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Here’s What You Need to Know About Hot Stone Massage, Firstly

Hot Stone Massage- Have you ever thought about getting one for yourself to restore the health and glow of your skin. Massages have great relevance since ancient times. However, the popularity among youth and new generation seems no less. Today, our youth is more focused on getting a healthier beauty benefit. Therapeutic massages being the ones in row.

Talking about the massages, Stone massage takes the prime seat due to its great healing properties and health advantages. Northumberland Heights, a wellness retreat in Canada offers more such benefitting massage experiences and opportunities to chill in the lap of nature and luxury. Here let’s uncover a bit about the Hot Stone massage.

Stone massage is centered towards melting the tension and increasing the blood circulation around your facial area, neck region and the remaining body parts. It usually combines aromatherapy with hot stones to help sedate the stress-causing hormones and offer relaxation. Hot stones are also helpful in treating chronic pains. Along with that, it leaves a soothing impact on your entire being, especially the mind and soul that you feel an automatic rejuvenation within your body. Hence, it deals with the complete rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul.


A Hot Stone massage uses the heated stones having a smoother surface allowing the masseuse to place the appropriately warmed stones on particular points of one’s body. It develops localized heat and lays optimum pressure on specific healing points to relieve discomfort. Most often Basalt river rocks are used in stone massage due to their smooth surface and heat-retaining capacity.

Basalt stones are formed through volcanoes and are usually very tough, these do not break easily and have lots of iron content which makes them apt for heat retention purposes. The use of Basalt stones is very popular among Canadian wellness retreats.

Massage is often accompanied by vibration, tapping, circular movements, kneading, rolling and long strokes as in Swedish massage. It also involves the use of cold stones after the use of hot stones to provide a soothing effect to your skin.

A Hot Stone massage is considered the most benefitting and relaxing. Especially among those with prolonged arthritis or any type of autoimmune condition. Also, those suffering from Parkinson’s disease are found to have felt relieved with this massage. It is known to offer deep relaxation and a feeling of warmth, especially to those who often complain about chills.

A massage therapist heats the stone in an allocated heater until the stones attain a standard temperature between 110 to 130 Fahrenheit.


Anxiety, depression, back pain and insomnia are the most cured problems with this type of massage practice. However, there is a common myth about stone massage that it is painful. Maybe people have this perception due to the tough nature of stones. Right massage therapy doesn’t hurt anyone if done following the standard procedure.

If you are not okay with the temperature of the stones, you should inform your masseuse then and there to prevent any unforeseen event, burn or allergy. Otherwise, Hot Stone massage is completely safe and is more of a cure than being just a relaxation therapy. Even if you take this as a rejuvenation activity at a wellness retreat in Canada or maybe locally at your place, you may observe you have healed drastically.

However, you are strictly advised to consult your physician if you have serious health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, varicose veins, autoimmune disease, heart problem, cancer, epilepsy, metal implants, migraine or if by chance you are on blood-thinning medications.

If you are looking to get a Hot Stone massage around Canada, we recommend you to rely upon only the best retreats in Canada as you may find many attractive offers. Hence, be aware and be informed about the authentic services.

What is the Duration of the Hot Stone Massage?

A typical Hot Stone massage may last for about 60 to 90 minutes, depending upon the requirement of healing or the detoxification of your body.

How Hot Stone Massage Can Help you?

Out of the many benefits of massages, there comes the following benefits of stone massage.

Cures Stress

Like all the massage therapies, Hot stone massage has immaculate stress relieving benefits for an individual undergoing a lot of emotional discomforts or maybe panic attacks due to anxiety. Hot stone massage is used to treat various stress-related issues. A massage break not only heals you but also prepares you to meet ever-challenging situations with much calm and ease.

Relieves muscular tension and chronic pains

Chronic pains as in arthritis can be treated with Hot stone massage due to its healing effect directly associated with nerves and increased blood flow within the body. Alternate use of hot and cold stones allows inflammations to heal on their own.

Natural Immunity Booster

Hot stone massage prepares you to fight various diseases. It has a considerable impact on the immunity of an individual. Pre and post results of this massage have proved helpful in understanding the connection of increased immunity among different persons.

Regularize Sleep Patterns

Like every other massage, Hot stone massage too regulates the sleeping pattern and improves sleep. However, this massage has more soothing effects on the sleeping patterns which makes it even more lucrative for sleep-deprived people. A simple indulgence in Hot Stone massage can help you regularize your sleep patterns.

Treats Symptomatic Autoimmune Disease

Severe conditions like Fibromyalgia can be relieved through Hot Stone massage and patients revert immediately to this massage therapy.

Get An Outstanding Hot Stone Massage Experience At The Northumberland Heights

We are a wellness retreat in Canada that believes in ‘adding years to life and life to years’ for the people in pursuit of finding a cool and calm relaxing place to escape from the city hustle. Our Hot Stone massage therapy is one of its kind. Therefore, if you are the one looking for a perfect hideout to soothe yourself in the lap of nature, get your bags packed and fly to our humble abode.

We have many beneficial massage services along with luxurious suites, saunas, hot tubs, nature walks, yoga and many more. Not to forget, our exclusive dine-in experience will make you visit us more often. So, are you in for the Hot Stone Massage at one of the best luxury health and wellness retreats at Northumberland Heights?

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