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Enjoy a truly personalized relaxation experience and savour your time with a tailored signature experience. Each program can be further customized to meet individual needs and treatments can be booked across several days or in a series of back to back sessions. Our expert Spa team will guide you in the planning of your chosen spa experience.



60 MINS  •  $200.00

Traditional ayurvedic massage to the whole body done with highly specialized herb infused oils carefully chosen for your body type. This massage therapy utilizes the pouring of activated warm oils with customized natural herbal oil formulas for your particular needs, as well as : Body Mapping, Observation, and techniques purposely used to create the effect your mind and body needs for healing and rejuvenation. Three key techniques are implemented according to the client’s constitution. This healing massage helps to energize vital energy points of the body and is an excellent treatment for detoxification.



60 MINS  •  $185.00

Pada Abhyangam is Ayurvedic  foot massage (Pada-Foot & Aghyanga-Massage) which is soothing, revitalizing, calming & balancing various disturbances of the autonomic nervous system. It is basically explained as a daily ritual. Ayurveda  says that five marmas (vital areas) out of 107 marmas are located in each foot. The feet are very important part in our body as it contains many nerve endings.  Padbhyanga releases negative energy from these marmas. With the combination of potli massage which involves fresh and dried ayurvedic herbs packed in muslin cloth, further dipped in warm oil and massage on marma points. the massage benefits are so convincing that they relieve pain and inflammation and blood circulation. ‘POTLI’ are recommended for arthritis and oestoarlhritis.            




60 MINS  •  $250.00

*For 3 sessions booked on consecutive days $200 Per Day.

Know as the massage of third eye, this involves a head massage followed by a steady stream of luke-warm carefully chosen medicated oil continuously poured onto the forehead. The oil runs over the temple, scalp and down the hair. As you lay there you won’t want to be troubled with details, only with the restorative sensations as you drift and dream. This treatment is effective for conditions like insomnia, anxiety, stress, migraine and vascular headaches. A continuous stream of warm medicated oil is poured from a special vessel onto the client’s forehead. This treatment induces a deep feeling of spiritual and mental relaxation, while enhancing mental clarity and comprehension.

A warm thin stream of oil is slowly directed to flow over the forehead. This therapy relaxes the nervous system allowing both the mind and body to release stress. This therapy uses herb infused warm oil that is personalized to your dosha to rejuvenate and balance your senses to alleviate stress, anxiety, and functionality of CNS.


  • Encourages better health as the organs respond and function optimally.
  • Stimulates and relaxes nerves to revitalize nervous and cognitive function.
  • Balances your state of mind by increasing concentration, productivity, and clarity.
  • Prevents hair loss and damage by nourishing hair follicles, roots and scalp.
  • Improves sleep by making mental faculties work better during the day to restore natural rhythm of the body by night.

Shirodhara is a “flowing stream” in Sanskrit. Floral waters, aromatic oils, and specific plant fibers are combined in a copper vase, warmed, then directed towards the third eye in the forehead. The liquid is then allowed to slowly flow onto the marma located at the center of the forehead, lubricating the head. This treatment is used to achieve a high state of tranquility; it is where true rejuvenation begins. Shirodhara is often used after any treatment or to specifically address headaches.


60 MINS  •  $225.00

A whole body massage incorporating herbal and medicated powders customized to individual client requirements. This dry massage helps in weight reduction, cellulite treatment and also purifies, tones and exfoliates the skin cells and gives a luster to the skin, controls cholesterol, strengthens muscles and joints. For those who love hard massage.  Special ayurvedic massage with special herbal powder and sea salt.  This is an exfoliating massage with special strokes that would help in combating obesity.  The directions of stroke would provoke lymphatic drainage.


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