find many exercise videos online that you can watch for free. It is also possible to set up a gym in your living room!

You can get even better results if you have space to store resistance bands, weights, skipping ropes, etc. You can exercise your entire body with these items.

You can run even further distances at a faster pace by staying hydrated and reducing your heart rate when it’s cold.

If it’s too cold outside, you can always use the treadmill. This still gives you a great workout while avoiding frostbite.

The cold shouldn’t stop you from achieving your winter workout goals. Enjoy a round of golf, a game of footie, or about of netball with friends.

Try working out at your local gym if you wish to work out with a group. While you’re exercising, you can also interact socially when you choose a workout. From aerobics to Zumba, you can exercise socially.

If you are exercising on an exercise bike, don’t let the lack of external views discourage you. To stay focused, you may listen to music, watch videos, or listen to podcasts.

An outdoor pool is a great place to relax, but it’s also an effective way to lose weight and stay determined to achieve your winter workout goals. Having a few swimming lessons is also a good idea if you do not know how to swim. If you are amazed by the results at the end, it might be worth it.

A new experience can be just what you need during the winter. You can stay fit and healthy this winter by doing winter-friendly exercises at your favorite exercising place. Practice either yoga, Pilates. You can also enjoy the hot tub at a winter spa resort near you and feel rejuvenated after a long tiring holiday week.

If you decide to do any exercise in the winter, remember to warm up first because the cold weather tightens muscles. Finally, a cool-down should follow the warm-up.

During a strenuous workout, you may benefit from thermal spa therapy to aid in recovery. In addition to promoting blood circulation, heat will also repair damaged muscles in your body.

You might be tempted to skip your winter workouts when your motivation wanes, but make sure to remember all the health benefits you gain from staying fit, both mentally and physically, during this time of year.

Make fitness a habit over the winter and summer, and you’ll be ready to tackle New Year’s resolutions with a wellness-packed winter workout goal!

What We Can Offer You?

Northumberland Heights wellness retreat is a perfect winter spa resort near you in Ontario. We will bring you to a state of total calm and tranquility no matter the season. Exercise routines, yoga, and meditation that are designed specifically for achieving the best results are conducted. In addition to accomplishing your winter workout goals while working out in the forest-covered area, you can meditate there as well.

If you’re looking to get into shape and lose some weight, we have yoga classes available for you. Being surrounded by lush greenery, our property provides the highest level of luxury and wellness. Get a dose of perfection at our spa resort when you indulge in a spellbinding spa experience. You’ll lose weight, improve your health, and learn mindfulness.

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