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First-time spa-goers often feel hesitation due to the lack of information. Also, a lot of questions come with not knowing the basic facts of spa time. Are you too worried about your first-time spa visit? Do you often worry about modesty at the spa resorts? We are a wellness retreat in Canada that offers exquisite spa deals to its varied clientele in the Canadian region. Also, we have exclusive international visitors who love to indulge in our charismatic spa sessions. A spa property must make its guests comfortable before and after the spa session and during the same.

However, there still are people who feel shy or uncomfortable at the spa. Our job is to bring them to complete relaxation. We want them to reap only the maximum benefit out of their spa activity.

We reveal the most common fears of people that restrict them from setting up their first spa appointment and keeps them from one of the biggest luxuries of life.


Spa gets you naked in front of unknown people.

It is the biggest myth that keeps the shy ones from coming to the spa facility. However, the actual scenario is entirely different from what is perceived by the general public. We want to inform every first-time spa-goer about the nitty-gritty of first-time massage blues. During the massage, you only have to keep the massaging area open and not the whole body. During the massage, they cover you with the help of a sheet that restricts your body from showing off. Therefore, throw out all the mindboggling thoughts from your brain and get yourself on the spa streets. Don’t miss the most happening fun in your life by refraining from indulging in spa activities. It can bring you enormous relaxation, and your body will gain ultimate rejuvenation combating all the odds of a daily boring routine.

How can I rely upon a stranger?

Most people are afraid of giving their bodies in the hands of a stranger. Being a renowned spa and wellness resort, it is our duty and responsibility to inform you that masseuses at spa facilities are trained individuals who perform professional massage. Irrespective of your gender, they don’t get carried away with your looks or how your body appears. All they know about their job is to bring relaxation to your overall wellbeing.

As a first-time massage goer, you should start with a standard back massage and refrain from anything intensive like a deep tissue massage. Keep your fears at bay and trust your spa service to deal delicately with your body as you step into real action. Spas uniquely design their services to suit your needs and are extra vigilant to make necessary changes in their offerings if you may ask so.

Spa massage is uncomfortable.

Spa massages are known to relax your mind and body. Hence, having such a mindset isn’t positive. Massage can be a bit sore, but it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Any spa massage aims to bring the utmost relaxation to your body than to make you feel worse. However, due to being a muscle-strengthening activity, spa massage may leave you tired initially, but it has enormous relaxation benefits. During the massage session, if you feel even a little uncomfortable, you should inform the masseuse so he/she can address the issue and make you feel comfortable.

At Northumberland Heights, we take great care in keeping you comfortable all the time. Our masseuse ensures with each move that you are at ease. They are also quick in anticipating any discomfort at the time of massage. We also keep all the aids ready to cater to your comfort needs immediately.

I will have to be alone at the spa.

It is a complete myth. At Northumberland Heights, you can take spa services along with your partner or a friend. We suggest this kind of spa to many couples who visit us for fulfilling their spa needs. A couple-spa has numerous benefits. It brings two people together and makes them closer than earlier. Many couples seek this type of spa service to make their special occasions like marriage anniversaries memorable.

Many dating couples are attracted to a couple of spas where two of them lie side by side, holding hands and take spa sessions looking at each other. Don’t worry if you are hesitant to go alone to the spa, take your spouse or a friend, and have some best moments together. We promise you won’t regret making this decision.

What we can Offer You?

Northumberland Heights is a wellness retreat in Canada, and we aim to offer the best spa and wellness services to our visitors. Our vision encompasses instilling A-class spa day packages and overnight spa packages for our varied clientele in Canada and beyond. If you are looking forward to having a great time and gaining some beautiful experiences, we welcome you with open arms. Not just this, we also have a facility for celebrating your special days at our beautiful banquet, where you can throw baby showers, anniversary parties, engagement parties, weddings, or even cocktails. You can hold any party under the sun at Northumberland Heights, and we will take care of all your worries. Along with complimentary spa services and luxury stays, your guests will collect memories of their life with us. Hot tubs at our property give it a tranquil appeal.

Nature and luxury are the two masterpieces that we can promise to share with you at Northumberland Heights. It contributes to make us the most wannabe wellness retreat in Canada. Oh! Are you also looking for some yoga and meditation classes? Don’t worry! We have it too. While being at our property, you can indulge in world-class yoga and meditation sessions. Also, you unlearn a poor lifestyle and earn lessons for healthy living even while the retreat gets over. We strongly believe that you learn to develop healthy eating habits. For that, we involve our visitors in cooking custom kitchen delicacies. You won’t regret your time at Northumberland Heights whether you visit us as a first-timer or not. Book us today!

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