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Reflexology can add significant massage benefits to help you combat the winter blues. During the winter, feet usually become numb. Adding reflexology can be the most protective step. It is the most advanced massage therapy that can make you feel relaxed after a long winter day. In addition to being an enjoyable experience, reflexology is also associated with specific health benefits. You can either focus on specific areas or work on the entire foot for general wellbeing when practicing reflexology during massage sessions.


By using reflexology, corresponding organs and parts of the body are stimulated by the stimulation of individual reflex points on the feet. Massage techniques for the feet are as varied as those for the rest of the body. Reflexology is accompanied by kneading the ball of the foot, pulling the toes, and applying pressure to the foot arch.

Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians and Chinese physicians used foot massage. As with other forms of massage, reflexology is believed to encourage relaxation. It calms the nervous system and delivers many other benefits.

A qualified reflexologist can provide additional health benefits to individuals undergoing a foot massage if they are stressed out. According to reflexology, general health is induced through the feet and you also get sick having unhealthy feet.

Due to the heart’s proximity, blood usually flows better in the upper extremities close to it. Circulation plays an instrumental role in healing, growing, and repairing your body. Further from the heart, your legs and feet do not get the same benefit. Diabetes, which further impairs circulation in the legs and feet, is why people with diabetes must take special care to avoid injury. This is because they don’t heal quickly and can easily become more severe.

It can help people with and without diabetes improve the delivery of nutrient-rich blood by promoting blood flow to these starved areas. Blood flow isn’t the only thing that’s improved. In addition to reducing cold severity and minor ailments, a reflexology session can increase energy and reduce stress. The reflexology treatment you provide could help individuals enjoy better lymphatic circulation, lower injury levels, and find relief from chronic conditions like liver dysfunction, skin allergies, headaches, and IBS.

Reflexology helps eliminate toxins, boosts the immune system, increases circulation, and promotes general health and wellbeing. It also reduces anxiety, clarifies thoughts, and soothes sore and tired muscles.

It is usual to sense tingling, lightness, warmth, and a sense of energy moving through the body during a reflexology session. The patient may get sweaty hands or feet, cough, feel thirsty, feel relaxed, or experience muscle contractions. Preparing the patient for these effects beforehand is helpful.

A reflexologist can loosen up the nerves and ligaments around the ankle area before direct pressure is applied later to the foot. Applying lotion to the feet and relaxing each foot gradually with pressing and squeezing, light slapping, or gentle kneading is a suitable follow-up.

During a reflexology session, the massage therapist begins at the heel and works up to the arch, the ball, and the toes. Reflexologist stretches the ligaments and nerves in the foot by twisting the foot back and forth so that the small toe moves from the sole to the top. To warm-up, he/she folds your toes back and forth, pinches them, twists, and curls them.

During the reflexology session, an experienced massage therapist will avoid lightly brushing or touching the feet as this can be tickling to your feet and cause discomfort. Handling the feet during reflexology is best accomplished by pressing or grasping them firmly.

A body massage is generally performed on a clothed individual either seated or lying down. After a reflexology session, it is advisable for those receiving it to consume plenty of water. Also, it is advisable for those having injured feet, varicose veins, or clots not to indulge in a reflexology session before healing.

Irrespective of being practiced over thousand-year reflexology remains an advanced massage therapy that perfectly soothes your entire body through maintaining optimum circulation in your feet. With the help of this massage therapy, you can achieve deep relaxation, stress reduction, and healing throughout the winter months as well as year-round.

What We Can Offer You?

Our goal at Northumberland Heights is to connect you to spirituality, nature, and the benefits of advanced massage therapy like reflexology so you can define your path of happiness. We offer you high-quality ayurvedic massages and spiritual awakening lessons at our luxurious abode to broaden your perception of positive healing.

Our property located in Ontario provides great opportunities for yoga, meditation, and spa experiences. Through our spa deals and offerings, we strive to offer holistic experiences. Northumberland Heights is a luxurious retreat in a natural setting surrounded by nature and holistic healing. The best treatments at our salon will make you feel like a new person.

Also, enjoy winter-specific meals at our fine dining and learn from our world-class culinary experience to savor the best and the healthiest food. We can also tailor your plan to fit your specific needs. Northumberland Heights loves to extend a heartfelt welcome to its visitors. Don’t keep yourself from the exquisite fun that winter can bring with advanced massage therapy.

Visit our humble abode, where we can get you an excellent massage experience. Beat the odds of winter with or exclusive efforts to bring your bodily circulations in total rhythm. Let us know your pain points, and we will get you covered, but let us hear you first. We are determined to provide exemplary massage service to our revered clients. Call us now.

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