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Xperience a Mélange of Flavours & Cuisines at the Best Dining Spot in Ontario

Searching for the perfect dining place in Ontario? Well, with amazing food and drink options at Xperience – The Restaurant, we've got you covered!

Indulge in intriguing cuisines, learn about new civilizations, and create new memories at our restaurant that combines cultures from across the world. People from various walks of life are brought together by a special thread that is harnessed by Xperience. Our passion for delicious cuisine, wonderful people, and wonderful experiences drives us.

For special events like birthdays or anniversaries, we also provide private dining rooms, and our event coordinators can assist you to plan every last detail to make sure your event is a success.

We want to provide you with contemporary, seasonally appropriate food, fine wine, and pleasant drinks. We guarantee you a kind greeting, a relaxing atmosphere, first-rate service, and delicious food.

Only a short drive from Toronto, Xperience is situated in the stunning countryside of Northumberland County. We provide a distinctive eating experience that is unmatched in the city. We provide packages that include dining and lodging at our luxury hotel, making our restaurant the ideal destination for a day trip or weekend escape.

Xperience offers the best of everything, always!

The menu at Xperience features a wide selection of delectable dishes made using top-quality, regionally sourced ingredients. Our chefs are committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients, and every dish they prepare displays their love of cooking. Every dish on the menu, from our appetizers to our entrée and desserts, is sure to satisfy even the choicest diners.

One of our tasty appetizers, such as our well-liked crab cakes or our flavorful onion soup, can be the beginning of your dinner. With choices like the traditional schnitzel, delectable seafood delicacies like our lobster ravioli, or our scrumptious beef alternatives like our fillet mignon, our dinners are guaranteed to delight.

We provide a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options, including our vegan burger and our roasted veggie gnocchi.

Our large wine collection is one of Xperience's features. To complement our food, we have carefully chosen a variety of wines spanning the globe. With the assistance of our sommelier, you may choose the ideal wine to go with your meal.

Choose Xperience for an unforgettable dining experience!

Every location has a history that contributes to its uniqueness. Xperience - The Restaurant's history is presented here.

The oldest part of the land was once a farmhouse owned by a German family (Mike Theile), who turned it into a restaurant serving only German food, particularly the German Schnitzel. In 1970, Mike and his chef Sadie were so well known that customers would travel great distances by helicopter, only to taste their schnitzel and expensive booze.

Dining, in our opinion at Xperience, involves far more than simply eating. From the taste of the food to its presentation on the plate, it is an experience that appeals to all the senses. Because of this, we put tremendous effort into every component of our restaurant, including the design and the level of service.

Our big terrace is the ideal place to eat outside while our stylish and cozy dining room offers the ideal ambiance for a romantic evening.

We vow to take you on a delightful journey like never before, with a delectable menu, a variety of heartwarming delicacies to select from, and a choice of beverages that will round out your meal just the right way.

Head over to the liveliest commune in the city. Come relish a delectable variety of soul-satisfying dishes, only at Xperience !

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