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Brighton Ontario Restaurants: Casual Fine Dining has found a new address at one of the new and upcoming restaurants in the province. Xperience by Northumberland Heights is the answer to all your fine culinary dreams and prayers and the restaurant is excited to welcome all guests once again for their infamous Patio Dining.

Keeping all safety protocols and precautions at play, Xperience has very quickly found its way to the top when in the race with other Brighton Ontario Restaurants. For all your delicious cravings, a wholesome and delightful evening snack followed up by fine drinks that elevate your time at the restaurant, Xperience knows how to pair every dish and choose every ingredient very carefully so as to make it a match made in heaven when consumed with their special drinks.


Rising to the top of the list at being one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience by Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat and Spa leave no stones unturned when it comes taking all safety precautions and measures in addition to strict steps taken followed by the team members to ensure all the Guests have a COVID safe Xperience.

The restaurant has very quickly learned to embrace the ‘New Normal’ and set on a mission to rediscover their rules, norms, and beliefs about serving their guests with the ultimate Xperience of their dreams.

Now more than ever, the restaurant finds it as their utmost priority to introduce a set of rules and regulations which are being followed by the team members to ensure no Guest is directly exposed to the threat of COVID-19 while indulging away at Xperience.

How the restaurant is embracing the ‘New Normal’:

Amongst all the other Fine Dining Restaurants in the vicinity, Xperience has newly announced and started Patio Dining as a part of their culinary journey of welcoming Guests from all walks of life.

Be it, Guests who come for a relaxing stay at Northumberland Heights or Walk-In Guests, who come to savor away at one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience tops the list at following all rules and regulations set by the government in addition to the norms set by the team members themselves for extra safety.

Every Team member at Xperience is undergoing frequent and regular body temperature checks before they serve the Guests their meals, in order to be completely safe about the same. In addition to this, just like all other Restaurants in Ontario, Xperience has only kept its dining services to their outdoor Patios to ensure hygienic Social Distancing in the restaurant.

In addition to this, all Team Members cater to every Guest at a distance and while only wearing a mask.

Being a new addition to the list of Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience has already meticulously and seamlessly found its way into the hearts of the people around the vicinity by paying close attention to the small details that matter the most in the longer run.

How Guests are contributing to the Restaurant’s Safety Measures:

All Walk-In Guests visiting the restaurant have to make an advance booking for a table if they wish to make the most of the restaurant’s Patio Dining.

Maintaining Social Distancing with other Guests is a must in addition to wearing a mask before and after the meal has been consumed.

The restaurant constantly keeps a check on the Sanitization of all the dishes used in the ingredients along with the cleanliness in and around the kitchen.

Being one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience has taken special care to ensure they only elevate a Guests time at the restaurant and give them nothing less than what they truly deserve.

The warmth, kindness, and friendliness showered by all the Team Members and the Chef himself towards all the Guests is a testimony to this belief and continues to be the driving force for a lot of guests who keep returning.

When at Xperience by Northumberland Heights, any Guest can sense the genuine delight in every Team Member’s voice who serves the Guests. Every safety precaution taken in the restaurant along with all the protocols followed can only be brought to life every single day due to the hard work put in by the team every day and this is what makes it one of the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants.

Being a part of the Wellness Journey that a Guest begins with Northumberland Heights and continues to look for in the food served at Xperience, the restaurant has ensured the ever-growing standards and expectations of the place are met efficiently with the help of each and every team member to put in the work every day.

When in the hunt for a good fine-dining restaurant amongst other Brighton Ontario Restaurants, Xperience by Northumberland Heights is a full package that not only offers you a serene environment to enjoy your meals but also presents to you dishes that speak for themselves.

Rediscover your love for Fine Dining and all things related to a fresh indulgence with all the COVID-19 Safety precautions and protocols in place. Xperience is truly a place that fits all your events and occasions no matter what the circumstances. The restaurant is still growing and finding its way to the top in terms of a number of criteria when on the lookout for the best Brighton Ontario Restaurants.

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